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Edison students deserve support

January 27, 2013

To the editor: What does it take for you to realize the value of an education? There is a special election on Feb. 5 for voters in Edison Local School District to vote on a levy to increase taxes....

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Feb-03-13 12:59 AM

this artical is garbage. i have been in this district my whole life. i am 26 so it wasnt to long ago sence i was in school there. frankly half the time the teachers just sat at there desks. we had a few good teachers but most of them are junk. i hear that if the levy dont pass they are going to shut down pleasent hill well its funny cause if you look it up john gregg ranks a 3 in all around education and pleasent hill ranks a 7 scare tactic if you ask me take away the only school that is doing good. my daughter went to john gregg the first half of this year then had to be transfered to pleasent hill answer me this how can these two schools be in the same district but one be light years ahead of the other? could it be cause they are not doing there job. as for the home school comment another scare tactic btw home school and charter schools send some of the most brightest childen out in to the world.

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Feb-01-13 12:15 PM

GTFC, my point is that they keep putting this issue on the ballot, the people have said no every time. However, the supporters keep trying to slam it home by getting support from low information voters, and tax consumers so they can vote their way into the wallet of the property owner.

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Feb-01-13 8:25 AM

What will Edison get with the new School Funding proposal from Gov. Kasich?

The plan ensures that the first 20 mills of local property tax generate the same as a district with a $250,00 per student property tax base.

Edison District Valuation = $312,125,400 Edison Number of students = 1,985 Valuation per student = $157,242 Edison tax revenue on 20 mills at valuation of $312,125,400 is $6,242,508. Proposed tax revenue on 20 mills at $250,000 per student is $9,825,000. (250000 * 1985 students = valuation of $491,250,000) ($491,250,000 / 1000) * 20 = $9,825,000 Under the Kasich plan Edison would receive additional state funding of $3,582,492.

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Jan-31-13 3:17 PM

RPG-The survival of the district doesnt take priority over the taxpayers. That is why the levy is up for a vote. Thomas- You are correct. That is a five year forecast based on inflation in regard to health insurance premiums. The treasurer is allowing an increase as there will be an increase. However, that doesnt mean the actual cost is going to be that much. The increase could be less than forecasted, teachers could end up paying more for insurance, etc. No one one here seems to have read the fact that the State did a study and Edison is currently UNDERSTAFFED according to the state minimum staffing requirements. Oh well, I wish everyone good health and prosperity.

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Jan-31-13 10:59 AM

Fact: 2008 there were 109 teachers Fact: Since 2008 the district lost about 200 students and closed a school building. Fact: 2012 there are 109 teachers. Fact: in the 5 year projections by the treasurer of the district, salaries will still be 8 million a year but the benefits will increase from 4 million to 7 million. While at the same time losing 200 kids. I also remember the newspaper endorsing Romney for President.

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Jan-30-13 10:06 AM

You mention the budget of the district. Why should their inability to manage their budget have an effect on the budget of the property owner that MUST adhere to a budget otherwise he or she would lose their property? My question to you is this. Why should the survival of a school district take priority over the rights of the taxpayer?

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Jan-30-13 9:42 AM

I praise the Herald Star for endorsing the levy and congratulating the administrators, teachers, staff and board members for what they have been able to accomplish in the past four years without much support. Read the article, the facts are correct. They have cut, cut and cut. If people on here went to a board meeting they would understand where the approxinate $450,000 gas lease money went. It went to the general fund to balance the budget for this year. There wasnt poor management, there was a cut in funding by the new governor and legislature. Read the Herald Star editorial. Those are the correct facts people.

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Jan-29-13 8:10 PM

Edison students do need support but this administration doesn't!!! The amount and the FOREVER is what the problem is at. It has been suggested to lower the mills and make it 5 or 10 year but the said no. They are just not listening to the people. Where did the oil/ gas lease money go? They will not answer. What happens when the royalties start coming in to the district? I am sure the tax will not go away. I remember not too long ago, the district was out of debt and on budget, what happened? I don't want to bail out poor management. Maybe the state can come in and balance the books again.

