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Alleged victim details messages

March 16, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — The alleged victim continued her testimony late this afternoon in the juvenile rape case being heard at the Jefferson County Justice Center ....

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Mar-17-13 4:20 PM

SportsMomma: You sound like you are part of the reason these boys are doing what they did and it sounds like your son may have done the same but you insist on protecting him and blaming the victim. What is wrong with you? You would have been better off staying quiet and letting people think you have some integrity rather than posting and proving you actually have none and apparently your son doesn't either. Maybe we will be seeing your pic. hugging your son good-bye in the next trial.

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Mar-17-13 6:58 AM

SportsMomma-There is more evidence than just pics and videos--Their own words in texts were admitted as evidence to their disgusting behaviors. There were a ton of tweets from juveniles referencing how they took advantage of her being drunk or impaired. Wake up! You are the problem in that town!

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Mar-17-13 6:51 AM

SportsMomma, I believe you are referencing the April rape of 2012, the girl has not recanted her story and the investigation is ongoing.

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Mar-17-13 3:07 AM

SportsMomma, did your son boast of rape?

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Mar-16-13 11:42 PM

I have not commented until now because I know personally the heartache all of these parents and their children are going through. The difference for my son and his friend was the young girl recanted her story before the trial began because she was a voluntary participant of something she never throught her parents would find out about. I know that no one wants to believe it, but sometimes things are not as they seem in pictures.

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Mar-16-13 9:55 PM

Heartfelt sadness and much admiration go out to this young girl. That's the kind of courage we need around here. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

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Mar-16-13 8:36 PM

All the Steubinville creeps who stand with the boys -- keep talking. Keep outing yourself as freaks and losers and victim bashers. These lawyers look like dragons and the boys with their pathetic smirks need to be brought to a place that is a lot less cumfy than a detention center.

Anyone who thinks this girl wasn't assaulted is thick as a board. The fact that this case even go this far in a football crazy town of cavemen tells you that there is something terrible that happened.

Let's hope that justice is served. Though they seem quite happy as the rapist creeps they are and that backward town of creepy losers seems happy being let in the dark ages.

Your town is a pit. You are surrounded by losers.

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Mar-16-13 8:23 PM

This is so horrific, we hope the brave young girl is doing ok, considering. She is to be commended for her courage in speaking up and taking action to expose this ugly crime. Hopefully she knows that there are thousands of victims who are standing with her. And hopefully she knows that she is making a difference. Arrogance and the sense of entitlement shows up big time with the accused.. these guys and all who witnessed this rape need to be kick off their pedestals.

This abuse has got to stop. Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail****, "SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world's oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers,orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc

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Mar-16-13 7:33 PM

Testimony shows there is a text indicating the coach, a teacher, a mandated reporter, knew there was a rape allegation. Rather than support a victim he protected his fiefdom,believing his stature not only inoculated him but also the player, an alleged sexual predator. How can the community allow him to continue to interact and be responsible for the health, safety and training of children. Are the police afraid to act? Is the superintendent so intimidated? Is the principal not complicit?Rape is an act of violence and those unwilling or unable to take the moral stand against it undermine society.

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