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Groups: More charges needed

March 2, 2013

COLUMBUS — Two women’s groups are expected to present Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine a petition Monday containing more than 85,000 signatures demanding Michael Nodianos of Steubenville, who is......

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Mar-02-13 6:28 AM

Michael Nodianos should be arrested and tried for participating in the rape party. He's over 18 so he deserves a good long stay in prison for being there and not stopping it. He's just another Big Red stupid scumbag athlete from Steubenville, Ohio. Steubenville should be ashamed.

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Mar-02-13 8:59 AM

I agree with TomSays. I also firmly believe there are cover ups, contrary of what Mike DeWine,Sheriff Abdella, Bill McCafferty, and Reno say.

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Mar-02-13 9:13 AM

TomSays, what a jerk you are, Nodianos , who may be a jerk, but did not participate in the rape, evidently you don't read the paper,So it's hard to stop something if you weren't there, NO.2 , my son played football for BIG RED and he is no scumbag, nor is he stupid, you're probably another jealous BIG RED HATER from a school in this valley that can't win a football game. My son will never grow up like you and critisize a whole school and city for something a couple of kids did wrong.i happen to be proud of BIG RED , Reno, and the BIG REd football program, you need to get a life.

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Mar-02-13 10:16 AM

Hi Warriors, Hi TomSays, Facts will never matter to you guys. I am very proud to call Steubenville home and I am very, very impressed with Steubenville City Schools. I also think that Steubenville is a very safe place to raise a family and I believe that females are quite safe here.

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Mar-02-13 12:42 PM

I find the comments made in the video hugely gross and disgusting however Nodianos does have the right to freedom of speech just as any American does. We can not start stifling select individuals constitutionally guaranteed freedoms simply because their opinions and thoughts go against that of the general public. I'm not defending rape nor am I a rape apologist what I am defending is the right to freedom of speech for all.

@Mike831 Please reserve the "You're a jealous Big Red Hater" defense for yourself because you're doing nothing to help the situation. In actuality the only thing you are doing is helping to prove that Steubenville if full of backwoods, football obsessed idiots. Nodianos or any of those boys in the video could have done something to stop it. Please tell me why none of the boys could have told the Howarth's what was happening to this young girl? They could have but chose not to, that's the crime they committed.

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Mar-02-13 1:02 PM

I think the problem most people are having is not in the actual rape itself but rather the fact that such a large amount of older teenagers knew this was happening and found it funny. The rape of a young girl was the entertainment for these boys that night. Any one of the boys or girls that night who saw any of the photos, videos, or online Twitter posts(and knew what they were referring to) could have told an adult or the police but no one did. Out of all those kids not one of them had the morals to do the right thing. With all the attention received I'm sure they are regretful for their actions that night already so I don't know how much good incarceration will do them at this point. Volunteering with an abuse crisis center I think would better serve these teens. It is not enough to say "you were wrong", they need to understand WHY their inaction was wrong. As for the boys who were at the Cole home I don't even know, they were present during these attacks

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Mar-02-13 1:06 PM

They watched it happen before their own eyes and did not report it to an adult or the police. Some of them took video or photos. I don't know what the best course of action would be, that is for the judge. The judge is one of the best so we'll wait to see what he thinks is the best course of action. I trust he will do what is best for all involved.

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Mar-02-13 1:43 PM

You have 40+ people ready to testify against those two individuals, so, that means any one of them could of stopped the rape by reporting it, or even trying to intervene and stop it. Charge them all, as accesories. I wish you well...


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Mar-02-13 6:17 PM

The ONLY thing which will garner attention from Steubenville Big Red is if the Ohio High School Athletic Association were to bar Big Red from playoffs for two or three years. Then and only then will the school system put integrity and huamn drcency ahead of a teenaged boy's game! RapeRedRape!!!

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Mar-03-13 9:57 AM

The facts are the facts..The video clearly shows these boy knew what happened and failed to report a crime..I highly doubt that they regret it now..Otherwise they would be stepping forward, and they are not..Michael Nodianos is certainly entitled to freedom of speech.. However he is speaking of a crime he did not report..Reno was the first to get his face in the news when this story broke "backing his boys"..He crossed the line..He is a coach not a parent..When the kitchen got hot he bailed and was not heard from again..I believe there are plenty of charges that could be filed and they're being overlooked..This Valley will never trust it's officials again.

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Mar-03-13 10:08 AM

What I find funny is Buckeye local cheering squad is banned from competition for an activity based violation. Big Red athletes commit RAPE, the whole team knows of it and yet there is no penalty from the OVAC, or OHSAA. WTF?

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Mar-04-13 2:53 PM

It seems to me that the parents and guardians are primarily responsible for the way their child behaved. Why were some of the kids on tape condeming the actions of the rapists and others thought it was funny? These parents spent too much time giving their children what they wanted instead of what they needed to grow up to be responsible and compassionate adults. This is obviously not the first time they all got drunk at a coache's house and now the adults need to look at the mess they created or at least allowed to happem.

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