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We should turn back to God

February 10, 2013

To the editor: It was wonderful to see our president’s compassion, even the shedding of tears, when those 6- and 7-year-old children and their teachers were killed....

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Feb-10-13 9:54 AM

R u expecting God to end violence. God has a worse track record than America for violence. Most of his followers also have a violent track record. God is such a contradictory concept. An all-merciful God creates an eternal Punishment for the sins committed on this mortal planet that is steeped with evil. The bible is rife we with violence and evil. There is a direct relationship between violence and religion. God sent his son to earth to suffer one of the most violent deaths in history. For what? He used an ugly, senseless, sinful murder to cleanse the world. God unleashed Satan on his loyal believer (Job)and exposed him to vile and inhumane punishment. God plays violent games with his followers and we look to him to show us the way. Something seems so absurd about the portrayal of God as all-Merciful when he creates a*****that is eternal, destroys the earth with a flood, burns two cities,kills Jobs children,traps his chosen people in the desert. He seems all-bipolar not merciful.

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Feb-11-13 8:01 PM

LUKE 6:37, "Judge not, and you will not be judged; Condemn not, and you will not be comdemned; Forgive, and you will be forgiven."

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Feb-11-13 8:04 PM

I wrote that post in reply to the writer of his LTE.

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Feb-12-13 1:07 PM

@playtowin, before you attempt to quote the bible to make your point, you should read the whole verse for it's meaning instead of taking a small passage out of context. The verse you are trying to quote doesn't mean not to judge or condemn. It means that the standard or measure YOU judge people will be the standard or measure that is used to judge YOU! "For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

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Feb-12-13 1:20 PM

@Maverick, that was the best Godophobic rant I have read in a long while. As long as human history has been recorded, there has been violence. The direct relationship is between violence and humans not religion. Even though many people have been violent in the name of religion. It is not inclusive by any means. People don't need religion to murder others. You try to describe God as all-merciful. This is incorrect. First of all, God is a righteous God and Sin can not be in the presence of God. Man can not follow the Old Testament Law to come back into the presence of so God sent his Son. He was the sinless blood sacrifice to allow mankind back into the presence of God. God is in a period of forgiveness, love and acceptance. But the Bible indicates that Jesus, the Son of God will return with a vengence and remove all sin and wickedness from the earth.

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Feb-13-13 11:21 AM

Maverick, you are worse than Mr. Core. At least core does not believe in God. You seem to believe in him but hate him. Are you a satanist?

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