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Protesters return to Steubenville voicing concerns about rape case

February 3, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Despite frigid temperatures and heavy snow expected later in the afternoon, about 200 turned out Saturday for the third protest rally held by Anonymous, an Internet activist group....

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Feb-06-13 5:01 PM

lemermaid. I use to live in Steubenville. I was the subject of crime one time too many. I was in " Da Ville " at the same time a former Bog Red coach was molesting a student. The same coach who lost his marriage over it and the same creep which the school system allowed him to keep on teaching.

I had several vintage collectable cars broken into, my daily was also broken into and ransacked. Two university students were kidnapped and executed, two Big Red football stars had evidence "lost " as the Big Red booster Judge Powell refused to comment on and Oh Yeah, several rapes that year. For a small town of 18,000 with the crime of Pittsburgh, it's people like you why little is done to curb the crimes. RRR = Rape Red Rape!

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Feb-06-13 1:03 PM

Perhaps lemermaid is putting down the people who are making suggestions for a better America.

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Feb-06-13 10:05 AM

@colkrause, I hope you are everything that you profess to be. I always think of people in the political arena and how one might be exposed for an affair and then senators come out and bash the person and insist they resign and usually the one who is the loudest is doing the same thing or worse and it just hasn't come out yet. Who holds the key to your closet? Has it been locked for more than 8 days?

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Feb-06-13 9:59 AM

@JamesT, well hopefully you don't have to live in such a place as this. Surely this place is a drain on your high moral fiber. I for one, thank you for gracing our town with you time and presence. I'm sure on the outside looking in, you are a fine example of what every citizen of the world should try to emulate. A town such as ours would do well under the fine tutelage of someone such as yourself. You are a credit to the human race. Thank You

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Feb-05-13 8:06 PM

I was at the rally with my son. Fast Fred Abdalla was there as well as several Steubbie coppers. Very peaceful and moving hearing the stories of women telling when they were raped how the Steubenville authorities discouraged them from moving forward.

Some rotund slob looking middle aged guy in a beater of a car pulled curbside and was swearing at the crowd. REAL class! NOT!! As the moderator said, " People like him is why the world judges Steubenville!"

Reno Saccoccia could have ended this immediately rather than rewarding his players from bad behavior & choices. The fact that the citizens of Steubenville are NOT protesting at the Board of Education to have Reno's head speaks volumes of the community standards and lack of empathy. Because in this uber corrupt eyesore of a town, there is nothing to cheer about except teenagers playing a game while Steubenville just celebrated it's first double homicide of 2013.

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Feb-05-13 7:55 PM

How could one disagree with the headline...its the truth.

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Feb-05-13 2:05 PM

"Juvenile charged in murders"

Very fast reporting.....just saying

Not 8 days!!!!!!!!!

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Feb-05-13 9:03 AM

A young woman, a human being, regardless of whether her choices in life (going to parties or not, were the right ones was raped and treated in a********fashion….NO ONE deserves to be treated the way! SHE IS A HUMAN BEING and should have been treated with respect – perhaps even helped home BEFORE these inhumane acts occurred. If FOOTBALL is such a communal force for this city, perhaps the coaches should teach the “boys” something about appropriate behavior at ALL times towards ALL human beings regardless of gender. Playing football does give you the license to act like a thug and participate in unacceptable behavior. The coaches should be discussing this with the players on an ongoing basis. As should the football players parents. And TEACHING them something about how to act in the world. Of course, how can the teachers/community do that if they are trying to whitewash the whole thing? SHAME ON YOU!

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Feb-04-13 10:30 PM

Please research some of my posts. Character building has always been my thing.

I even defined character in a couple.

we don't need others to tell us how to run things; we just need to DOOOOOOOOOOOOO IIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!

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Feb-04-13 10:27 PM

That one I put to agree for you is exactly what I am talking about.

Family needs to fix their families, and from there it will filter down to the community.

