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City doesn’t turn back on people

January 27, 2013

To the editor: As a native of Steubenville who moved away to go to college, but has remained close to my beloved Steubenville High School and city for 42 years, I feel compelled to share my feelings......

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Feb-04-13 6:09 PM

Coach Reno crossed the line.Plain and simple.He is a football coach not their parent! He should have stayed out of this situation. He tells his players "you get in trouble I'm your first phone call.Not your parent.Not your lawyer.You call ME!". There have been many boys after his "guidance" that have gone on to commit some very disturbing crimes. One I might add was on the Dr Phil show. Wasn't that the young man who shot out more than a dozen windows in Steubenville and has yet to serve any juvenile time or pay any restitution? He was one of the first people to have his face on the news claiming he was there to "back his boys". Well where is he now?.Got a lil too hot in the kitchen I guess.This story caught media attention not because of the crime. This happens in every corner of the country. One thing you don't see is assistant coaches, and head coaches getting involved.

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Jan-31-13 11:49 AM


I only called him out specifically because a number of people hail him as someone who has made such a difference and who seeks to instill values in his players. This would be a good way for him to earn such adulation.

My greater point is that a lot of people are complaining about all of Steubenville getting a bad rap. Yet, I have heard nothing about any of those people stepping forward to help this victim specifically or victims in general. Actions speak louder than words. Show the world that's watching how good people respond to such tragedy and want to help.

Yes, that needs to start with the perpetrators and others who bragged and laughed about what happened. But others should also show the world. Stand up, show compassion, and make a difference.

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Jan-31-13 8:03 AM

RobbieM, why should Reno lead an effort, how about the parents of theses children, people need to quit brining Reno into this, he's their coach not their parents, the problem today is we want teachers and coaches to raise our children, it all starts at HOME. This isn't about the whole football team,it's about a couple of individuals who happen to play football.

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Jan-31-13 6:50 AM

Of course people are painting with a very broad brush, and that is unfair to the good people in your community. I have asked elsewhere, though, what anyone in the community has done to help the victim of this case. No one has offer any evidence of such help.

I'm sure there a a lot of good people in and around Steubenville. Why aren't at least some of those people started a drive to collect funds to assist with her counseling, etc.? Why isn't coach Reno leading that effort?

And, remember, it takes 100 "attaboys" to overcome one "aw s&^*."

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Jan-30-13 11:24 AM

Mike831, thank you for the intellectual counterpoint.

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Jan-29-13 12:13 PM

Joe Paterno, was a beloved man who helped many young men, yet he was still fired from Penn State for protecting a rapist and putting football ahead of interests of the victims.

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Jan-29-13 8:02 AM

Oh my gosh, these tree-hugging hippies. Did you not read the letter? The author of this letter was in no way downgrading Caucasian athletes he was merely pointing out the Steubenville City Schools integrated for the right reasons and not solely in an attempt to garner better athletes like some schools around did. Let's for the sake of argument agree that Reno did make a poor decision with this issue, does that then mean we disregard the service he has done the community over the many years? Are we to forget about all the boys he helped steer away from a life of criminal activity? No, I don't think so. This letter is right no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes.

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Jan-28-13 6:40 PM

Arnold , you're an idiot, it's people like you that are never positive and always want to turn something positive to a negative. Hey Arnie , why don't you actually think before you write something, than you won't sound so stupid.

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Jan-28-13 5:07 PM

i think he meant that SPS integrated for the right reasons, as a matter of fact I am sure that is what he meant.

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Jan-28-13 11:53 AM

@Steve...Thank you for that letter. It is truly the best that I have read concerning this situation because is has a balance that has been conspicuously missing in the situation from the very beginning. Generally speaking, the local community has either chosen to blindly back all the adults/community leaders or they have resported to bashing everyone involved. This is a very interesting dynamic. I'm glad that you acknowledged that mistakes were probably made. That goes a long way with me. To Arnold's point: I agree that your statement concerning African Americans and private school came across insulting.

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Jan-27-13 8:13 AM

Steve: Thank you for sharing your opinion that African-American athletes are faster than other American athletes and that is the only reason they were allowed to enter private school. Also Thank you for moving to Cleveland. Please stay there.

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