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Hanlin issues statement

January 6, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin issued a statement Saturday night regarding her involvement in the investigation into an alleged August rape incident involving a 16 year old......

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Jan-06-13 5:33 AM

The MAGGOT LICKERS can deny, but they cannot hide; Anonymous/KnightSEC has been reported around the WORLD now. Maggot lickers, watch your backs, Americans and HUMANS worldwide are watching you NOW.

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Jan-06-13 7:21 AM

Jane Hanlin, another disgusting corrupt player is this terrible event.

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Jan-06-13 10:57 AM

I thank her for speaking to the matter and admit the gossip and rumors were beginning to concern me. To those who would criticize I refer you to Matthew 7:3

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Jan-06-13 11:29 AM

Sadly, this just proves, once again, that the local prosecutor is more concerned with protecting her own rather than finding justice for the victim. As a parent it's understandable yet equally reprehensible. As a Prosecuting Attorney for a community upholding a legal standard, it's at best, unprofessional, at worst, criminal. As a human being, it's simply vile and disgusting. Denials of culpability are matters for the courts.Finding out the whole truth of what was done to this young girl, where and by whom and exactly who knew what in the immediate aftermath and what they did or didn't do to bring the perpetrators to justice was This P.A's responsibility, so to bring to bare an adage I'm sure she can associate with, she dropped the ball.

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Jan-06-13 11:36 AM

Why would Jane Hanlin recuse herself from the case? apparently she or someone related to her is involved or she is incompetent.

Matthew 7:3 is irreverent!

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Jan-06-13 11:53 AM

Notice how clever she phrases her words. “My son was not present at any time while the victim was alleged to have been unconscious.” If her son was at any of the parties the girl was at, he had to see she was becoming more and more incapacitated. Why didn’t he call his Mom and say? Mom, this girl is getting drunk and I have a real bad feeling. She could have gotten a hold of the police or sheriff’s department and put a stop to it. If your son was raised correctly, that is what he would have done. He is nothing to be proud of.

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Jan-06-13 12:13 PM

Richard, you are spot on! Typical lawyer talk, always evade incrimination!

Her son may not have been present for the events but he knew what was going on.

I have little doubt there was some bragging about the events going on. Everyone on the football team knows what happened but are not Man Enough to tell the truth!

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Jan-06-13 12:24 PM

Jane Hanlin is incompetent, all involved should be charged as adults!

Rape is an violent ADULT crime not some prank.

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Jan-06-13 1:26 PM

***********heraldstaronline****/page/content.detail/id/573201.html It's not as if her ethics and credibility haven't been questioned before. Why would a community stand for this? This woman was elected to prosecute criminals not defend them.

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Jan-06-13 1:49 PM

Did she not think she woukd somehow have to face rhis issue when taking the job, as talk has it, that this happens more often than not.

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Jan-06-13 3:52 PM

Seeing how ethical duties as a prosecutor prohibit her from discussing the details of a case, I'm curious if the honorable attorney will be issuing another statement (non-statement) denying any involvement of her, her son or her home in the rape of a 14 year old in April of 2012, subsequently filed in September, which she withdrew herself from for similar reasons. For a prosecuting attorney and her family to be so closely linked to so many rapists seems extraordinarily suspicious.

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Jan-06-13 5:05 PM

bking13, please post a link to that story

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Jan-06-13 6:09 PM


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Jan-06-13 6:12 PM

If you google " News" "steubenville second rape" you should be able to find it

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Jan-06-13 6:12 PM

I thought she should have gotten reprimanded when she testified for Branko Busick as a character witness. She was prosecutor at the time. Unethical move in my opinion. Oh....wait...... He got off too.

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Jan-06-13 8:21 PM

She is so crooked. Her statement was too carefully worded. Part of this TOOK PLACE AT HER HOUSE and she didn't recuse herself immediately. Disgusting. She's going down with the rest of the rats.

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Jan-06-13 8:59 PM

Prosecutor Jane Hanlin was a character witness for Branko Busick (former all-state football player for Steubenville High School.)

“I was asked to testify as a parent of a son who was starting to wrestle and looked to Branko as a mentor.”

Morgantown police said they had connected Busick to two robberies in the city. Police said Busick attacked a man then stole the victim's iPhone and wallet. During the second robbery, police said Busick pointed a gun at a group of people inside an apartment, demanded money and beat one man with a gun.

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Jan-06-13 9:53 PM

This woman ran unopposed for office as did Abdalla. We can't get rid of anybody here via elections.

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Jan-07-13 8:17 AM

I have contacted the attorney generals office in Ohio. I will not stop either until ALL of the adults who provided alcohol for these parties are brought to justice! That includes prosecution to the full extent of the law! I am not going to stand by and allow the State of Ohio to lower the legal drinking age to 16 either. My next call is to the federal government to pursue federal racketeering charges for the jurisdictions that refuse to protect children by not prosecuting criminal adults corrupting minors! The State of Ohio did not create laws for local law enforcement to turn their backs and decide not to prosecute the criminals. DO YOUR JOB!

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Jan-07-13 9:51 AM

I am pretty sure complicity is a crime. Why no charges, yet?

This may include some adults as well.

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Jan-07-13 12:13 PM

Hamlin 100% deceit, she should be investigated by FBI,the truth will come out. 2 weeks to destroy evidence (knows exactly what to destroy)before recusing herself, knowing all along she is required to? ... Attempting to discourage victim from pressing charges? ... Her son & home involved? ... Son involved in $50k vandalism at golf course, no punishment? Sons wrestling team more involved than football players but none charged? Only juveniles charged because less penalty? Were they encouraged to "step up" to throw off investigation?

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Jan-07-13 12:32 PM

Forensic tweets suggest juveniles not happy for taking the fall. Perhaps State prosecutors can offer a deal & relocation for testimony.... Tweets included 1 which asked what the big deal is, they train (gang) rape (at least) 1 girl EVERY year. ... There is good evidence that the 16 yr old girl was raped by a minimum of 4 young males & none of her sons wrestling team has been charged. The ex boyfriend & the girl who allegedly set her up to be drugged (as vengence for daring to break up with him) have not been charged with conspiracy? This is a can of worms that has not even started to be opened up. I can promise you this though, Steubenville will see no rest until ALL of the rapists are behind bars. The silence is only going to drag this on longer than necessary. If it drags on too long then the good kids are going to leave town after graduating & all Steubenville will have remaining is this trash. Is that a town you want in your future?

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Jan-07-13 1:26 PM

Most everyone on here states the same thing, I don't need to add to that, instead, lets discuss conflicts in her statement==> #1: my ethical duties as pros....prohibit me from discussing details, than next sentence.. Allegation me or my son involved... my house... is 100% false.

Which is it? I believe that would be possible details of the case until the case is worked out in court..

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Jan-07-13 2:58 PM

Lying *****. I hope the worst for you.

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Jan-07-13 3:08 PM

It doesn't sound like the kids who were present and didn't do anything will be prosecuted as accessories to a crime. These kids were apparently raised in a culture of rape and they will never change. The only way to protect our communities is to not allow any of them to attend colleges where our daughters and granddaughters may become their next victims. I urge everyone to join me in writing to the universities that have football teams and ask that none of the boys from Steubenville High be recruited to their college football teams. If they are recruited, the universities are knowingly recruiting kids who have lived in a culture of rape and therefore will be targets for massive lawsuits by any students or locals who are raped by these boys.

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