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Crowd gathers again in Steubenville to address rape investigation issues

January 6, 2013

STEUBENVILLE — From tense moments with local law enforcement to emotional testimonials by women who said they’d been the victims of sexual assault, Saturday’s Occupy Steubenville rally centered......

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Jan-10-13 5:35 PM

It is even more "fishy" that it doesn't have a named author.. A sub-domain... no links... yeah a bit fishy

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Jan-09-13 3:45 PM

Does anyone else think it's fishy that the Stuebenville Facts site is using a third party service instead of a ".gov" address, even though it's supposed to be an officially sanctioned website? The whole point of a ".gov" is that not just anyone can register one:


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Jan-09-13 2:44 AM

Steubenvilleman may support the rape and sodomy of innocent young girls but we surely do not. I for one hope everyone gets their just desserts. Be afraid steubenville. Your secrets are no longer safe.

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Jan-08-13 8:31 PM

I have waited long enough for your candid response Steubenvilleman. Since I guess one is not forth coming, I will say this directly to you here.. UNLESS you are willing to at least give out a name, and not hiding behind a screenname when you call others MASKED terrorists, then you are a hypocrite. You can find me on Facebook, with the information I gave you and thereby verify my location. Since you are not smart enough to understand the obvious, I need say no more.. remain "anonymous" I couldn't care..

Now back to the main subject here. I support Anonymous and their efforts to weed out the corruption as it pertains to this poor girl and others like her. I have a daughter myself, and although we do not see eye to eye all the time, I can honestly say that if this were to happen to her, NOONE would stop me from destroying those involved. You might be looking at a murder investigation instead of a rape investigation were that to happen to anyone in my family..

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Jan-08-13 3:33 PM

Dang, I am sorry that you cannot get more information about me, your sources are a bit weak it seems.. I still did not get your name? ahh well, such is life to the anonymous troll.. Yes more information for you to look up, Steubenville has been noted for corruption in the past it seems..*******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Steubenville If you cannot click on the link. the web designation has probable been ***'d so here let me make it easy for you it is 0rg... Although this site is questionable, at least it has credible citations. I will even clear up some more for you.. my email is rickboughton@hotmail****

see how this works? even my email is in my real name. what was your name again?

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Jan-08-13 3:12 PM

Good one widowmaker41 or Rick your name does not seem to be in the local phone book. I have the steelvalley yellow book with me right now.

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Jan-08-13 3:02 PM

For your informational purposes stupidvilleman, I am not hiding behind a mask. I live in the area as well. My name is Rick Boughton. are YOU willing to state your name? or would you rather remain behind your "mask"...

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Jan-08-13 3:00 PM

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Jan-08-13 2:58 PM

Stupidvilleman, the web site you refer to is a blog. There is NO author cited, there are NO links to laws that it says are active, there are NO FACTS that can be identified without moving to an outside source. This site you claim to be facts are the OPINIONS of one person,(anonymous author) and a person that is too scared, ashamed or otherwise afraid to put their NAMES to their writings. Any credible site will have citations of their information. otherwise it is just a STUPID BLOG....

Maybe I will start a site on the stupidville facts and you will believe that one as well..

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Jan-08-13 9:17 AM

Masked terrorists, I would like to inform you that the city of Steubenville has a website dedicated to just facts. the website is known as Steubenvillefacts Take off your silly masks and read the facts. I am sure you will find this boring it will be much more fun for you to continue to spread rumors and tell horrible lies.

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Jan-07-13 3:34 PM

EFREFR... Both boys are out on bail. They are supposed to be under house arrest with ankle monitors. Whether or not they have completely complied to the house arrest theory remains to be seen as one post I read ( not sure on accuracy) says one of them is in Calif on vacation.

