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It’s time to support our town

January 20, 2013

To the editor: Haven’t we come to understand in any criminal investigation that it’s imperative to collect as much evidence as possible within the first two days? Why didn’t Prosecutor Jane Hanlin......

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Jan-20-13 11:27 AM

Comparing the attention your podunk little town brought upon itself to the holocaust (seriously?) Is utterly disrespectful to the millions of people who perished and those who survived that horrible event in human history. My grandfather was as P.O.W in WWII who survived being tortured by Nazis, this self righteous diatribe is an affront to his memory and all those who fought and sacrificed so much to stop the actual Hitler. You should be ashamed making this comparison! Really??? I'm shocked by the level of depravity that exists in this community, comparing your silly little plight to the attempted extermination of an entire race of people. Disgusting and shameful!!!

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Jan-20-13 1:00 PM

Ms. Hanlin struck the match that lit the fire of distrust when she stood as a character witness for a felon just 2-3 months prior to this case. Please read the article concerning this situation this website. The comments that were made were obviously from your community--- and clearly they were not happy with her decision. Would Ms. Hanlin had felt so comfortable putting herself in such an ethically questionable position if she had competiton for her position as County Prosecutor?! Quit blaming everyone but the person that brought this scrutiny on herself. In my opinion, she owes the community an apology for making it so easy question her ethics.

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Jan-20-13 2:58 PM

Ms Hanlin's "quick actions?" "The Ann Franks" of your town? Why did I think this would be reading an article about the voiceless?, the down trodden?

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Jan-20-13 4:49 PM

Couldn't agree more Alexhamilton. I was mad about the case you mentioned also. Anonymous was not involved in that case at all, however I know many people that made up their mind about her lack of ability to seperate her work and professional lives. The overwhelming majority of people around here agree that there were unethical actions during this whole case. Her chances of winning reelection are about as good as my chances are of winning the lottery. Slim to none.

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Jan-20-13 5:51 PM

"The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. As Nazi tyranny spread across Europe, the Germans and their collaborators persecuted and murdered millions of other people. Between two and three million Soviet prisoners of war were murdered or died of starvation, disease, neglect, or maltreatment. The Germans targeted the non-Jewish Polish intelligentsia for killing, and deported millions of Polish and Soviet civilians for forced labor in Germany or in occupied Poland, where these individuals worked and often died under deplorable conditions." And this is the same thing you are experiencing? I think i understand now why the kids of this town are so screwed up.

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Jan-20-13 6:53 PM all I can say. This has to be a joke. No one is really that stupid right?

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Jan-20-13 7:46 PM

I can't believe that they would even let this letter get published. How dare this person have the gull to even reference what they did. WOW....

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Jan-20-13 8:14 PM

How do you spell COVERUP and your prosecutor was right out there in front of it. We can only hope the Feds decide to investigate the COVERUP and make many arrests of those who tried.

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Jan-20-13 8:23 PM

Jane Hanlin could have appointed a special prosecutor on day 1. Then there wouldn't have been any appearance of impropriety. I'm not saying she did anything wrong. I went to school with her and liked her then. I haven't seen her since. I know in the past there have been two tiers of justice in this county. There is a reason people in this county suspect corruption. It has been corrupt in the past and while a few names have changed many have not. To compare the scrutiny that has been placed on the city and county officials during this case to the Germans and the holocaust is to show that you have no idea what actually happened in Europe in the late 1930's and 1940's. I hope there is a full investigation and all that should be prosecuted are, including those that provided alcohol for these parties. I also hope that they investigate the local officials involved to clear their names or punish if needed.

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Jan-21-13 1:07 AM

How dare the author of this leeter reference Genocide, The holocaust and the treatmemt of US POW's by the Germans during WWII.... Well she didn't. Try reading the letter again. This time, pay attention and stop texting on your phone while trying to write a rebuttal. Thank you, the concerned citizens of the Ohio Valley.

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Jan-21-13 5:24 AM

‘…but if it was my job, it would not be my first thought to determine my child’s association with an alleged crime before I did my job – quite the opposite, in fact. My child better not be involved but it would not impair my judgment if it was a possibility.’

Seriously? Well, then Mrs. Kessler, I am sorry to hear that you and your child obviously have serious attachment issues. In fact MOST people will be biased when a severe crime like rape happens in one’s son’s innermost circle. As a strong attachment between family members, friends and peer groups is so common (except for you and Hanlin, apparently), there are clear regulations in place. People learn in law school that prosecuters have to avoid any conflict of interest, even if only perceived by the public, and even if oneself has no more sympathy for the own son than for, say, any guy in the street or even for Hitler, now that you brought him up.

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Jan-21-13 5:53 AM

But, I really dig those WWII analogies... just imagine, after the war, if Goebble's daughter hat been the one to prosecute her daddy's pals for war crimes... hilarious!

