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Attorney says client regrets ‘stupid’ comments

January 8, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — The attorney representing Michael Nodianos said Monday afternoon his client saw a 16-year-old Weirton female leave a party early Au....

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Jan-15-13 2:06 AM


I was trolling to gauge the tenor of discourse. You folks made me proud.

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Jan-10-13 12:19 PM

@ Donning, you need to step back from your crack pipe. Maybe you're related to some of the scum involved in this.

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Jan-09-13 2:18 PM

I couldn't agree more rrn1014. Hopefully they don't take it easy on this punk when he steps into prison (fate willing).

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Jan-09-13 11:23 AM

"Michael's a good kid". Is this what his parents told you? After watching the video, I have to disagree. Underage kid who looks drunk or high that is making fun of a girl who just got raped and urinated on. He also compared her to Caleigh Anthony and tries to persuade the other kids out of going to help her...Nice Kid! He also talks about another rape at Palooza in the video. The attorney also mentioned Michael doesn't know her, wasn't there, but he rambles on for 13 minutes in a video detailing what all happened to her? Bottom line...the kid is a cocky little d-head that's getting what he deserves.

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Jan-09-13 10:01 AM

Those who won't come forward because they don't want to see their name on the Internet in years to come should have thought that way of the victim.

If Mr. DeWine has evidence and it appears he does of others present, they need to be prosecuted also. And the parents who permitted the alcohol; and the Ohio State student who admitted to underage consumption is at the minimum guilty of that.

Also, aren't parents liable for their children and their behavior?

Just asking.

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Jan-09-13 2:37 AM

Rape and sodomy of innocents will not be tolerated no matter the age or social status of the perpertrators. This sadistic punk should be charged as an adult and given the stiffest sentence available. Hopefully his statements will follow him forever and make his life living*****should the justice system fail (as it most often does). Everyone who attempts to hide info should be prosecuted to the fullezt extent of the law. I hope you all rot steubenville.

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Jan-09-13 12:19 AM

Any attorney that makes statements of this sort are the ones that are tying to put out fires where a forest fire has raged. This kid is guilty by association, if you actually listen to the tape, at one point, two men off camera "go to check on the girl" and state they find HIM offensive. This has the note that the girl was STILL in that house somewhere, where the two could go check on her. Stupid comments? no this wasnt stupidity, this was outright criminal acts regarding morality and sensibilities that are human. In his own words she was dead.. If he believed that.. he should have been calling 911 to get her help, instead of making a 12 min video of stupidity.. Sounds to me like this is NOT the FIRST time this has happened to him and his "rape crew".....

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Jan-08-13 10:55 PM

He sure didn't sound like he regretted anything he said. In fact, someone did try to get him to feel some empathy, and he said he had none, right? It sounds like he's only sorry everyone found out about it. If he truly regretted it, he never would have done it in the first place. Almost makes me ashamed that my ancestors, right up to my parents, grew up in Jefferson Co. I only hope his parents make him face up to what he did, rather than try to protect him from it. And if he knows more than what he's telling, he would do well to spill his guts, in order to have any self-respect whatsoever.

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Jan-08-13 10:29 PM

@Donning. As soon as you made it about Big Red's "rivalries", you lost all credibility. The fact is football players in the Ohio Valley have received preferential treatment for a long time and now it has been exposed. This young man knew a lot of information for someone who only heard it second hand.

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Jan-08-13 8:56 PM

... cont

With this all over CNN and the world (even the British press is on it) it's making the entire city of Steubenville look bad over a video which, while disgusting, is not illegal. And obviously the usual rivals are exploiting this just to make the Big Red football team look bad and damage the program.

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Jan-08-13 8:52 PM

I'm sure this has been said before, so forgive me if it's a repeat.

We need to take s step back and consider how this will impact the boys later in life. As someone said elsewhere, "They’ll have daughters one day, perhaps, who will google, and learn what their fathers did."

If you assume they're guilty (which everyone has recklessly done already), then this is what they deserve. But let the facts speak for a minute. No one here knows what really happened that night. We still live in a democracy last time I checked, and that means innocent until proven guilty.

I think we can all agree that a fair and impartial trial should decide whether there is any guilt, or if it was a night of ill-advised underage drinking and sex that took a regrettable turn. We were all teenagers once.

All this publicity is going to traumatize the young lady far more than if the situation were dealt with more discreetly (I simply mean out of the public eye, a fair trial should of course be conducte

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Jan-08-13 8:33 PM

Treating our privileged CHILD athletes as superstars is a mistake. They are not capable of handling the type of adoration we shower on them. Even the "adult" athletes can barely handle it.

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Jan-08-13 3:51 PM

@Darly314 - sorry Daily Kos

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Jan-08-13 3:39 PM

"It is common for young and stupid to be used in the same sentence so often. Michael and the kid with the camera started joking and they started fueling each other as they went along."

So it is the person who video taped Michael Nodianos's fault that he said all of those horrifying things?

The attorney failed to mention that Michael Nodianos broke the law by not reporting a crime.

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Jan-08-13 3:37 PM

Daily Kors

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Jan-08-13 3:35 PM

I watched the video for the first time. I can’t believe there are animals like this among us. I do feel for the parents but he didn’t become like this over night. He doesn’t have a conscious, morals and absolutely no regard for women. His attorney said he regrets the video. I contend the only thing he regrets is being exposed for what he is. Remember: after the video, he attended the fall term at Ohio State as if nothing happened. Any woman that may ever consider getting involved with him should view the video. Please, don’t blame this video on him being drunk. All liquor did was act as a truth serum. Those who saw the video witnessed his true feelings. This is truly an evil person. With pressure from Ohio State Alumni, hopefully they pull his scholarship. Why would any alumni want someone like this among their ranks?

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Jan-08-13 3:26 PM

The lard bucket, tattooed mass called DEIDRE MYERS appears to support CHILD MOLESTERS.

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Jan-08-13 3:21 PM

MYERS cannot only receive PRIVATE messages, the Magggot Lover must be EXPOSED. Got a cite for ITS article?

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Jan-08-13 3:12 PM

Nodianos name will be tainted forever.

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Jan-08-13 3:11 PM

Michael 'MAGGOT' NODIANOS acts are 'unfortunate'? His attorney appears DAZED, AND CONFUSED.

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Jan-08-13 12:51 PM

I say, go ahead and move this trial - it may be the only way the CRIMINALS GO TO JAIL! As long as this remains in Steubenville, the criminals will go free....

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Jan-08-13 12:27 PM

The attorney said "Michael is a good kid..." If he's an example of a good Steubanville kid, what are the bad kids like?

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