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Attorney plans statement

Lawyer representing youth in video to meet with local reporters today

January 7, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — A Columbus attorney who said he is representing the individual in a video that went viral last week will issue a public statement this afternoon....

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Jan-07-13 12:53 PM

Clearly, I don't know the circumstances but it sure seemed like he was there and witnessed the crime, doesn't that make an accessory? Whichh is a crime!?

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Jan-07-13 1:07 PM

I believe that is the primaru problem, those that were there that witnessed this act in some way, in my opinion are guilty bt "accessory".

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Jan-07-13 1:09 PM

The fact that they are not being charged, for anything, is the main problem.

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Jan-07-13 1:15 PM

My God. Red necks. I am an Attorney myself. I know that this "attorney" is supposed to defend a monkey... I know that it is his job, but hey, are going to claim an insenity defense. A picture is a hundred times more revealing, than a single word. Red neks. What are you protecting. A rape is a rape. There is all. No consent. Suddenly the victim a sixteen years old child is guilty because she was drunk, or because she was drugged. And a bragging gorila over a rape is a gorila.He is not funny. I hope all the residents in this stuped town have daughters, and I hope that they will change their minds next time if something happens to their children. Your town is like India. A rape is a rape. A am ashamed that I am a citizen of this country. Guns are OK, raping a 16 yeras old is OK, and a gorila making fun of it is OK.

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Jan-07-13 1:56 PM

...aaaaaand enter the US Justice Department. corrupt attorneys and corrupt cops, corrupt coaches and corrupt schools, dirty parents covering for dirty kids committing dirty crimes.If you have a child that is part of or even associates with a group that calls itself "the rape crew", You should do some serious soul searching about yourself as a parent and even more so, a human being. 25,000 people and counting have signed a petition for the president to address this issue, which by law, he will do. Not good for a town trying to dig itself out of a reputation of police and political corruption... alas somethings never change.

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Jan-07-13 2:51 PM

With any luck his attorney will be announcing that Nodianos was found dead hanging from a tree after he found out his good buddies did to his mother what they did to this poor girl.

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Jan-07-13 3:06 PM

rapemville ohio and walk

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Jan-07-13 4:09 PM

JIsolo, this ******* from Steubenville, thinks that for an attorney you speak very ignorantly! We are not ALL ******** and we don't all want this swept under the rug so stop grouping Steubenville all together. If you passed the bar it must have been the biggest miracle in your state that day.

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Jan-07-13 5:54 PM

Michael Nodianos IS NOT INNOCENT! He CONFESSED in the video You IDIOT ! He IS AN ACCESSORY ! Charge HIM !

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Jan-07-13 7:18 PM

Never mind what blather the defense summons up. This is to Steubenville's District Attorney: if you're really concerned about justice, have the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department come in and investigate this case. They won't care about what the bad publicity will do to the football team; they won't give a rat's patoot about protecting your coach; they won't care about the rah-rah nonsense that insulates athletes on bad behavior from being prosecuted for rape...and this is coming from Texas, my friend. Small minds in small towns don't do good people any favors by tap dancing around horrendous acts like this. You guys don't like Anonymous because they made public info that your police department should have wrangled, not mangled.

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Jan-07-13 10:34 PM

How about the alcohol purchased by parents or.sold to minors from locals who find it okay to "support" the football program. Are these adults going to be held accountable for their crimes? That town thrives on what money, legal and illegal, that football brings to the community. I especially love paying to park at Kroger, watching locals park for free, but beating them in Death Valley.... Priceless <3

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Jan-07-13 11:07 PM

Parents of the Ohio Valley should have second thoughts about what their children are doing and what they are learning in sports. This generations that has been bless with many things and end up in these videos doing stupid things. Maybe it is time to eliminate sports and just have physical education and courses in manners, repect and public behavior in the teen years.

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Jan-08-13 9:04 AM

JIsolo: Are you REALLY an attorney? REALLY? Where did you go to law school? I specifically cite these words: "insenity defense. Red neks." REALLY?? If you are an attorney, you are the perfect example of why being a lawyer these days is now no more prestigious than being a used car salesman. I I had you as MY attorney, I would be wanting a serious discount. The quality of law schools must be in the gutter.

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Jan-08-13 9:41 AM

Masked terrorists, Steubenville will always be a great city and I am very proud to call it my home. I am greatful for our excellent school system and I respect and trust our elected officials. I really wonder why anyone would give any credibility to a group of masked terrorists

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Jan-08-13 12:08 PM

it is against Ohio state law to NOT report abuse against a child...the girl was 15 at the time of the rape...a the very least michael should be charged with this crime since he did NOTHING to report the crime...and his statement is ridiculous - he sounds sorry that he got caught, NOT about his part of his friends' actions...i hope every single woman in the US keeps his video viral and circulating so that no woman EVER makes the mistake of dating him

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Jan-08-13 2:45 PM

It'll all come out in the wash. Although, it may take some scrubbing (and time) to get it all out.

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