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Liberals should face the facts

February 24, 2013

To the editor: It’s time that liberals face facts about themselves and live in the real world. They are like monkeys who hear nothing, see nothing and refuse to face reality....

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Mar-01-13 12:02 PM

If I may make one observation. Mrcore is gone and the debates are civil. No more name calling and rude comments. Isn't it refreshing?

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Mar-01-13 9:36 AM

Awesome comment, Gilda. Hope to read more of your thoughts.

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Feb-26-13 7:58 PM

Liberals --- People that vote for a living.

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Feb-25-13 9:18 AM

Good letter.

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Feb-25-13 8:45 AM

If welfare is your main source of income, you should not be allowed to vote. Those of us that are working and paying our bills AND THEIRS should be the ones making the decisions.

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Feb-24-13 9:10 PM

TomSays, Read Rolling Stone's article on Obama & his Wall Street cronies. You know, Rolling Stone, the uber left liberal rag. Matt Taibbi's 'Obama's Big Sellout': How The White House Is Caving To Wall Street.

Then read Obama's Job Czar, Jeffery Imelt. The C.E.O. of General Electric who sent more U.S. jobs overseas than any other corporate boss.

How about billionaires like Jogn Kerry & Diane Fiestein hoarding money overseas like Bill Clinton, Barney Frank & Cris Dodd. Bet you love those limousine liberals like Michael Moore who spews hatred towards Capitalism yet made millions and avoid taxes with loopholes, tax attorneys, and the Caman Islands.

Keep in mind, Nancy Pelosi made millions on inside Wall Street trades you yourself are prohibited and her husband making millions off of military contracts in Iraq.

Clean your own skid marks of liberal double standards before you talk about what others may have done. As an Independent I get it!

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Feb-24-13 8:39 PM

Anyone who believes that the republicans or democrats will save this country will have nothing to cling to when the final puzzlepieces for globalization are placed. Valley I agree that their will be additional spying but this government has be spying on us and tapping our communication since the Patriot Act was passed. We have been losing one right after another since 911, by the way the Ptriot Act was written years before 911. Debray you can blame the unions and environmentalists and anyone else yo want. It was corporate greed that sent jobs overseas. Look what they have done to the Chinese environment and look at the goods that they make in China coming back to poison us. Those who defend greed will die in the filth that it creates. Tom you are right about the Republicans but it will not serve you to ignore the same composition in the Democrat party

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Feb-24-13 6:58 PM

Your an President Obama hater, probably a member of the NRA, a Tea Party Republican, and watch Faux News all the time. President Obama has gotten us our of the Great recession and our economy is turning around. More Americans now have healthcare then ever before. The facts are Bush made two wars on the Federal credit card that caused most of our economic debt troubles then let the big banks ruin our home ownership by not enforcing the rules without any consequences. Don't blame the liberals.

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Feb-24-13 6:00 PM

Gilda, Great letter.

One thing you said, "Government is to blame for enhancing corporate welfare and enticing corporations to outsource our jobs to foreign countries". Not All the Blame. Unions and the American workers entitlement mentality are also a big factor. Then add on OSHA, EPA, IRS, and Workers Comp. and they don't have much of a choice. If that doesn't send them overseas they will send a SWAT team to raid their business because they purchased the wrong wood from a foreign country. But look at the bright side they have now armed FEMA, IRS, and Homeland Security to the teeth.

What possibly could go wrong?

Soon the Government will take over the Internet under the guise of preventing Chinese Cyber attacks.

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