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Jan-07-13 3:20 PM

Steubenville should participate in the One Billion Rising protest to end a rape culture on February 14, 2013. *******onebillionrising****/pages/about-one-billion-rising

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Jan-07-13 2:54 PM

I love those stories where good people break into the jail, remove the offender and conduct justice on the street. Wish this could be one of them, although I don't even know if they are in jail...where are they exactly...anyone know?

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Jan-07-13 1:14 PM

It is very hard to believe that the video was NOT taken by people associated with the rape. There are numerous direct statements made by both the person being taped, and those around him regarding information that can only be firsthand knowledge. One such incident was at 9:07 of the video where it is stated, "you didn't see how they carried her out." To add to this, we as a society tend to jump to conclusions regarding our children.. let's be clear, Unconscious means NO, Videotaping it and putting it on public social media sites = accessory, (we arrest those with child **** on their computers even though they were not the ones creating the tapes), Creating the tape should at least be the same charge we give to these other miscreants. Anyone that does NOT see this as a problem needs to get their heads out of the nether and get fixed. We as a society don't need your donations to the gene pool..

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Jan-07-13 11:28 AM

Why is one of the accused now living with someone on school board & he is acting as the legal guardian? Seems like a conflict of interest at the least in my ipinion.

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Jan-07-13 11:05 AM

The adults have been complicit in this crime and haven't been brought to justice either. Here is an example of how a school, with a championship team, should react when students commit assault, when their teammates don't assist the victim, and when the coaches turn a blind eye:

"Hamline University men's basketball coach Nelson Whitmore has been indefinitely suspended and 14 players face discipline in connection with an player-on-woman assault that allegedly took place in Spokane, Washington."

A player punched a woman fracturing her face in 3 places and 14 players either saw her attack or saw her unconscious or refused to help. By suspending the students involved, the University temporarily shut down the team which forfeited their games. These students learned their lesson and will be stronger adults in the future. We can't say the same for our boys in Steubenville.

Saccoccia, and especially the assistant coaches involved on the night of the assault, should be fired.

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Jan-07-13 8:06 AM

I have contacted the attorney generals office in Ohio. I will not stop either until ALL of the adults who provided alcohol for these parties are brought to justice! That includes prosecution to the full extent of the law! I am not going to stand by and allow the State of Ohio to lower the legal drinking age to 16 either. My next call is to the federal government to pursue federal racketeering charges for the jurisdictions that refuse to protect children by not prosecuting criminal adults corrupting minors! The State of Ohio did not create laws for local law enforcement to turn their backs and decide not prosecute the criminals. DO YOUR JOB!

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Jan-07-13 8:02 AM

I heard the boys have been seen out and about and 1 is in California on a 12 day vacation...... What happened to house arrest?

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Jan-06-13 11:04 PM

Hey Sheriff, I don't think that is very good police work there if you believe members of Anonymous were going door to door to locate that man referred to by some as "coach".

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Jan-06-13 8:32 PM

I guess Abdalla now understands that Anonymous isn't the one person he thought (and whose family he threatened). He would be smart to not keep harping on how he has a problem with Anonymous, because they could cause BIG problems for him.

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Jan-06-13 5:26 PM

I watched the live stream of yesterdays rally and it was quite moving. It took a ton of courage to walk up their and tell their story. I was also saddened and shocked to see how many women the local justice system has failed. Now that the world is watching it is time for things to change.

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Jan-06-13 3:42 PM

Anonymouse, the Herald has had 4+ months to "step-up their game". They are scared of Fred "al taliban" Abdalla and company!

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Jan-06-13 3:04 PM

Step up your game, You guys need an editorial or something or else you not only seem complacent but part of the conspiracy.

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Jan-06-13 2:32 PM

"Who would want to cover it up?" Why Fred "al taliban" Abdalla of course!

What "al taliban" failed to say was out of the 200 sex offenders NONE were football players!

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Jan-06-13 2:02 PM

Is anyone else finding it odd and maybe even frustrating that the national media is doing a better job of covering different facets of this story and keeping the spotlight on this case than our local media (print, TV stations, etc.) are?

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