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Standing up for Steubenville

Rally supports scandal-shocked residents

January 13, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Jackie Sacripanti admits she wasn’t prepared for the torrent of emotions unleashed when word of Saturday’s “Stand Up For Steubenville” rally hit Faceboo....

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Jan-13-13 7:28 AM

It may be unfortunate that innocent Steubenville students are painted with the broad brush of shame. But this is a really extreme case and it is natural for this to happen.

The Big Red athlete in the article said "We don't hide behind masks". Maybe that particular athlete isn't hiding, but what about the rest? Athletes are hiding allegedly encouraged by their coaches. Texts and images were deleted. Athletes won't cooperate with law enforcement.

So, yes, Big Red athletes are hiding!

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Jan-13-13 7:39 AM

Dawud Abdullah: a serious drug induced multi rape...GANG RAPE, happened in your town and it was swept under the rug! Steubenville, ALL of Steubenvile, should be ashamed and should be looking for ANSWERS!! After all, I am sure, if it was YOUR daughter, you would use every option in this world to get the guilty parties punished!

Take a stand, Steubenville. Show the 'outside world' that you WILL NOT tolerate this kind of behaviour in your town!! Bring those boys to justice...ALL of them!

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Jan-13-13 8:14 AM

I'm pretty sure that regardless of your zip code, this was something the majority of us in the valley heard about simultaneously. In reading the publicized timeline of action taken by authorities, they did take appropriate action and even called-in the AG's office. If there are any others involved they should be prosecuted as well, period. We must let the "outside" judge and prosecutors determine that at trial. The trial is a month away, if anyone reading this has had experience with judicial systems, you should realize that is a pretty quick turnaround time. I've heard of people incarcerated on murder/attempted murder charges and such that have yet to go to trial a year later...

Blaming the entire city or school system, since some are from other areas/states attending, is ignorance, period. Innocent men, women and children are being threatened! If you are one pointing the finger and generalizing, shame on you! Karma! If a crime happens in your town, be sure to ostracize yo

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Jan-13-13 8:18 AM

If a crime happens in your town, be sure to ostracize yourselves for the actions of others!

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Jan-13-13 10:39 AM

I just have to say that YES, what you "attempted" to do in the name of CHILDREN was nice but failed. What I saw and heard was alot of mean talk/words about outsiders, "the masked men", threats. I think the children were there for fun/support not to hear a bunch of adults being ANGRY. Also, from what has been said.the "school threat" came from INSIDE the school..not the masked men. Your statement."what if it was your daughter/son"? DUH, this is what the whole world has been asking the city residents of Steubenville for months...ONLY the charge was RAPE and not a kid calling in a threat..

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Jan-13-13 11:05 AM

Looks like the rally brought out a "whopping 20-30 die hards" who still can't comprehend how and why this city tragedy has made international headlines. These folks just do not understand that this entire scandal was seemingly pushed under the carpet by ADULT OFFICIALS of the police, school board, prosecutor's office, and sports coaches. These folks will never put ethics and honesty and education over their sport demi-gods. These folks need a reality check and they will get it from this unfortunate incident. The criminal trial is just the beginning. Wait until the civil law suits start commence being filed against the school system and officials in both their official and personal capacities. When the foreclosure warrants are served on the homes, cars and bank accounts of those involved, maybe, just maybe, all of the folks in Steubenville will wake up and understand the true damage they caused THEMSELVES.

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Jan-13-13 12:41 PM

I suppose there are many many in our town that are innocent, ignorant of the facts, or plain don't care; but the entire community is suffering for the actions of a few students who alledgedly had their lives ruined. There seems to be many adults who are guilty of aiding and abetting; some adults guilty of contributing to the delinquency of minors; some guilty of being plain "stupid" as described by some. Soooo, the entire community must suffer til this thing is worked out. Hopefully, healing can take place.

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Jan-13-13 1:35 PM

I do support of our students, all of them!! Most importantly, the innocent victim. Sometimes the most supportive thing you can do for your kids is to let them receive the consequences of their actions. You're not actually supporting your kids by downplaying the extent of the problem in the city or school. Complain about Anonymous all you want. You may not like what they're saying, but I haven't heard them say anything that's wrong. Rape is everyone's business!!

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Jan-13-13 1:53 PM

We all support Big Red and the kids that didn't rape anybody, but the fact remains that something happened. We can either face it, fix it, and make it better or we can try to brush it under the rug. The "shove it under the rug" ship has sailed. Our choices now are to light a candle or curse the darkness.

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Jan-13-13 2:33 PM

Although I don't live in Steubenville, I'm positive that the huge majority of residents are decent, honest people. It is horrible and tragic that your children have felt threatened. They should not have to experience that. No one should.

That said, I am also totally convinced that no one, who is really connected with Anonymous or KnightSec, is responsible for those threats. I would suggest that Steubenville look in it's own backyard for those who are trying to terrorize your community. Certain people in your town have been trying to make it an "Us vs Them" situation since KnightSec first started investigating. Those people want to discredit any information that was uncovered. So they have resorted to scare tactics and have succeeded. They also posted a fake video claiming to be the "real" Anonymous by having Dave Ott put it on Vimeo under OpFreeBigRed. Members of Anonymous might have hacked a website, but they would never, ever threaten anyone's children. Many of

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Jan-13-13 2:42 PM

My last sentence was cut off. It was:

Many of them (Anonymous) are parents too.

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Jan-13-13 4:23 PM

First of all, congratulations on drawing 100 people to a football pep rally 10 months before the season starts. That's impressive.

