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Fitzsimmons, DeWine want rape case proceedings closed

January 23, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is joining attorneys for the two defendants in the Steubenville rape case and also the alleged victim's attorney in calling for the case to be closed......

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Jan-24-13 10:31 PM

@automan- You guys really love throwing the Holocaust around, don't you. Let's get this straight right now: My comments here are not based on rumor, but fact. Hanlin recused herself two weeks too late not to avoid a very serious appearance of ethical impropriety (as proven by information contained in the probable cause transcript) and she acted with total disregard for "justice" when she took it upon herself to stand in as a character witness for a felon in Morgantown WV just a month or so prior. IMO she deserves every ounce of scrutiny that she gets and since Mr. Bruzzese has been openly supporting her from day one and continues to do so, he also deserves the public scrutiny....maybe even more so. These are public figures. My comments here are not harming the victim in this case or the defendants so quit deflecting just because you are annoyed that I am drawing attention to an obvious issue with "business as usual" that you would rather ignore.

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Jan-24-13 8:14 PM

you people sicken me. You say you want justice yet assail people in public that have never been on trial. Is'nt that what Hitler did? Let me remind all of you of something. 85 percent of what you have heard so far is false. 100 percent of what happened needs to be decided in a court of law, according to the Bill of Rights. The only way we will KNOW what happened is to let the courts do their job. The speculation you speak of is rumor and misrepresented internet babble. Wait for the facts, please, you are causing more harm than good.

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Jan-24-13 6:34 PM

@WeirSteuben- That's funny. I was thinking that if he ever tried to explain the discrepency, that he would just deny ever posting it. You know....."Someone else wrote that and used my name". LOL I That said, how would he explain the letter that he posted months ago on the Prinniefied website in attempt to get everyone to quit talking about Hanlin? (He posted that identical letter on his own FB page)! In that one, he defended her for not immediately recusing herself stating that valuable evidence would have disappeared while waiting for the AGs to step in. (I'm paraphrasing) Hello!? Why would "evidence" disappear if she recused herself? Last time I checked it was the responsibility of law enforcement to collect evidence! Why in the*****was she even involved in this process?! It is truly unreal to me that he defends such nonsense.

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Jan-24-13 9:38 AM

@AlexHamilton - Mr. Bruzzese is trying confuse people with his facts. He would argue that technically Keenan was in Steubenville when the rape happened in Wintersville, so he was 'out of town'. Keep up with your smokescreen, we can see right through it!

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Jan-23-13 10:38 PM

Again I ask; are there other charges coming and why is that information being withheld?

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Jan-23-13 8:37 PM

I am in agreement that closed may be the best thing. regardless of anything going on in the court, it really wouldnt matter if they were there as far as evidence, court protocols, and any statements or witnesses subpoena'd. Regardless, we will know the outcome good or bad on the eve of the 15th of Feb at the latest. I can bet every news crew in the valley will be at the court doorsteps. ALLOW THE VICTIM TO HAVE SOME PRIVACY-she doesnt need to be spread all around again.As far as I am concerned she needs to remain a "Jane Doe" for the family's sake

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Jan-23-13 8:06 PM


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Jan-23-13 7:59 PM

Seriously, you can't say l*sting on here?

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Jan-23-13 7:56 PM

They're trying to protect the victim, not the defendants. If that's what she and her parents want, what's the problem? Isn't the point of all this justice for her supposedly? I think people are forgetting that and just********for blood. Her wishes should be honored.

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Jan-23-13 7:27 PM

This is not surprising but disappointing none the less. I only hope that the Associated Press responds with a legal arguments that the Judge can't possibly overlook. That aside, I am still waiting for Mr. Bruzzese' response to my question in reponse to his letter to the Editor. Not to worry though. The transcript from the probable cause hearing has set the record straight as to who was in town the night of the alleged rape and who was at the parties. Looks like a local attorney has been spreading lies to Kent State via the internet! You are so busted.

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Jan-23-13 6:40 PM

Not permitting media will only fuel the fire of an alledged cover-up.

This case should be wide open. The world is watching.

Is there anyone in the area who does not know the names involved?

I am betting many know all the names of adults in and out of this case; all the boys and girls present; and all pertinent information.

Why close doors again?

Again I ask; are there other charges coming and why is that information being withheld?

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