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Mob destroys reputations

January 13, 2013

To the editor: In August 2012, the Jefferson County prosecuting attorney, working with detectives of the Steubenville Police Department and the Jefferson County sheriff, filed charges against two......

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Jan-13-13 1:54 AM

Thank you Frank for telling it like it is. I am ashamed of people in this town, that I am very proud of, for letting rumors and inuendos take the place of facts. I have never heard so many lies about a case and the people who are trying to perform their duties in my entire law enforcement career. Name calling and character assassination in the name of justice what a disgrace. I know you Frank and I'm with you. PS I sign my real name you cowards

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Jan-13-13 8:13 AM

First, I find it ironic that you say the word mob. Secondly, I would say you are destroying your own reputation. Maybe people in Steubenville are afraid to laugh at how idiotic it is for an attorney to take to facebook and letters to the editor to protect their fellow "attornies" and friends. Doesn't it seem strange that you cannot let these allegations just roll of your back. If they are innocent they will not be charged and you will be the one who destroys your own reputation looking foolish to the rest of the world.

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Jan-13-13 11:59 AM

Oh please. How did it just happen to be that this is the top LTE? I personally found it very insulting. Don't think the people of this valley are stupid, blind, or ignorant. Or perhaps it is true naivete. We all know things like how much of a "choice" school Well's Academy is. It's an easier "choice" when you're a teacher, lawyer, or doctor trying to get your kid in. I see nothing but the center of the giant web we weave of age-old Steubenville cronyism. After the years of corruption and scandals, I think I'll continue to listen to myself instead.

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Jan-13-13 12:14 PM

While I applaud Franks attempt to work up a respectable dose of indignance -- his attempt is simply a red herring to divert the attention from the real issue. Frank attempt to divert attention to "people hiding behind masks" or "fake bloggers" -- does nothing to address the most disturbing fact in this entire scenario -- The Michael Nodiamos video -- and the lame excuse for an investigation that has ensued.

What is now attracting so much outside attention is the fact that four months have passed and a horrific video exists of several Stuebenville citizens, including Michael Nodianos, openly admitting their participation in the rape of an underage girl. This is an undisputed fact.

Yet only two of the participants have been arrested. As your fellow Americans, we find it astonishing that everyone involved or who allowed this to happen are not being held accountable.


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Jan-13-13 12:22 PM

I find it all to be so very selfish. Let us not forget that a young girl was victimized, her life changed forever. She may leave this town when she's older but what happened to her never will. The spotlight on the city never would have happened if a group of teenage boys would not have taken advantage of a defenseless, young girl. Let's talk about what we need to do to ensure that this NEVER happens again in this town. We need to rise together and support this girl in any and every way that we know how. That's what you'd want if it was your daughter.

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Jan-13-13 12:31 PM

Frank answer this question. When Jane Hanlin was handed over the police report and knew at that split second she could not prosecute this case objectively, why did she hang in there for two weeks, make arrests, then turn it over to the AG office? If she would of turned it over day one, then questioning her integrity would not be an issue.

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Jan-13-13 1:07 PM

We don't know them. We do know you. That is why we believe them.

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Jan-13-13 2:01 PM

If this was one of his girls it would be a different tune. All I am going to say. Just stop talking people, every interview, FB rant or post and Letter to the editor is making you all look silly and out of it. There is a world without football outside of the bubble. Welcome.

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Jan-13-13 2:12 PM

Where do rumors originate? From thin air? The saying "where there is smoke, there is fire" usually holds at least some merit. While these rumors may not all be 100% accurate, it's very unlikely someone was up all night creating a master plan to assassinate the character of authority figures. By default, there almost has to be some truth to the alleged corruption.

In my opinion, you shouldn't be so worried about saving someone's reputation anyway. This is not about reputation. This is about character. This is about discovering the true character of certain individuals. This is about differential treatment. This is about getting to the root of the problem. This is about values and doing the right thing. This is about accountability.

Currently corrupt or not, it will be extremely difficult for Steubenville authorities to be corrupt moving forward even if everyone keeps their current position, which seems highly unlikely at this point. Just my opinion.

