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Tape doesn’t speak for the community

January 20, 2013

To the editor: I haven’t talked to anyone who condones rape or doesn’t want justice for Jane Doe....

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Jan-20-13 12:37 PM

I agree that the video does not speak for all of Steubenville. However, a massive cover up effort, the fact that the football team still played the rest of the season, protestors that showed up at games were removed, and more than 2 people involved yet only 2 people charged as juvenilles, seems demonstrate that Steubenville does not care about Jane Doe.

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Jan-20-13 8:11 PM

The Steubenville Community just doesn't get the fact that rape is rape.

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Jan-20-13 10:19 PM

RPG Show me evidence of a cover up and I'll jump on your band wagon. I have no connection to the prosecutors office. I have never met Jane Hanlin. It is idiocy to think that canceling football would bring justice to Jane Doe. Tom, I and everyone knows that rape is rape and it is ugly and despicable. I think all rape should tried as an adult offense. All I need to support much of what you are all saying is evidence not conjecture, VAlleybordone you suffer from MENTAL DECAY

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Jan-21-13 12:22 AM

"Moral decay will be on display in DC Monday..."

Oh? Is the Tea Party making an appearance at the inauguration?

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Jan-21-13 1:37 AM

You few from community are doing a fine job of showing how blind the community is to the facts. Why hasn't this scum coach been ask to step down yet

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Jan-21-13 3:46 AM

We remain discouraged, to say the least, that school officials inc. local board of ed., are continuing to try to operate as though none of this happened. We received next to no response from princical mos too late. Athletes involved, still playing in HS sports. No one in Columbus asking for resignations from anyone, talking top down bottum up, based on that which is known. Just how far up this "mess" go. so far every adult, whether at the school or within judiciary, or LE all still have their jobs despite how badly this has been handled. Do they answer to no one?? That's what makes this really disturbing.

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Jan-21-13 5:42 AM

Well, in other places, there are tough disciplinary measures for athletes who are caught up in that type of sh**. Which is probalby the only way to fight against the perpetuation and validation of rape. It is simple: By its actions Steubenville shows to the rest of the world, what its priorities are. Obviously for the decision makers the top priority is not 'educating responsible adults' but 'football'. Good luck with that.

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Jan-21-13 8:31 AM

Maverick, of course the video does not speak for the community. There are a lot of very nice, hardworking and good people in Steubenville who do not condone the rape nor the disgusting video. Unfortunately those individuals that are trying to represent the community are not doing so in a good light that represents the community well. Thus is the case for national news stories. They do not get ratings for the good stories but mostly from the more salacious they can bring. If everyone, like yourself would just cease from name calling and just sit still until the trial it would do the community alot better rather than looking foolish on TV, Facebook, Twitter and Letters to the editor.

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Jan-21-13 10:52 AM

@maverick, 7 people agreed with me and only 2 people disagreed with me one of which no doubt was you. Fact of the matter regarding a cover up is that evidence of this rape surfaced almost 4 months ago, it was shrugged off, the media was not reporting on it, protesters were removed from football games, coaches told players to delete cell phone content. All the while 2 rapists were captured in pictures. Who operated the camera? None of the kids owned houses, who owned the house, who provided the alcohol, drugs, etc? Somthing was covered up because not all of the guilty are being charged. There is your evidence of a cover up.

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Jan-21-13 11:05 AM

Furthermore maverick, about the football team, many of the players knew of this either firsthand or via video, twitter, youtube, etc... Despite all of these people knowing of this crime before law enforcment was notified, nobody contacted the police. I'm not a football fan but I do know that SHS is not an NFL team, it is a HIGH SCHOOL football team. Key words HIGH SCHOOL. If their silence is a demonstration of the product of that program, they should not be playing football.

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Jan-21-13 11:51 AM

@maverick you are absolutly correct. Rape is HORRIBLE and I believe that those found guilty should be tried as ADULTS, however the public has their thought on who is guilty and how everyone under the sun should be punished with no knowledge of the laws or no facts to support what is being said. Cover up? Maybe but I have yet to see any facts to support that.....obviously the outside source from Columbas can't find any facts to support that as well, are they guilty of a cover up too?

