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Meaningful action needed now

January 27, 2013

To the editor: President Barack Obama urged “meaningful action” on gun control. And now we have it, and it will do nothing except fulfill the progressive (code for communism) agenda....

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Jan-28-13 10:26 AM

Sorry, Core, i don't think it's nonsense. We have a cultural problem, not a gun problem.

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Jan-29-13 8:15 AM

I don't care for Obama in general. I don't like the way he disregards and bypasses Congress. I don't like the way he so heavily relies on issuing Executive Orders. With that said though, I don't think it's fair to label him a communist. I for one teach my children the importance of doing what we personally can to take care of our environment. Global Warming is a very real threat and needs to be discussed. As far as the abortion goes, you want to tell women they can't make that choice for themselves you'd rather religious institutions make that choice for them. Doesn't that go against what America is supposed to be about? Abortion is an optional medical procedure that women have a right to choose whether you like it or not. Who are you to come into a pregnant woman's life and tell them what they "have" to do? The government tried to outlaw abortion once, what happened? Back alley abortion clinics popped up almost instantaneously.

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Jan-30-13 5:21 AM

RS43952 maybe you should take a look at the 1963 Communist Agenda for America and let me know why you think Obama doesn't fit the bill. In the 1940s, Obama’s Hawaiian Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was extremely active in Chicago Communist Party fronts, campaigns, and newspapers. He worked alongside the political ancestors of David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, and Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s closest adviser. For Axelrod, the political ancestors were the Canter family, Harry and David Canter—so far to the left that they actually lived in Moscow and worked for Stalin’s government just before relocating to Chicago. The Canter family mentored David Axelrod in Chicago in the 1970s. For Jarrett, the link to Frank Marshall Davis was her grandfather, Robert Taylor, and her father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, who worked with Davis in various Communist Party campaigns and causes. Then check Bill Ayres and Rv. Wright.

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Jan-30-13 5:30 AM

RS43952 So you think global warming is real why?

The earth has warmed quite a bit since the ice age and I am not complaining?

What do you want to blame that on?

I got an idea why don't we blame it on Carbon (CO2) and create a market for Carbon and then the Government Elite can cash in?

CO2 is an odorless, invisible, and non-flammable gas. It is also safe for humans in the maximum concentrations recommended for plant growth. The average level of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 300 PPM (parts per million). If the level decreases down below 200 PPM in an enclosed growing area, plant growth slows to a halt. Through the years of testing and research, the optimum enrichment level of CO2 for plant growth has been agreed to be about 1500 PPM.

Oh and by the way plants turn CO2 into Oxygen so you can breathe.

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Jan-30-13 5:42 AM

RS43952 you say, "Abortion is an optional medical procedure that women have a right to choose whether you like it or not"

Maybe you need to read your Bible.

HHS Mandate?

Communist Agenda?

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state."

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

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Jan-30-13 5:54 AM

Core you said, "Chicago also has one of the highest population densities in the country".

And you are right, most gun related deaths come from metropolitan areas with over a 250,000 population.

These areas have the most stringent gun controls, so innocent law abiding people don't stand a chance.


Most mass murders happen in Gun Free Zones by Cowards.

None of the murders have a Concealed Carry License.

The murder rate and Violent Crime in the United States has fallen drastically since Concealed Carry became law.

Violent Crime has increased in the UK after gun control came into effect.

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Jan-30-13 6:08 AM

I remember the world chuck describes. The pre great society was a far better place than what we have and the new world order to where they are planning on taking us. Those who think it's going to be great clearly have learned nothing from history. But, oh that's right. The Dept. of Ed. has been turning history on it's head for past 50 yrs. Plus, the curriculum in public schools has been dumbed down, our teachers can't teach in the ridiculous over-regulated environment and the kids (many) are so out out of control due to lousy parenting that I fear we don't have a chance. If something doesn't give soon, we will be a third word country. Sorry, but you lefties on this site will not fare well. You are not of the "ruling elite."

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Jan-31-13 1:24 AM

In Chicago the only people who are carrying legally are government/law enforcement employees. It has the highest murder rate in the US. I believe they've had 30 firearm related murders this year. None were committed by a CCW holder because there is n such thing in Chicago. Most of the mass shootings in the US in the last 10 years have been in "gun free" zones. As for global warming, they are finding signs of civilizations under melting glaciers so I'm guessing the human race and the earth has survived warmer temps with less technology. Carbon credits are just a way to punish capitalists.

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Feb-02-13 6:29 AM

Core you said, "debray, thy don't keep records for which murderers have CCW"so that came from your hat.

Wow, I thought even you were smarter than that.

Do you think for one second if anyone was murdered by a CC licence holder you and your left wing media wouldn't have been shouting it from the roof tops.

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