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Jan-13-13 3:41 PM

Villamagna is your real name you sign with? uh-huh. Your entire law enforcement career? uh-huh. we the people stand with you. oh wait, maybe, just MAYBE you are one of the ones that we as common folk need to fear. Maybe, just MAYBE you are one of those that are in fear of what a serious probe into the corruption of the city officials might uncover. We all have our opinions, and our own eyes. In this situation, there have been MANY missteps by "our leaders". Lets have a serious discussion about the corruption, illegal gambling, bookie joints, favoritism in "justice" and good old boy dealings within the area. and while we are at it, lets drop the theatrics and get to reality.

Oh yes and PS. I sign my REAL name~~ Rick Boughton

PSS. lies with video and picture proof ~ Your evidence they are lies is what?

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Jan-13-13 4:27 PM

You know what destroys reputations? Rapists. If you think this case has been handled well, I've got a bridge I'd love to sell you (and then watch you leap from). More victims are coming forward. More subhuman scum like the two "alleged" rapists should be prosecuted AS ADULTS and locked up...

Otherwise, they're going to have to live the rest of their lives being judged by the court of public opinion... which could be a lot worse than jail. Good luck getting a job, Mr. Nodianos.

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Jan-13-13 5:40 PM

Anyone else notice a complete and utter lack of compassion and sympathy for the ACTUAL victim in this case, not even worth a cursory mention from Mr. Bruzzese. Nothing but class. P.S. For a town's who's officials are being accused of cronyism (amongst other things), this doesn't help.

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Jan-13-13 6:02 PM

I think I need to clarify my position so that it is not misconstrued. I am of the belief that the MAJORITY of officials in our city/county governments are NOT corrupt. It only takes a few such individuals to spoil external appearances to the community. I do believe also that those making this entire affair a conspiracy against Steubenville/Big Red are the ones afraid to be examined under the microscope. If people had nothing to hide, there would be NO outrage at all, instead it would be welcomed because of the transparency. People are afraid of retribution by these few individuals that have some semblance of power and have abused it for their own profit or gain. Steubenville is a GOOD community, the people in general are GREAT people, most of the law enforcement and other city officials are trying to help the community as best they can. This does not mean there is NOT corruption here, This does NOT mean there wasn't some effort to at the least minimize the original crime committed.

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Jan-13-13 7:00 PM

The national and international spotlight brought to your community by this case has caused some interesting questions to be raised. At the probable cause hearing the witnesses testified that the victim was digitally penetrated by one of the defendants. Why wasn't the car seized for possible evidence retrieval? Why want the clothing the defendants were wearing taken in an attempt to retrieve evidence? Why did two weeks go by before the prosecutor recused herself? Surely when the complaint was filed by the victim's parents the prosecutor was aware she knew some of those possibly involved on a personal level and, therefore, should not involve herself in the investigation and possible prosecution of the reported crime. So many unanswered questions.

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Jan-13-13 10:12 PM

That "mob" is doing what needed to be done for a long time. People need to speak up and be heard. The locals would not listen to a few so now they MUST listen to the many. Those that are being badgered have brought this "mob" upon themselves.

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Jan-13-13 10:56 PM

I did just a lil bit of detective work online, and found these tidbits. The STATE of Ohio, Appellee, v. SPRINGER, Appellant. 1996

This was a rape case investigated by law enforcement and the sherif. This ended up with the victim being accused of false testimony. In basics, she left report, cops wanted a lie detector test, she refused, they forced it, she failed. They use this info to ask her what "really" happened- of course we all know lie detectors are not admissible evidence in courts. So the intimidation of the rape victim is complete.


Rapist treatment while in jail awaiting trial In contrast to recent treatment of accused Rapists affiliated to Big Red He was told while in jail, you get what you deserve when he was beat up by inmates, threatened in other ways etc. Law turned the other way.. but of course this is not a person that was highly affiliated to leaders of Steub, or Big Red, so who cares? I do, treat them the same,

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Jan-13-13 11:02 PM

If you cannot treat the "perpetrators " the same, your justice system fails. I do n disagree with the treatment of THIS individual, I do disagree with the treatment of THESE current individuals. There should have been NO house arrest, there should have been NO califas vacation, They should be remanded in JAIL. Yes innocent until proven guilty, got that, problem is, when someone NOT connected gets in trouble the stsyem treats them differently than those connected. This is corruption at the baseline. I could find more I am sure, that was a 10 minute search. keep your blinders on, please, continue to show your support of "classism"

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Jan-13-13 11:11 PM

Mr. Villamagna I think it is rather juvenile to use name-calling to illustrate that name-calling is a disgrace. Whether you agree with what the public is saying or not you should still always conduct yourself with the level of class and dignity one would expect from a Police officer. I know there are many honest and honorable law enforcement officers here however comments such as this will not help prove this point.