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Jan-21-13 8:14 AM

Wow. This is exactly the reason people should study more on historical events. This is in no way related to the Holocaust. My mind is blown on this one. How you can relate the two is just mind boggling and I feel very bad for you and your small mindedness.

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Jan-21-13 9:24 AM

Ms Kessler DiAlbert, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone on this website is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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Jan-21-13 10:50 AM

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks." This letter should have begun (or mentioned): I know Jane Hanlin personally, my sister worked/works for her and Frank Bruzzese at Mr. Bruzzese's and Mrs. Hanlin's law firm. Simply put,this letter is yet another example of the cronyism for which a small group of officials in Steubenville are being accused. It reads like a poor public relation damage control statement trying to capitalize on an emotional response to one of the most horrific chapters in human history Further, as if the author has no true concept of what actually historically happened in the last Great World War and the hundreds of millions of lives it directly affected. Please!!! educate yourself, educate your children. Put the ball down and you, not a coach, sit down with your children and teach them about true moral principles, start with the golden rule. All of you, seriously. And then move on to honesty and empathy and openness. You can do it Steubenville! Support

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Jan-21-13 1:52 PM

Miss King’s suggestion that this letter referenced the holocaust spun its true meaning in an outrageous direction, similar to the suggestion of cover-up, conspiracy and corruption spun the rape case. My letter referenced a manipulation of the minds. Thank you for proving my point Miss King.

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Jan-21-13 2:01 PM

Ms. DiAlbert, since you are reading these comments, I would like to take the time to say I sincerely feel sorry for you. It is obvious that you have some type of mental health issue and I suggest you get the help you need. However, I find the need to ask, why do you say support our town, when you live in Westerville? Obviously there is a reason you moved from Steubenville.

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Jan-21-13 2:12 PM

Mr. King for the record. Of all the questions and issues addressed by numerous people, that is all you wish to respond to? How droll. Do you know Jane Hanlin or Frank Bruzzese? Has your sister ever worked for either of them? I remind you it was you who drew the parallel of Hitler and manipulation of the German people with that of the town of Steubenville and how it's being perceived. I simply carried your silly correlation to a logical conclusion.

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Jan-21-13 2:50 PM

Those seem to be fair questions. Establishing what relationship you might have to Jane Hanlin and her associates are reasonable questions in regards to the context of this public letter perhaps? And for the record one can not casually throw out a Hitler reference without expecting to defend all that's implied by doing so. That is not a light topic to many people.

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Jan-21-13 3:10 PM

I also find it quite funny that if you search the author of this editorial then you find another article in the Hearld Star which will inform you that she works with Ray Saccoccia. Cronyism?

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Jan-21-13 4:13 PM

Someone asks for more proof- here's some proof. Michael Nodianos tweeted" I just SAW a dead girl" he has NOT disputed this claim nor disputed anything he said on the now infamous 12 minute "rape crew chronicles" This IS evidence that he either saw a real dead girl which is a crime to witness the death without reporting it, or he was referring to the raped victim as being "dead-like" still a crime. EITHER WAY, Michael Nodianos implicated himself by making this statement. Would the FAIR people of Stebenville continue to put pressure on those you elected to bring JUSTICE to this town. REMEMBER THE WORLD IS WATCHING! Make the right choices

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Jan-21-13 4:40 PM

I knew it wouldn't take long for some idiot to associate Hitler or another Psychotic ruler to this case. And of course, It is someone that has no real clue about how small towns work. I have lived in the area 15 years, I am not an idiot, I do not believe this movement is against Steubenville, I do not believe there are MANY involved in coverups, BUT I DO believe that this needed national attention due to the nature of the crime and natures of those involved. I grew up in small towns, Billings Montana, Anchorage Alaska, Roswell New Mexico, among others. I have YET to see in any of them the same amount of corruption i SEE personally in this county/city government. I have lived in Steubenville, Wintersville and currently Toronto. I like the area, depressed as it is. I like alot of the people in the area, but this does NOT mean there is NOT a reason for national coverage.

As for the BS about Anon/Hitler you are a misinformed idiot. Study your history more. I-D-I-O-T....

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Jan-21-13 5:04 PM

Oops..... the article I referenced was on WTOV9. Read the comments and then ask yourself who should be blamed for all the distrust.


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Jan-21-13 5:13 PM

Sosilly, i noticed that also. In addition to working with coach's bro, it is also a company that collects court debts for the county. Interesting.

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Jan-21-13 6:32 PM

Correct me if I am wrong but it would stand to reason that if some of the corrupt in the Jefferson county court system were removed, Ms. DiAlbert could lose the contract her company(employer) has to collect county debts. Therefore, the letter is written more in fear of losing money than a care for the victim or her lovely city.

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