Secondly, we are not "hiding" behind masks. The masks are a symbol of solidarity with those who seek justice when the system is not. We are not attacking your children. We are not attacking your community, which for the most part has treated us incredibly well.

Who called in the threats? Some dumb kid, who wanted out of classes... or your village idiot, Robert Kopras, trying to make us look bad.

If you're going to stand up for something... stand up for the future of your community. One that will prosecute EVERYONE involved in heinous crimes, not just those with important last names or $500,000 homes.

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Jan-13-13 5:57 PM

The group parading around in masks are cowards. They are no different than the so-called Muslim soldiers in the middle east. They are cowards. How long are the police, the sheriff, and the feds going to allow these cowards to continue? What if there is a serious problem, like a riot,occurs. The law would have no way of identifying the perps or the casualties. As Americans they have a right to protest but they should do as men or women not some sleazy cowards.This behavior would not be tolerated where I live.

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Jan-13-13 6:43 PM

They masked people have the same right to being annonymous as you do on this site.

Post your name if you think they are cowards.

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Jan-13-13 9:33 PM

I was born and raised in the Ville and part of this story is total crap. I never hear anyone say yes mam and the kids aren't all polite. While the main issue is the rape the fact that folks say there is no corruption is blind. It goes back for decades. It is inherently a good place to live the people are salt of the earth and hard workers. But let's be real about the Ville folks come on. It an have corruption as New York and Chicago. And football does rule this town like all small towns in the country.

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Jan-13-13 10:03 PM

The reason that people are "trashing" the city is because of the lack of discipline administered to the players of the team. That the ville cares more about sport than producing good young men. I'd be willing to bet that half the players if not more knew of the rape before the cops did. An honorable coach would have ended the season in a show of respect for the life at least part of his team had a part in ruining. Not blaming the courts, police or Sheriff for the crime, but had more action been taken, there would have been less outcry. How many people were there? At least 3. How many arrested and charged? 2! Those involved that could have made a difference brought this upon the town. BLAME THEM!

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Jan-13-13 11:49 PM

We call on the school board to suspend Coach Saccoccia for his behavior. The fact that he has refused to take any real disciplinary steps towards the football players that either witnessed or in some way abetted the alleged rape is disturbing, and his treatment of the New York Times journalist who spoke to him about the case is frightening. His actions are indicative of someone who cares more about their win-loss record than about the young people they are supposed to be improving.We also urge the school board to examine the actions of Superintendent Michael McVey and Principal Shawn Crosier. We are disappointed that they left all disciplinary decisions up to Coach Saccoccia, and the fact that they failed to follow up with any of the students in attendance at the party where the alleged rape occurred is distressing. This sad case has all the tell tale signs of an attempted cover-up, and our hearts ache for the victim in this case who has been subjected to undue scrutiny and blame.

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Jan-13-13 11:50 PM


We hope that the added attention on Steubenville High School will result in justice for the victim, repercussions for the alleged rapists, and accountability for Steubenville officials.

Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511. snapjudy@gmail****, "SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world's oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc."

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Jan-14-13 1:49 AM

really enjoyed the 2 women assigned to block my cameras for fear that i was anonymous. my shots came out great and i'm a journalist from pittsburgh you ignorant folks who tried harassing me at this rally.

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Jan-14-13 5:42 AM

Rape is rape. You people in Steubenville don't seem to understand what that means. The coverup going on in your city by the coaches, school administrators, and police has given your city it's black eye. You can't defend rape.

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Jan-14-13 10:20 AM

"Steubenville Police Chief Bill McCaffery's computer was shut down by an e-mail he received"

Chief McCaffery was asking for it. He was running Windows. You only run Windows if you want to get hacked.

Yes, I'm joking. But Jane Doe was drinking too much, so she should have been expected to get raped according to some comments I've seen. She made a choice. So did the Police Chief.

No, it's not a real comparison. Having a computer trashed isn't anything like getting raped, but you do hear the same, moronic comments.


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Jan-14-13 11:04 AM

I would never allow my son or daughter to go to school where a rape crew stalks the halls.

But the people of Steubenville dont seem to mind.

Where is the outrage over drugs sold quite openly in Steubenville. Where is the outrage over alcohol served to minors.

Where is the outrage over the disgusting bullying remarks of the coaches.

Where is the outrage over the coverup of this cruel, inhumane crime.

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Jan-14-13 11:08 AM

WayneBorean, getting drunk is not asking to be raped. It might be stupid but so is your comment.

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Jan-14-13 11:31 AM

This rally is/was a total joke and mere subtrefuge for the city-wide cover-up engaged in by the school, coaches, county and WTOV News. All of these entities purport to be concerned about the young people of steubenville. Query - "Where was their concern throughout the fall?" I strongly urge that the football program and all related coaches be suspended for at least 1 calendar year.....THAT would show some real ethical reality and dedication.....anything else, such as these phony rallies are mere window dressing for a culture of civic tolerance for deviant sexual conduct.

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Jan-14-13 1:44 PM

Some of you people are exactly why this city has become what it has. This ralley was NOT in support of rape, it was in support of our kids (mine who is only 10) that have been affected by what a FEW HS students choices. Wake up people! We are all on the same page! We all want justice for Jane Doe for those who A COURT OF LAW which might I add is an OUTSIDE court of law finds fit. What WE are saying is they my 10 year old should not be affected, ALL of the citizens of Steubenville should not be afraid to walk out their door OR MY family should not have been attacked for no reason. I hear a whole lot what people THINK happened, who they THINK was involved, none of which has supporting facts! Remember people INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? Let them do their job and prove those guilty who took part and there is evidence to do so. This is the only investigation I have ever seen that has to be reported BEFORE the investigation is over!

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