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Jan-13-13 11:49 PM

I agree these rants and the general outlandish nature of Mr. Bruzzese's defense of Jane Hanlin only serves to bring more attention to her and is borderline insulting to the people of Jefferson County. Frank, use your own advice and let the evidence and investigation speak for itself. I believe she was genuine when she said she stayed on to try and get the kids to talk, she was the one to charge those boys accordingly. She's one of the only few that actually stepped up and did something. I don't think she would of jeopardized her career for those two boys especially since the crime was so heinous. People are always going to gossip, there is nothing you can do about it but be transparent and show them you're honorable. Words are on the verge of worthlessness in today's time. As far as those boy's lives being ruined, I think it's fair to extend the same amount of sympathy extended to the victim on the night of Aug. 11th.

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Jan-14-13 12:14 AM

To answer Rsimpson let me be clear anybody who throws out statemnets about a person by name that cannot be proven but could ruin their reputation and then signs their name John Doe is a coward and deserve no respect. That being said let be clear here also I do not condone what happened to the girl and I can't even describe my feelings about that or the that of the Nodianos video. I have no problem with any citizen complaining about how the case was handled or about the Sheriff Police Chief Prosecutor or even me for that matter. I don't have a problem with anyone saying someone is drug dealer or child molester and anything else as long as they put their real to it. A few years ago I was accused of being a drug dealer by a person who used her real name I confronted the person about the accusation and she apologized saying she made a terible mistake she had the wrong name it was similar to mine and she never even saw me before.A tongue is the same as a gun once fired u cant get it bac

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Jan-14-13 5:50 AM

Rape is rape. The Big Red rape coverup isn't going to be allowed to happen. Too many unanswered questions about who bought the liquor, which houses were used for these drinking parties, who told players to delete photos from their phone cameras, etc. The pressure is on for fair and honest justice for this rape victim and those who tried to cover it up - this is not mob justice.

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Jan-14-13 10:13 AM

Yes, there has been an internet war. One directed at Jane Doe.

As to those who object to the war against Jane Doe being Anonymous, look at my sign on.

Yes, that's my real name, unlike villamagna.

I don't know you, but I have meet your type before, and it wasn't a pleasant experience.


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Jan-14-13 10:40 AM

This mob is the monster created by years and years of wrongdoing by officials, coaches, and athletes. If two kids were arrested for raping a girl in their car, that is what it is. However, that is not the case here. None of the football players owned a house (knowingly allowing kids to take part in illegal activity in your house is a crime), Someone provided the drugs, (also a crime) Someone provided the alcohol (none of the players are 21, also a crime), Several people had the video on their smartphones, and passed this *****graphic material on, yet nobody called the cops (called being an accomplice, a crime). Two people in the photos, who snapped them? (a third criminal accomplice, crime!) Then there is the coaches that told players to delete content on their phones (obstruction of justice, you guessed it, a crime). After all of that we the people of this area are supposed to be satisfied with just 2 arrests? You public officials have got what you deserve in this case.

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Jan-14-13 11:26 AM

Mr Bruzzese, Do you really think that poor girl would have gotten a fair trial if certain evidence had not been published by Anonymous? Really? In a town where some who were present and participated in the parties were not even removed from the football team? Does that not give a clear message to possible witnesses for the prosecution that it won't matter if I tell the truth- nothing will be done? If it had been handled correctly ACROSS THE BOARD from the beginning, none of this would be occurring. It wasn't and needed to be brought to light. Do not try to make it an "us vs. them" situation as it isn't. There are many wondeful people in Steubenville.

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Jan-14-13 11:42 AM

Bruzzese and Villamagna are part of the problem. Sheriff Abdalla said the rape case is not his because it is not in his jursidication. Yet, he helped with the investigation (gathered critical evidence) and now, his head keeps popping up in the middle of everything but it's not his case. That's very suspicious. He is trying to deflect attention from the case and his buddy, Reno! Please Sheriff Abdalla keep your nose out of other law enforcement agencies' cases and let them do their jobs. Now, we have Frankie Boy doing the same thing for his law partner, Jane Hanlin. Frankie is a lawyer so you gotta trust him! Hah!!!

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