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Stand up for Steubenville rally set for Saturday

January 11, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Organizers of a Stand Up for Steubenville rally said they are planning a Saturday event to show support for the youth of the communit....

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Jan-13-13 1:58 AM

Delhi is not much different from steubenville.. rape is rape wherever it manifests. But we as a modernized society should have the wherewithal to prosecute this crime properly, and not blame the victim of the crime due to what they wear, how they walk, or how they look.. You don't see theft victims being cast as "looking for it" when this are stolen. or an injured person from assault because they deserved it, looked for it, dressed for it whatever. The policies and discussions about rape needs revisited.

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Jan-12-13 11:38 PM

Story in the New York Times today. "Is Deihi so different than Steubenville"

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Jan-12-13 6:03 PM

I am done with this thread... I leave you with this .. There are more people afraid to speak out BECAUSE of the repercussions from the corrupt in the community than there is afraid of anything done or said by anonymous or their supporters.Of course you cannot see that due to your own BIASness. Keep your head in the sand and eventually it will go away. For your sake, I hope you do not have any Daughters in the future that have to fear treatment as this girl did. You are pathetic. I asked you to do something regarding my name and location, no one came by, so I am assuming your talk is big, your asset isn't.. Via con dios...

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Jan-12-13 2:37 PM

Smutty, compared to the Anon rallies, ours was so much more uplifting that there is no comparison. Your bias is laughable. Our children are fine and will no longer be afraid, once the masked criminals are gone. May you find Peace and comfort in God and stop hating and spreading lies.

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Jan-12-13 1:24 PM

Watched a live stream of beginning of event with speeches. I hope kids did not attend this event just because it seemed to attack Anon supporters and seemed to be very angry. Uplifting and happy would have been better for kids. I think this rally raises more questions for these kids present than it made them feel safe. Unreal and saddened. I think professionals should handle the next one and provide qualified speakers and coordinators. Not a good look for the Ville.

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Jan-12-13 10:36 AM

This case should just be moved out of Steubenville to a higher court so we can move on as a community. Sheriff Abdalla has done a lot of good in the community, Chief McCafferty has done a lot of good also. Jane Hanlin has stepped up and prosecuted those "chicago boys" ruining our streets. It's not right that her son was targeted when there is no evidence. I don't like what was said in the video either but it is their first amendment right to say it.

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Jan-12-13 10:27 AM

I think a lot of people aren't necessarily looking at what's on the table here. Does Jane Hanlin have a possible motive for covering-up this case? Yes but that doesn't mean she did. People are forgetting that she was the one to charge those two with the appropriate charges and she was the one who asked for them to be tried as adults. The judge then decided to drop the kidnapping charges and try them as juveniles. I would of preferred the court went with Jane Hanlin's opinion. I'm just saying it makes no sense for all these officials to risk their careers for two football players who aren't family members of any of them.

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Jan-12-13 6:49 AM

Wow, just wow Mr. Kopras. You wonder why the world is watching now? It is people like yourself that is doing more harm to your community than the Anons in the world. I hope this rally does not have you in attendance sir because it's purpose will have been defeated with you there. Others--do not engage with this man child, continue to support the REAL victim in this, Jane Doe. Anonymous is not a group, it's an idea and it rallied thousands for Jane Doe and for justice for her and any other victims which we know is growing with every news report that is FINALLY being covered by REAL journalists across the globe. The real "threats" to the innocent children unfortunately are coming from within your own community yet people continue to say its Anons reponsible. Get a clue people, you have a problem there.

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Jan-11-13 10:49 PM

"We are not taking sides or trying to sway any opinion about the case. But we are showing support for the youth of our community."

Sure. Not taking sides. That in itself is a disgusting thing to say. You aren't taking sides between criminals and victims?

Your town has it backwards because YOU are backwards.

Why don't one of you "concerned citizens" stand up for the victims of rape? I think we know the answer to that.

The cops are awesome. The parents, coaches and teachers who do nothing but screech about how they are victims are complicit creeps.

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Jan-11-13 10:23 PM

Actually the name is an old one from a game I use to play :) I live here, sorta, (Toronto), I see the crap every day. I read the crap every day. Nothing has been posted as for personal information except for the individuals Clearly involved.(Video from the kids OWN sites). as for the rest of your hate speech take a prozac. I remember the initial case on the news. it recieved a 2 minute segment on news9 and a short paragraph on herald star. then it was forgotten.

Do your homework before flirting with the big boys. I am NOT in the anonymous movement. I am NOT against Steubenville. I AM for support of this victim. I AM in support of cleaning up some of the "good ol' boy" backroom dealings for a more transparent system that routs corruption instead of contributing to it. I have not been here all my life. I am from the west. I have been here 15 years. I see you everywhere-you who look the other way when you see a crime happening then protest when someone calls out the corruptio

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Jan-11-13 10:00 PM

I hope they plant the seed on doing the right thing in the future.