As long as family thinks its ok to offer booze to teens at parties, things will continue to erode. as long as some people think trusted adults are great example for our kids and they turn out to NOT be, we have to calll them on it.Many allowed this thing to happen and ARE guilty. Time to pay the piper.

Masked men and women should not have to bleed out of the woodwork to tell us that.

We learned that in school; well most of us, and even in church, some of us.

I have a twisted way of making points sometime; but you and I have the concept; it needs to spread.

Thinking outside the box to lead our community to higher morals will make us all proud.

We can dig out of this hole if we want to, but some would prefer not to.

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Feb-04-13 9:34 PM

Thank you I always wanted to try comedy. I have more confidence in this area than you... that's if you are from this area(Steubenville). Everyone and every city, state etc has troubles. And sometimes you can not fix problems until you see the problems. And some of what people preceive as problems are not problems to others. In baseball its 50% a ball or 50% a strike. And some 50% will not like it and the other 50% will. If you think you can change an entire moral compass of a city, state, country etc. Then you are the one who bought the bridge. It starts with the family and no amount of protests with or with out masks will change that moral compass. Only Dad and Mom can do that. Thats your change.

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Feb-04-13 4:47 PM

Major, you are so funny. I would try to sell you the Ft Steuben bridge, but maybe you already heard it was out of commission.

Cover-up; that's your words. Lack of public information; slow reporting are mine.

If one gets a speeding ticket its in the daily happenings the next day.

August 14th to August 22 is an 8 day difference. Why so slow?

Confidence in the area is lacking because of what????? Nothing ever changes...

Is it Ground Hog Day again; or will we wake up and admit our problems and find ways to fix them.

Quote from Ground Hog Day:

Phil: What would you do if you were stuck in one place and every day was exactly the same, and nothing that you did mattered? Ralph: That about sums it up for me.

Time for a change......just sayin!!!!

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Feb-04-13 1:21 PM

What gets me is this statement.... "We heard nothing about it until the masked people or someone like them made posts that caused this to be open to the entire world" On August 22nd 8 days after the police report was filled out TV and the Star reported it to the Ohio Valley about the arrests. The masked people brought confusion and a circus to this town. Trying to make thing go faster then the law would go. Cover up? BS!!!! Personally...Yes some of us take anything about our city personally. You can't handle that to bad!! You seen the turn around at this rally vs the first two. They made a hugh mistake and now they are trying to rectify it. Good for them. Keep it for the victim and let the law do it job. Will anything be fixed? Will anything change? There are so many causes out there that this one.. unfortunately is just another cause to the world.

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Feb-04-13 11:39 AM

I find it very interesting that some people take all this personally, and internaize.

The issue here is that a young woman was raped. A few participated physically, visually, mentally and di nothing about it.

We heard nothing about it until the masked people or someone like them made posts that caused this to be open to the entire world.

Justice does need to be served. Not making any assumptions but I think everyone involved is guilty......

Where will this all end? Is the real question and to add to it is: Did we all learn something?

Our system currently lacks something....and some smart people need to form an alliance and fix it. we have reached and all time low here; it's time for a come-back.

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Feb-04-13 9:20 AM

I find this interesting (The speaker said though he's not a former Steubenville resident, he could move there and run for mayor or sheriff if needed.) Really???

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Feb-04-13 6:52 AM

@Terry, One reason for the masks could be because it is one way to make the statement "I support you, but I don't want personal notoriety" Another might be something along the lines of being part of a group. Some use masks, some display a different type of item to show support for a cause. NOT everything is about hiding because of being ashamed.

@Tomsays, It is interesting that your comment brought 1 Disagree, who in the world would disagree with that statement?

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Feb-03-13 7:32 PM

Justice is all everyone should want but it seems some are just giddy that they are getting thier mask covered faces on the news. If you really just want justice, which is admirable, then why wear a mask. This whole thing is just being turned into a circus...clowns and all.

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Feb-03-13 5:47 AM

Justice for the victim is all that anyone of us wants.

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