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Fire station closing opposed

Council hears passionate pleas for facility to remain open

February 27, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — City Council members will continue internal discussions that may lead to the formation of the first charter review commission since 1992, and listened silently as firefighters and......

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Mar-01-13 3:08 AM

February 27, 2013 There's got to be a better way. Many of those homes are at least 100 years old. My grandparents built two homes on Pine Street in about 1920...most of those old ones still have the original wiring, etc...many are owned by absentee landlords who slap on some paint & pound in a few nails & that's about all the updating they get...if a home catches fire how long will it take for fire fighters from other stations to get there & set up...people will die & fire fighters' lives will be put at undo risk...those old neighborhoods are like tinder boxes. Wake up folks you'd better make a new plan & do it in a hurry.

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Feb-28-13 4:16 PM

Steubenville has known this day would eventially come. For over forty years, the present & past administrations have kicked the can to a dead end, that being the year 2013.

Steubenville has been rated at the bottom of over 300 separate metro areas in America for economic growth & the reputation the dying town has is generational corruption and sleazy one party politics.

The well is dry folks! Had the previous councils and mayors simply have done the proper moves as most cities, like attrition, consolidations, privatizing, ect, we would not be here.

So, we will continue re electing a do nothing drunk driving mayor, special interest council members, and raise taxes and municipal fees on people & businesses. RollRedRoll! Example of failures....

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Feb-28-13 8:30 AM

Tomsays, I said that we need to have the same standard of service AND that standard is to met regardless of how many citizens live here. If your population shrinks so does your workforce but that standard does not does not drop. If closing the fire station is the right thing to do then let's close the Westend station. I would support that. If you read the article one of the firemen state the advantages of closing that station outweigh the benefits of closing the one on the hilltops. I am saying that if cuts are to be made then those cuts need to come from every person who is employed be the city. Whether they be council member, elected official, appointed position, union member or employee. If the city is balancing the budget by cutting the service that I pay for without giving up anything themselves. Then there is a problem.

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Feb-28-13 5:54 AM

The Steubenville unions need to realize that they are no longer a city of 37,000 and now have a population of less then 18,000 with many of the major high paying employers now gone. You can't continue that level of service when your tax base has disintegrated. Closing the fire station is right thing to do.

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Feb-27-13 6:24 PM

I can't believe the things that our "leaders" have and are continuing to get away with. There is a city manager who doesn't care about the place we live. Given the chance I believe she would leave. Especially now since she is under pressure. The finance manager is still working which makes no sense. But I guess if your buddy buddy with a certain council member who oversees the finance operation. Then a $300,000 mistake can be overlooked. Our leaders have contradicted themselves on so many occasions and continue to hide behind "sunshine sessions" to keep the public in the dark. Ironic isn't it! Our council ward representatives are elected to serve our best interests as a whole.....not theirs. If cutting staffing levels is a way to balance this city's budget. I understand. However, council and management should be cut as well. We pay for every service provided to us through our taxes and that service is expected to meet a certain standard that it current

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Feb-27-13 4:59 PM

Fire the City Manager. She definately needs to go. The only thing she wants to do is close down needed services and before long she will give away every piece of property (streets, marina, etc)that belongs to the City of Steubenville. Our city means nothing to her. We are mearly a stepping stone to where ever it is she really wants to go. She'll choke the life out of us on her way to the top. There is "no way" in the world that fire station should be closed down. In a town with as many older and abandoned homes as we have, we need our fire stations.

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Feb-27-13 1:59 PM

Mr. Metcalf brought figures to the council stating the city manager makes 137 thousand dollars a year including benefits. A mayor lead government would cost 154 thousand dollars this figures does not include benefits. Wages would be for mayor, treasure, law director, and an auditor. Dies the city nit pay the current law director, finance director. These are wages he should have include with the city managers wages. There substantial savings by returning to a mayor form government. This goes to show that Mr. Metcalf's failure to lead and represent the citizens and blatant disregard for the safey of Steubenville. Once again a councilman protecting his own agenda.

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