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Jan-11-13 9:22 PM

Jacktripper cont. - The same people that took her rights away by drugging her and raping her do NOT deserve the same treatment. It is also very interesting that the only people I see using childish remarks are those posting here such as "morons", "despicable followers", etc.., The whole idea of the RALLIES is SUPPORT for the victim. Support she was NOT going to get from a community that would rather hide its head in the sand rather that confront the corruption out of fear. Hate is not a part of this until YOU make it so, and I am willing to stand at MY judgement with the knowledge that I supported a VICTIM and hopefully a change in attitude about RAPE in this country. Liberaltruth- I agree. It seems people here believe that everything is a conspiracy. True, it is an Abdalla, just not THAT Abdalla. There is a difference, again I agree with you. Prayers4all- It isn't Sheriff Abdalla~ Colkrause-Kudos to BOTH statements! well said!

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Jan-11-13 9:07 PM

To start, reading this correctly, Saturday's rally for the youth IS is response to the media attention brought to this community and the world by Anonymous. And as usual, the bigwigs of the community that may have something to hide are trying their best to make the support of a rape victim a hate Steubenville teens enigma. This is NOT the case, in fact Knightsec stated at the beginning and throughout the media campaign that " This is NOT about Steubenville, there are MANY good people in this city, this is about the SUPPORT of a rape victim." This is about ADULT corruption in attempting to -make this go away-. This is about a few teens in an area where corruption has favored just a few and their kids. THIS IS NOT A HATE STEUBENVILLE MOVEMENT.THIS IS NOT A HATE BIG RED MOVEMENT. this is a support for a rape victim movement.

Borninohio-you are correct in your questions and thoughts. Jacktripper-There is a reason no one has posted the VICTIMS information. She did NOTHING wrong

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Jan-11-13 7:06 PM

I would be outraged if a party hosted by a coach, turned out to be an unsupervised free-for-all, where alcohol and drugs were consumed, where a gun lay in open view -- and rape took place.

I would be outraged if my town's prosecutor discouraged a rape victim's parents, and the football coach threatened a New York Times reporter.

And BTW, how did these boys get the name "rape crew"?

And is it true that the football players are allowed to cheat on exams?

Sure, your children are afraid. They know what can happen to them -- if they say or do something a football player doesn't like.

They, too, could be betrayed by a "friend," drugged, raped, photographed, urinated on, while the adults try their best to sweep it all under the rug.

Your children have been corrupted -- with drugs, alcohol, cheating, ***********, rape -- - but that's not what you all are upset about, is it?

And you can't figure out why the nation is outraged -- over "party antics." In

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Jan-11-13 5:20 PM

The harassment, threats and childish remarks continue from most of Knight Secs despicable followers. If you have nothing to say in support of the victim, why not save the negativity for your own communities? The fact that hundreds of Steubenville students, citizens, police, etc know the victim's name but NOT ONE SINGLE person has posted her name, address, etc (the way many of you morons have done) says so much about both the Steubenville community vs the ones that surround it. Many of Knight Secs followers should be afraid of jail, fines, etc for the on line stalking, posting of personal information, menacing phone calls in the middle of the night, criminal hacking, verbal abuse of children wearing Big Red clothing, etc. that seems to be the majority of its followers. Hate does not heal, all have sinned, and justice is never perfect... until one stands in front of the ultimate Judge! You will be judged the same way you are judging. Sad. May the victim find Peace, despite you!

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Jan-11-13 5:12 PM

Same thing as I said before, you guys seem intent on believing that the vast majority of people in the district are at fault. Why is that?

Prayers4All--um, read the article. It isn't about the Sheriff. He's not organizing it. Learn to read. And I am not sure how holding a rally at a park is doing something "on the public's dime."

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Jan-11-13 4:08 PM

"A lot of our parents have been shaken this week by the Facebook threat..."

Awh, Abdullah's "shaken" and calls his private anguish "a lot of our parents" and organizes a public rally on the tax payer's dime to make himself and his cronies feel better.

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Jan-11-13 3:43 PM

How many are shaken thinking their child may have some involvement?

Bring them forward; do the right thing.

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Jan-11-13 3:42 PM

Seems like there ought to be a lot of youths in Steubenville in fear.

The guilty ones. Fear of punishment like jail, fines, community service, having to state on an application of a crime.

All the rest have nothing to worry about.

I worry about different things from time to time.

But I am not worried being jailed or punished for these party antics.

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