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Jan-29-13 3:10 PM

Back in November 2007 Edisons great teachers turned their backs on their students for 2 weeks. The voters still remember.

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Jan-29-13 11:01 AM

It is not negativity, it is about our broken values and system in general. Here is the big picture of the problem. Individuals that own property in a school district must pay taxes, they also have one vote (two if you count a spouse). If they live in a district where there is a large number of renters, government dependents, people with school age children that do not own a homeetc... They can be forced by vote to give more of their wealth to pay for a system that they do do not use, or benefit from.

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Jan-29-13 9:55 AM

I dont even know what to say. So much negativity by the same people. I truly hope this levy passes so Edison can continue to operate. Thank you to the residents in district that value education and have supported the levy everytime.

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Jan-28-13 10:37 AM

I'd like to see a re-structuring of the way taxes are collected. Make people think about what they are doing. Have a district sales tax. If a person does not have children, disagrees with it, the district, etc... they can simply take their business elsewhere. Have an "education consumer tax" which would charge people that have school age children for their use of the school. Maybe a "child transportation tax," if your kid rides the bus, you pay for that at least that way people can be responsible for their own.

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Jan-28-13 10:29 AM

Worse yet, is that they lied about how much it would cost. My property taxes increased about twice what they said it would. What is upsetting about the Edison situation is that many of the folks that live out that way are retired or are on a tight budget. Taxes go up, people might not just leave, or worse yet lose their homes.

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Jan-27-13 12:51 PM

I believe Edison is spending $1.6 million on transportation... With the state transportation reimbursement at $950,000.. So actual cost is $1,600,000 - $950,000 = approximately $650,000. I hope the BOE has calculated how much the state transportation reimbursement will decrease when busing for 9-12 high school students is stopped...

Could be an additional hit to the schools revenue in the 2014-15 school year that the BOE will want the taxpayers to also provide new tax money for....

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Jan-27-13 12:22 PM

Edison classified and certified contracts are up for renewal this year (2013)... When this levy passes you will see where money goes...

When this levy passes, it will only last the district 5 years and that is with the "emergency levy" being renewed. The BOE will be right back at the ballot trying to get back into your checkbook.... Tis district has $18 MILLION in revenue... Still giving Wal Mart a Tax abatement but asking the home owners to pay more.. If you don't need a building... close it... Personally, I would close the current high school building.. It is the oldest building and costs the most to operate.....

Be sure to get out and vote, you had better believe there are enough "YES" votes to get this levy passed.....

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Jan-27-13 10:51 AM

The reason why such a measure would cause most levy, and bond issues to fail is because it has an effect on everyone, not just property owners. The way Toronto passed the school levy almost 3 years ago was offer free hot dogs and kool aid to the low information voters (Sec 8, renters, welfare bums, Single mothers with government supported children). They were sucked in, fell under the influence of the kool-aid, and went out and voted for the bond issue. That is how it passed because 99% of homeowners voted against it. However, in Toronto, the number of home owning voters can easily be cancelled out by the non-home owning voters. Edison has a chance, I believe more people own property in that district than not.

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Jan-27-13 10:20 AM

I agree 100% with a local sales tax idea. It would be funny to see such a thing be used, especially when it fails by around 90%.

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Jan-27-13 8:29 AM

Amy, The problem is, the levy or tax is just unfair. Only a subset of the population will be forced to pay the tax if passed), not the entire eligble voting population for that district. Try proposing the Edison Levy as a Local sales tax and watch what happens.

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Jan-27-13 6:53 AM


If anything is going to create anti-social, isolated kids with dangerous rhetoric like the misguided Newtown, Conn., youth who shot 26 people at school, it will be the Public School system. If you really care about your kids you should think about sending them to a Christian School or Home School yourself.

The problem is most parents are more worried about someone else paying for and taking the responsibility.

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