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Guilty should be punished

January 20, 2013

To the editor: The guilty are the ones to be punished in the pending rape case — “If you do the crime you pay the time”! What these boys are accused of is incomprehensible, and justice needs to be......

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Jan-24-13 12:57 PM

Im a bit older now, but in my day I spent enough time in juvenile for stupid things. I know what type treatment people receive in there. It IS minimal. Sure add in some mandatory counseling to boot. This case cannot be looked over with a minimalist view though, even if they did not think they did anything wrong. That sets a precedent to other offenders that they will not be incarcerated or punished enough to make it easier to make the decision to NOT do these types of stupid things.

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Jan-24-13 6:49 AM

They can and will be adequately punished through the juvenile court system. The two boys arrested didn't think they did anything wrong and neither did the boys posting the vile comments and participating in that disgusting video with the exception of the young man who said "this is rape, they're raping her". In all honestly I'd like to see all the boys attend mandatory counseling. I in no way think counseling should over-ride or take the place of incarceration but just throwing these boys in jail and forgetting about them will do little for them or our community. They need to understand why their actions or lack thereof were wrong. They need to develop empathy, one tweet in particular is troubling to me: "I have no sympathy for whores". Even if a girl has next to no respect for herself, she still deserves the basic respect regarded for human life. Having no sympathy for anyone is unfortunate. All of these boys need educated not thrown in jail and forgotten about.

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Jan-23-13 4:45 PM

@rpg0340 As juvenile they can only be HELD a maximum of up to age 21. And if incarcerated for that length of time they have even more rights then the adult criminals, who have more rights then me or you ...

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Jan-23-13 4:42 PM

@Thomas43952 I am with you. 100%

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Jan-23-13 4:41 PM

As to the main writer of this thread, No one is blaming the entire community. Those that have something to hide are playing it up that way to keep the focus off of them. If you are talking about Anonymous, their deal is support for this girl. As for the rest of their corruption allegations this has been an ongoing thing in small towns forever. Root out one vermin, 2 take its place.

As for the punishment deal-- The reason we have so much crime is the leniency of punishment. In fact, criminals tend to like being incarcerated due to the elevation of their rights and the removal of their responsibilities. They actually have more RIGHTS then a free person, If you need I can clear that further for you. They don't have to work for their food and shelter, they can create "gangs" inside and no one stops them, etc.,. Make punishment hurtful, make it as elegant as their ideas were when they committed their crimes and you end up with less incarceration and more respect for the law.

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Jan-23-13 4:03 PM

I wish that the community and county and school systems could unite and say we will not allow people or students, football players or not, to go around town and abuse, rape, hurt our children. No more special treatment for athletes from any school. No community will be allowed to hurt our children. We will not allow coaches, administrators, school board members to allow some children to take advantage of other children. We will not allow special treatment for those who play sports over those who do not. We value our children so much that each child should take their own tests so that they may succeed in life outside of sports. Win at all costs will be forbidden. Success of our sport teams will not supersede everything else. Those who violate our community/ school rules will lose the privilege of participating in sports. Who is with me????

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Jan-23-13 3:44 PM

I agree with the writer, there are very good people here. I am sure that the writer will agree that there were more than two people involved in this whole mess. The picture shows the two boys holding the girl by the hands and feet but there was another boy beside them in a red shirt and whoever took the picture, so there were at least 4 boys there. I have heard as many as 15 were there. I would have guess that the police would have arrested everyone and then filtered out the innocent from there but that is not what happened. Not even to mention that there were adults/coaches there while drinking was going on at the parties. These are the other "crimes" which are not being looked into. Which leaves to much frustration!

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Jan-23-13 10:57 AM

Pretty tough talk here RPG0340; but somewhere in between is good.

We are pretty easy on them.

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Jan-20-13 3:01 PM

Furthermore, I believe that it is time that we re-examine what "punishment" is. Not all that long ago in this country, a person could be hanged for stealing a horse. Housing violent criminals in cells with a toilet, a sink, a tv, access to a library, healthcare, college education, weight rooms and feeding them 3 meals a day for God knows how many years has produced nothing more but a high rate of repeat offenders. I believe in an eye for an eye. Murder should have one penalty, DEATH; this should be carried out within hours of a guilty verdict rather than decades. Crimes such as rape should be punishable by death or life in solitary confinment with a bucket, and one meal a day. Pretty soon, instances of violent crime would decrease.

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Jan-20-13 12:27 PM

The biggest problem with their punnishment is that their "punishment" will be minimal because they are not being charged as adults.

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