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McVey talks about case

‘Our hearts go out to the young victim,’ superintendent says

January 11, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — The superintendent of the Steubenville City School District said Thursday he feels empathy for a 16-year-old Weirton female who was the victim of an alleged rape in Augus....

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Jan-11-13 2:34 PM

Too little, too late. Let the courts sort out the mess. Now that the FBI has entered the picture, Mr. McVey's statements are publicly imperative. Unfortunately, this stand was not taken in the very begininng. Criminal behaviour does not deserve to be protected. This case is being closely monitored because this type of problem of covering for star athletes has been going on for too long and every school district in the nation needs to be on its best outlook for problems--every single one of them has something like this going on, whether it's cheating on exams, property vandalism, bombing mail boxes, improper sexual behaviour of any kind, etc.

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Jan-11-13 3:28 PM

First I heard about the three being suspended from extra curricular. Has anyone else heard abou that?

Funny how attitudes and efforts change when a whole bunch of pressure is put on. And the FBI in on it now.

If this wasn't an example of shirking one's responsibility or covering up, nothing is.

You are so right; too l;ittle too late.

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Jan-11-13 7:06 PM

No real sanctions here! Mcvey is only double talking, trying to confuse issues...bottom line, mcvey and sports pgm failed miserably to impose meaningful sanctions and were negligent and late in addressing the issues. Realtime action needs to be taken to make all athletes equal to non athlete special grades, tests, favors, benefits or elevated prestige. Lets get rid of all who failed to ethically educate and manage school and sport....suspend the football program for at least one year. Mcvey needs to "man up" and not be fodder for sports mcvey you are better than this! P.S. Under what rock is Reno hiding???

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Jan-11-13 9:20 PM

I'm with LAB1660, too little too late, McVey. When it's this difficult to get to the truth of a matter I like to get my wisdom through unerringly errie anagrams--for which MALIK AND TRENT seem to equal RATTLE MANKIND. I'm surely hoping this event is the change we need that serves to let everyone know that RAPE will not be tolerated.

By the way, STEUBENVILLE FOOTBALL TEAM anagrams into ABSOLVE A FOUL BELITTLEMENT ... certainly tells me there is some dust under the rug.

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Jan-11-13 10:01 PM

"Too little, too late?" While "rape won't be tolerated" in Steubenville - which is why the alleged rapists were charged months ago - neither will calling our two yrs olds "FUTURE RAPISTS" or menacing our citizens or threatening our students. While the FBI is not involved (can any of you read or stop telling fibs?), Mr. McVey's statements are exactly what a person who actually cares about the victim would like to hear. Anyone else, is merely here to stir up hate from behind a mask. Lab1660's generalizing, delusional statement shows that this person needs the kind of counseling Mr McVey is talking about. Rattleman's rant proves that he has attended one of the surrounding school districts, who's academic test scores and lack of community support speaks for themselves. His anagram mentality puts him on par with that of a serial killer. Have a nice day. Going to the rally with all my friends and our children tomorrow. Will be so nice to have fellowship away fr

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Jan-11-13 10:03 PM

from these types of hateful losers, who obviously have no concern whatsoever for the poor victim. Try building up your OWN communities instead of being so jealous of ours. Pathetic!

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Jan-11-13 10:25 PM

Had Mr. McVey done this and taken action months ago he would be respected by most if not all. He is doing it now for 2 reasons, the world is watching and the wrath of Mr. Fitzsimmons is going to come down on those that ignored their duties.

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Jan-11-13 10:59 PM

jacktripper -- NOBODY is jealous of you or your community. You people keep screaming about this being some "other town" attacking your football team. It is disgusting how you clothe your hatred for anyone seeking justice in this care as support for a rape victim.

Where were you when the boys were bragging about this and YOU PEOPLE KNEW about it.

It only took outsiders to be involved because not a man in your town had the balls to step up and confront the abuse of a girl.

You people are cowards. And all your screams about being sullied is purely an excuse for being incapable of EVER doing the right thing.

Good luck in your rally for the defendants. That is what t is.

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Jan-11-13 10:59 PM

Oh jack tripper also know as robert kropas who has made multiple fake social media accounts making threats against peaceful protesters, and who is also under investigation by local steubenville authorities, and the fbi for posting threats against local authorities and local children in an attempt to set up anonymous and the protesters.

the man who has also made threats against me for investigating and also reporting on this story.

the man with a well documented criminal record for stalking and harassing people.

bob, when are u going to grow up? will it be before or after u are arrested for making death threats?

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Jan-11-13 11:03 PM

jacktripper: ?Will be so nice to have fellowship" at the rally. Yeah, just like you get fellowship at the courthouse defending the rapists? Just like you get "fellowship" with the Sheriff? With Jane?

I support the police in Steubenville. I haven't heard a single parent say anything that seemed even mildly in support of the victim. They just scream about them being the victims.

You are not victims, Steubenville. You are silent cowards.

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Jan-12-13 1:48 AM

Congratulations, Nate Hubbard, you just made ESPN (for blaming the rape victim)

"What else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that?" Steubenville volunteer assistant coach Nate Hubbard told The Times. "She had to make up something. Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it."

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Jan-12-13 12:40 PM

McVey said: "As a school district, our goal is to graduate students who are well educated.” Yesterday this paper showed the top spellers in Steubenville School District. You will find one from The Virtual Learning Academy, eight from Bishop John King Mussio School and one from his city schools. I say he has a lot of work to do. This is what happens when the majority of the teachers are hired because they are directly related to school board members or very close associates instead of the best qualified teachers. See Indian Creek, Multimillion dollar buildings have nothing to do with it. You must have students willing and able to learn and the most qualified teachers that can communicate.

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Jan-12-13 11:51 PM

"Nemann has been quoted in media accounts of the case as saying he is concerned that the postings on social media may result in potential witnesses being reluctant to testify and invoking their Fifth Amendment right of self-incrimination in criminal cases." from the HS Change of venue requested article.....

Wow..... are the others who should be asking for a letter from the AG....

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