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City to hold townhall meeting

February 6, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — City officials are preparing to go public with their request for health care concessions from the three city employee unions....

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Feb-06-13 2:25 PM

I'm still waiting for council or the city manager to discipline or fire finance director Alyssa Kerker for costing the city over $300,000 by "forgetting" to put a city levy on the ballot last year. As long as Uncle Pokey is on council, that's not going to happen. When she is disciplined come talk to me about concessions.

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Feb-06-13 3:43 PM

So which union do you work for? You had a city manager that didn't put it on the ballot, and she was given every document possible before coming to this fine City of ours and in those docs were the notes that said we needed to pass this levy and please do not forget the levy committee that should have "mentioned" it. Least not forget you have a law director, mayor, secretaries ~ all people that knew that the levy needed passed. Why aren't you getting all the facts? Why are you so stuck on the finance director? Wait is that a grudge you're holding? If so, stop wasting time and come up with something productive because I'm sick of you harping on this same dumb issue without bringing any facts to the table. More than one person is responsible for that error. MOVE ON!

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Feb-06-13 6:14 PM

Wage freeze???? The city union workers haven't had a raise in 6 years. They have however taken concessions in health care time and time again. So, the M.O. is going to be to demonize the city union workers and turn the citizens against them huh? Not cool.

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Feb-07-13 12:32 AM

The city manager, law director, mayor and secretaries are not responsible for putting a levy on the ballot. They may have all knew that levy needed passed but it's not their job to put it on the ballot. The FINANCE DIRECTOR is responsible for things like that. When Alyssa Kerker realized she screwed up, her first call was to her uncle. When the city manager wanted to fire Alyssa Kerker for not putting it on the ballot, her uncle, 6th ward councilman David "Pokey" Lalich made the comment that there will be no finger pointing at who was responsible and they would make every effort to move on. If you are tired of me "harping on this same dumb issue", YOU feel free to move on. She is responsible for this oversight which cost the city over $300,000. If I made a mistake that cost the city that much, I would be looking for another job.

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Feb-07-13 8:15 AM

We have been in a wage freeze for years actually, we have not had a wage increase for years with our contracts.. As for the health insurance, my family and I hardly use it. We do not abuse it. We go to the Dr's when we HAVE to not for a sniffle or runny nose. We do not use the ER for those either. It costs money, money we do not really have. I'm tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul every month to pay my bills. I love my job with the city, I go to work everyday do not call off or use my sick time. I do not abuse the system. Don't tell me to look for another job, cause there are not out there. NO, I am not crying, for those of you out there riding the white horse. I have put my time in with the city , performed my job the best of my ability for many, many years. I am tired of giving , Its time the counsel does something about it besides kiss each others butt, and take from the workers who do the job. Try to hire someone off the streets who know the job like we do and willing to work.

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Feb-07-13 8:31 AM

Maybe at the town hall meeting OUR city manager will look at the people talking to her instead of her ipad? Yeah I was there and who ever called her out on the carpet for that kudos to you. Its kinda nice to see the person you are talking to instead of the top of their head.

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Feb-07-13 10:02 AM

How is Council "Whipping Boys" they do all the whipping. Give some truth to the public tell them the only Union creating a problem is the Fire Dept., they're representative is the only one that keeps walking out of the Health Committee meetings. Point that out at your town hall meeting. I also suggest the City think hard before they spout off at a Public Meeting. They better check labor laws before they bash the Unions in public. I'm not bashing the Fire Dept. they have a dangerous job, I'm just stating the facts. City Officials should be careful about what they say in "public places", the citizens of this City can hear you, we are not deaf.

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Feb-07-13 10:58 AM

The Fire Dept had 7 or 8 grievances sitting on the city manager's desk for well over a month that she was ignoring. She told the Fire rep that she was going to a meeting with the law director to discuss the grievances. The fire rep called the law director to ask what time the meeting was and he said there was no meeting planned that he knew of. The lies the city manager keeps telling are the reasons the Fire Dept kept walking out.

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Feb-07-13 11:13 AM

Yes I heard they walked out. Their contract violated by the city and grievances filed and the city manager failed to reply. How much do you take before you make a stand? As a wife of a steel worker I watched contacts not honored and families suffer. Be as it may at least they made a stand and the other unions did also.

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Feb-07-13 4:29 PM

You want Bob's dept to focus on "recycling". Seriously? How many council meetings have you had where you discussed this PILOT program in Buena Vista? For goodness sake I seriously think pilot stole the plane and the only plans were in it. As well last time I checked Bob is the superintendent of M&R & Sanitation. Weeds - M&R : Sanitation - Recycling.... Stop laying off your workers and you might have a fighting chance at generating REVENUE with new business. Oh now there's a word no one mentions.... REVENUE instead of CUTS.

Health care seems to be a real stinger for everyone too. Why in the world are you putting it on the backs of the taxpayers to get your unions to pass a healthcare change? You sent that healthcare woman all around to all the unions but you did so right as you were telling everyone we're laying you off!! Think about it.... We want health care cuts and by the way bye bye!! For goodness sake you are one overpaid city mgr. Where is your c

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Feb-07-13 6:11 PM

The place to make a stand is not in the Health Care Meeting, that's has nothing to do with their other grievances. I ask a friend on the Dept. about that and was told grievances not about that. Don't hold up the other 2 Unions that play no part in the process of resolving your grievance. Take it up in the appropriate place, maybe council should be approached in a regular meeting, Council is the BOSS of the City Manager. There would be a place to save money, do away with the City Manager and go back to Mayoral Government. This City is to small for a City Manager making too much money. I agree with someotherguy and 2girlsmom. But you need to Talk about the right things in the right place.

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Feb-07-13 7:51 PM

Its not just the Fire who have grievances so does AFSCME, many of them. I do not know about police. From what I understand with the health care costing us more money they want to add 3,000 $ on top of that more to the equation.

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