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Protecting sanctity of human life

February 10, 2013

To the editor: From those who are dedicated to the continuation and expansion of the slaughter of innocents come two new arguments, one misleading and the other simply outrageous....

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Feb-18-13 2:56 PM

seperation of church ans state. goes without saying. i can have my beliefs.

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Feb-17-13 2:47 PM

One of our youngest and brightest SFL members pointed out at our meeting last Thursday night, "the baby in the womb is an individual with its own DNA and both God and Our Constitution demand that we protect Life.

As he said, "It's a no brainier".

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Feb-16-13 3:34 PM

How does expressing an opinion constitute imposing a belief on others, Sven? I guess the First Amendment is only for people with whom you agree.

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Feb-16-13 2:07 AM

Lord help us! I am so tired of women saying because they have a uterus it gives them the right to do what they want with the unborn, unwanted child....a fetus is a living being and taking its life is murder, If someone kills a pregnant woman they are charged with two murders!!!

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Feb-15-13 4:19 PM

Thank you DogLover!! No one has the right to tell me or any other woman what she should or should not do with her own body. People want to judge and take away rights for abortion, yet women who have absolutely no idea how to be a mother or care for her children get to keep having babies, then neglect and abuse them, and KEEP those children because the State cannot find enough "evidence" to remove them from the home. But let's condemn a woman for making a choice with her own body, that is completely no one else's business but here own.

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Feb-10-13 11:15 PM

Why is it always men weighing in on the subject? If you have ever experienced a miscarriage in the first three months of a pregnancy and saw what the "fetus "looked like you would understand that it is not a baby. It is a mass of cells and blood. It could not live outside the woman's body, it is HER body! Once it develops enough to survive outside of the womb then it is a human being. The eggs a woman is born with has a potential to be a baby as well. It is no ones business what a woman does with her body parts but her own, not the church, not the government and certainly not a man.

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Feb-10-13 9:30 PM

We owe Sodom & Gomerha an apology!

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Feb-10-13 10:11 AM

Right to lifers wouldn't be so hypocritical if they were concerned about life beyond the birth canal. Once that child takes its first life giving breath the concern for his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness become less important. Who steps forward to follow that unwanted child through the world to ensure love, food, clothing, education and shelter. Where are the right to lifers when they send our kids into the desert to fight for oil exploitation. Isn't a bullet through the brain of 19yr old in the desert just as deadly as an abortion.

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Feb-10-13 9:52 AM

Well SvenYoder, it all depends on whose Right you are talking about.

The Right Of the Mother or the Right of the Child.

Do you believe in the Declaration of the United States?

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness".

Life may be the important word.

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Feb-10-13 1:37 AM

I have no problem with you holding the belief that abortion is wrong, but what bright do you have to impose that belief on other people?

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