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Making sense of foolishness

January 20, 2013

To the editor: If you were a manger of a bank and you felt that you had dishonest employees, how would you handle this? I’m sure that very few would suggest hiring high-tech bank robbers to manage......

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Jan-23-13 9:00 PM

Ehh, those that are disagreeing seem to be fixating on the posts that state what is already known to a society that believes that participation in something is better than competing at something to win. I will muddy it again. w ww.psychologytoday.c om/blog/look-it-way/201001/their-kids-are-smarter-our-kids

If you havent figured it out yet, remove the spaces between the w's and the one between C and O in c om......

As for the hacking thing? its OK for the govt to "hack" us, listen to conversations, search our stuff just because YET you have issue with a worldwide human rights group doing it... (research it)...Stop believing everything you read and do some of the footwork for yourselves......

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Jan-23-13 4:39 PM

Sorry, you lost me when when you used the phrase "hope and change" Oh yea

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Jan-23-13 3:07 PM

I guess that there is frustration in some people when they see an injustice going on. I, too, don't like some of the actions of what this outside group is doing but it is not them that caused me to be "against" those who have let the injustice to continue. I was against the actions of these two boys and their friends who participated in these horrible actions way before this outside group got involved. I believe that when one of the boys parents sued the blogger, who first put stuff out, it caught the attention of others, outside of Steubenville, and that's when all*****broke loose. So, we have them to blame. Remember that for " For evil to succeed, good people must do nothing". I believe that what was done to this girl was evil and there were many more than two people who were involved. Where are those others? Where are all our children safe when it come down to all these others still free on the streets and able to do the same thing to my daughter, your daught

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Jan-21-13 5:31 PM

Debray, I agree, lets the courts do their job. I believe though that making this a national discussion was a good thing. The method to getting there may not have been the best traveled route, but it was effective.

As for the school systems nationwide, I agree. It is NOT about teaching, it is not about education. It is about the funds. It is about numbers, numbers graduated, not numbers that can actually read/write. This is NOT a worldwide thing, this is an America thing. This is from a society that believes confronting issues is a bad thing. that confronting the idea that our kids are dumber then 50 years ago is not politically correct. The idea that technology and 100% depending on it is progress.

I believe we still value life, I also believe we have lost our way in showing it in the "big picture".

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Jan-21-13 5:23 PM

To start, where to start?. Associating Anon and their reason for remaining anonymous with "our history of masks in america" is ill thought out. I have yet to see burning crosses or people hanging from trees due to ignorance of a color or creed. I am not with Anonymous, but I take offense by that correlation. Anon is that way so that those that pursue them are hindered in their efforts. The reason why something like hacking is necessary in some of these situations is the possible corruption in politics at every level. If the video and pictures were NOT taken from computers, I dare to say that this would be another case of "lost evidence". maybe, maybe not. Our children are not being targeted. Our children are not the ones frightened. I see them every day walking by, laughing, on TV talking about "being famous", That is, except those who are involved in some way, or ashamed of being at a party where this stuff happened and not saying anything about it.

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Jan-20-13 8:30 AM

Very True Leah.

This whole thing has been blown out of proportion, with accusations and hype.

It is amazing how those that claim to know everything because they know somebody actually know nothing.

What we do know is, all of those spreading rumors when the girl nor her parents or anyone else know anything except what everyone has seen on U-Tube should stop. The two boys that the authorities have some evidence on have been charged and will be in court soon. We are in a new world formed by a school systems and a Government that cares more about a teachers pay, unions, and votes than the life and education of a child.

A world that has dumbed down students for the past 50 years in order to achieve their goals.

Where everyone gets a trophy, where there is no longer right or wrong and the value of a life is no longer sacred.

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