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Jan-21-13 4:48 PM

To the editor:

I haven't talked to anyone who condones rape or doesn't want justice for Jane Doe. I have seen a 12-minute tape of one very immature person joking about this incident and it repulsed me. But that video does not speak for the community--------->> Let me see, you must not have talked to any of the BOYS who created this issue, You haven't talked to ANY of the BOYS talking in the now-famous video, NOONE SAID IT TALKS FOR THE COMMUNITY. It talks to the people involved. There are more then 2 involved, this should have been important enough (with KNOWN evidence) to keep this in an adult court. FOR EXAMPLE..: IF this video would have been talking about terrorism, you can BET the ones filming and talking would have been charged. TO SAY these boys were not involved in SOME way is idiocy. It is stated IN THE VIDEO "I am going to go check on the girl" This implies she is very very close by. With looking at the wall colorings and trim in BOTH the video and the Pictu

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Jan-21-13 4:53 PM

picture, the location is the same. So lets see, yeah its fairly OBVIOUS they have some involvement. Naming the 2 boys charged BY NAME in relation to the crime is tantamount to clad proof evidence. THIS IS NOT about the community. This IS about how a community deals with its problems. Do it right, no issue. Do it wrong and watch the impact on the community FROM the community.

IF THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE. being scrutinized is not an issue. SO... Author of this letter to the editor... what do YOU have to hide?

Rick Boughton

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Jan-21-13 9:06 PM

Everyone continues to offer innuendo and rumors. Show proof after each accusation you post then I wiil support what you say. I also feel that Hanlin should have recused herself sooner but show me the proof that she is covering something up. I have no personal contact with anyone in the school system or the legal system and would not make excuses for them if and when presented with evidence, not hearsay but evidence. I do believe that those involved should be charged as adults and I also can't understand why the kidnapping charges were dropped. But thes two things were addressed by the out of town prosecuters and judge. Why would they participate in a cover-up? I have decided to only address the facts as they stand. After the trial begins and evidence is presented it is hard to abide street rumors and innuendoes by people who are grinding a larger axe than justice for a rape. It seems that some people want indict anyone or everyone who has done anything questionable in this community

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Jan-21-13 9:17 PM

Remember this trial will be about the perpatraters and the victim. It is about punishing the guilty and providing justice for the victim. This case is not about providing justice or revenge for people outside this community that feels there are past injustices that they have heard about that need addressed If you want to do something about peripheral injustices you will have to gather your own evidence and file your own charges. If you have evidence of illegal behavior in the school system,the athletic dept. or the police, sherrif or prosecutor it your duty to bring this evidence forward and press charges. If you have valid evidence I will support you in word and in writing. Sorry about the name calling but Valley-done does not stay on topic or make the least bit of sense. If you are friend of his or feel some kinship to him...well you have my condolences. Anyone else who stayed on topic was free from name calling.

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Jan-22-13 5:46 AM

@maverick: no there is no evidence of illegal behaviour but there is evidence of unethical behaviour - regarding Hanlin who remained at the case far too long. And the trial will be about two perpetrators out of a lot who were involved in one or the other way. Who chose to only prosecute those two? If nobody is allowed to critizise unethical behaviour but only the acts of convicted people,like you suggest, corruption will never stop and nobody will ever be prosecuted or convicted.

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Jan-22-13 8:19 AM

Here is some PROOF! Michael Nodianos tweeted and was videotaped Saying " I saw a dead girl" those ARE his words And he has NOT returned these remarks. Therefor either he really saw a dead girl And did not report to the police ( a crime) or he was referring to seeing a dead-like girl that had been raped and did not report this to police. Either way he implicated himself and should be held accountable . That's all everyone wants. That justice is served in this case so we can set a new tone and standard ) that is not accomplished by letting people involved in a crime off the hook. You have proof - use it!!!!

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Jan-22-13 10:34 AM

Sandra, I share your position of ethics. Any parent who has a teenager, I would think, would question there own child when these alledations first surfaced. In my mind that is when Hanlin should have questioned her son about the party to find out who was there. After that conversation she should have made her decision to recuse herself. But this a question of ethics not breaking the law. Anything beyond this, such as tampering with evidence, would require proof that I have yet to see. If there were evidence there is a process that follows that does not involve the people of Steubenville, Alexis Goddard or Anonymous. Stopping outside interference is a protection we all share in the event we are charged with a crime. What I have written isn't about protecting anyone. It is about protecting everyone by not compromising our system of justice. We have to allow the system to proceed. Remember every legal judgement made so far has come from a judge from Cincinatti. cont.

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Jan-22-13 10:53 AM

When will the "Good" people of Steubenville protest underage drinking? When will the "Good" people of Steubenville protest the raping of someone's daughter? When will the "Good" people of Steubenville demand an explanation from the coach who blamed the victim and dismissed the rape allegations? When will the "Good" people of Steubenville demand an explanation from the Head Football Coach who threatened a reporter? We know now why the local media doesn't like to report on this issue! When will the "Good" people of Steubenville question the prosecuting attorney why it took her two weeks to recuse herself for a conflict of interest? To be a "Good" person in Steubenville, one must look the other way, not ask questions, and whisper, "What a great community we have!"

Thank God for girls with masks!

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Jan-22-13 10:53 AM

Sandra, I am not happy with the juvenile status of this case but it is my understanding that Ohio law requires the presence of a weapon during a felony act to boost a case from juvenile to adult court. Donald, the vulgar rants of a drunk teenager, no matter how vile the dialogue is is not evidence of wrong doing. Donald I could make a tape accusing you of being a child molester, saying I saw him ,Dude, he was having sex with a child. This isn't the first time Don has done this. That is not evidence of wrong doing. It may be information for instigating an investigation. The things that people are upset with are protection provided to all of us. This vigilanty approach was instigated by an ex-barmaids/law office gopher who is promoting herself as a social media expert. Her involvement is self promoting. I can get into a more detailed description of how she pushed this case to vigilanty response.cont.

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Jan-22-13 11:05 AM

The injection of anonymous was requested by a friend of Alexis Goddard but not through the Anonymous who hacked the FBI or foreign goverments but three individuals. One is an eighteen year old computor whiz from kentucky I wllnonly give his first name,Kyle. Another is a convicted drug dealer, I won't give his name. And third one is wanted by the FBI. They are honing their skills and grinding their axes. All of these people mentioned above have an agenda which is to further themselves on the back of this young victim. None of them have produced a shread of useable evidence or information that hasn't already been garnered. In spite of everything that has happened here this case will come to the same resolution as if these peole didn't exist.

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Jan-22-13 11:31 AM

@maverick: my concern is not the juvenile status for the 3 prosecuted teenagers, but for those who also share their part of the responsibility for this mess but will not face any consequences, be it legal or otherwise. Which implies that the decision makers don't take what happens seriously.

A very good summary on the actual problem: ***********care2****/causes/how-can-we-raise-boys-in-a-world-where-steubenville-exists.html

Oh - and - y'a know 'this is not the real Anonymous' is pretty much a pointless comment in light of what 'Anonymous' is and in light of the many, many people who joined the cause regarding Steubenville and thus also became 'Anonymous'.

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Jan-22-13 11:36 AM


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Jan-22-13 11:38 AM

what is it? I'll spell it out: worldwideweb dot care2 dot com causes/how-can-we-raise-boys-in-a-world-where-steubenville-exists.html

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Jan-22-13 12:58 PM

@maverick you have obviously actually taken the take to only process and repeat the facts. I admire you for that because NOBODY is doing that in this town. I agree..those who are guilty should be held accountable, and I mean in an adult court of law, it's an adult crime. The point is that there has been an outside source from very early on, who see's no evidence of any cover up, what more do you want? Reno should be fired for getting angry? What about the daily threats (mostly I understand from masked persons) on him and his family? That is ok? If a rape took place then by all means anyone who was involved needs to be punished, and some kind of accountability for those who didn't help, but the law will allow punishment that is BY LAW, not whatever "ethics" seems to warrant. I suggest everyone go to the appropriate source for your factual information....It's out there, you just chose not to read it.

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