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DeWine: State probing alleged rape case

January 4, 2013

COLUMBUS — The state’s attorney general said this morning he hopes local citizens will continue to have confidence in his office’s ability to lead the prosecution of two Steubenville High School......

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Jan-06-13 2:28 PM

All of these outsiders telling the police to lock up a kid for being a J A C K A S S on a video; not knowing how the LAW works. MORONS. The case is not the sheriff's case!

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Jan-06-13 1:46 PM

The Harding Stadium in S-ville seats 19,000 or they claim. Why is it as an opposing team when we play there we are cloistered into a fraction of seating? That atmosphere is toxic. I witnessed an elderly couple of our school denied entry into a closer gate, but young students allowed right in. I was told to shut up whore when cheering for my godson/nephew during the game by Big Red fans. Very toxic. Very disheartening that this town only has high school football to cling to. I would like to send my prayers to the young lady and her family, the alleged as I pray they just confess and do what's right no matter the case, and any other that witnessed or engaged in any acts I pray they also do the right thing.

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Jan-05-13 1:11 PM

The Sheriff, Police Chief, and the blogger calling itself BIGREDROLL are all part of the cover up; the Feds need to visit the Hamlet of Horrors: STEUBANVILLE, OHIO. The MAGGOTS of Steubanville continue to roam free. Nodianos spoke with pleasure of the murders of two children in Florida, referred to the child victim as "dead"; perhaps NECROPHILIA is ITS desire. But the SHERIFF wants to stop those who uncovered the disgrace of STEUBANVILLE. LOATHSOME.

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Jan-05-13 1:48 AM

A little late on this, but I do see that the city manager is going to give a press conference. That's good. So she does apparently have something to say. Perhaps she could support the city's police department and answer questions in an effort to put to rest any misunderstanding the citizens might have. The law director, I hope, will assist her and be able to explain, from a legal point of view, why things were done the way they were done. As to whether the city manager can say anything about controversy in the community; she was able to adequately explain to the citizens why the Income Tax Levy renewal was not put on the ballot in May 2011. She did this all while supporting her finance department for the clerical error. I am glad to see that she is stepping up to the plate again.

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Jan-05-13 12:53 AM

"She[the victim] and her mother have both received numerous death threats since news of the story broke." That's all you need to know about the culture in Steubenville. Meanwhile football players joke and laugh about raping her and everyone associated with the football program attempts to cover up everyone else that was involved. This entire town is an absolute embarrassment to the country. Clearly there is a sickness that is pervasive in the Big Red culture. The football program should be shutdown and all officials that have been involved in this case should be investigated for attempting to sweep it under the rug.

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Jan-04-13 10:12 PM

There shouldn't be different standards and standards around how young men and women should act as TRP asserts. It is not the woman's fault that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Parties where this is accepted are not ok. Conversations making fun of death and rape are not ok.

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Jan-04-13 7:43 PM

"Hey, Trent Mays" did you know you were supposed to make your family proud of you?

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Jan-04-13 6:52 PM

I Meant to say why wasn't Michael Nodianos not charged?

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Jan-04-13 6:50 PM

NOw, we know the mentality of some people in Steubenville. Saying all parties are for girls to go and get boozed up have sex. REALLY? Maybe in your town, but where I live it isn't that way. A sweet 16 party was just that a nice party of nice kids. I don't see parties where thugs attended with rifles at their side. The picture I was shown of Mays he looked black. So, why was Michael Nodianos charged? LEt's see if he gets his scholarship revoked now.

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Jan-04-13 5:54 PM

"Hey, Trent Mays! Just so you know, you are now BLACK!" Maybe your skin looks pale and pasty, but you are really BLACK. OK? So now you can say they only locked you up because you are BLACK.

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Jan-04-13 5:46 PM

Ronald - first of all, MAYS is WHITE! Where are you getting YOUR info??? Or are you just race baiting? 2)DO NOT TWIST WHAT I SAID. NO, as I stated previously, but you apparently did not read, I never said she was a whore, nor do I blame her. I DO blame her and her parents for their obvious MISJUDGMENTS in letting her go to these parties alone! WHY do teenagers go to these parties? Um, let's see: to get booze, to get frisky with a boyfriend, to fit in with the hip crowds, to do things the parents do not know about! So maybe these parents need to realize what these kids are really doing and lock them down so this stuff doesn't happen. What happened was WRONG and the perps need to be hung up. But if it wasn't this girl, maybe it would be another whose parents don't know what she is really doing, etc. etc. There are ALWAYS going to be girls who WANT this treatment and think it will make them popular. They have bad self-esteem and lax supervision.

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Jan-04-13 5:21 PM

Mays and Richmond are black. Who were the white guys charged?

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Jan-04-13 5:11 PM

Yes, we all have guns thanks to our 2nd ammendment right. We normally keep them in a safe not on the floor at a party. What was it being used for. No, it's not a pea shooter. It's a weapon and it can kill dogs, cats, humans. The fact it was place beside his chair is alarming, especially, during a party.

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Jan-04-13 5:04 PM

Reality police. Are you saying this girl asked for this to happen? Are you saying she's a whore? She is an honor student for God's sakes. She was the ex girl friend of Cody Saltsman. He wanted revenge. She broke up with him. How dare she do this to him? This was taken off of his twitter. She didn't come alert at this party she came drugged. I believe the victim and her family. She doesn't remember even getting there. Yes, if you would have had a soft drink laced with date rape drug and was raped countless times would you want to be called a whore or labeled one?

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Jan-04-13 5:00 PM

"Why are just the black guys being tried and not the white guys?" WHAT?? You are obviously mistaken - one kid in custody is black, one is white.

Why did Michael Nodianos have a 22 scoped rifle beside him on the floor." Considering that a .22 cal. rifle is nothing more than a pea shooter to many people, I don't see the issue here, either. Contrary to Obama's latest ******** agenda, we LIKE our guns here.

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Jan-04-13 4:58 PM

To the young men who attended this party and did nothing to stop the rape there's something you can do to for this girl now. Come forward with your parents and tell Mike DeWine's office exactly what took place and who was involved. It takes a strong person to stand up and be the person who would want your son or daughter to be on day. What goes around comes around. Anyone can be a creep. It takes a strong willed person to become a leader. These boys aren't leaders. They will devour your community and don't deserve our respect. If you are threatened then tell this to DeWine's office, also. LIke I said a father and this would have happened to my daughter, I would have become unglued. Hopefully, this family heals, but I'm afraid they never will be. So sad.

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Jan-04-13 4:57 PM

And I agree 200% about the comments re: Michael Nodianos. His parents and family should be ashamed beyond belief and ashamed to show their faces in public! What a punk: "Deader than Kaylee Anthony, hahahah - deader than OJ Simpson's wife hahahah" Does the kid have a conscious ANYWHERE in his body. Of course, you can get lost at Ohio State - no one out there probably knows anything about this.

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Jan-04-13 4:53 PM

@RonaldV - I am really NOT BLAMING the victim. But there is a very big difference between "asking" to be raped and putting yourself into situations where you can be taken advantage of against your will. I feel badly for this girl, but I can tell you this: In high school, I was in a few dicey situations and instead of staying and trying to "fit in" with the popular crowd, I decided to be the loser dork and would remove myself from these situations. ex: So I see people drinking, half naked and stripping in front of a few guys; do I stay in the room to be forced to do the same or do I leave the room/house and party and go home, where I am safe? Maybe some people just have better radar or warning meters, but I can say that in many cases, my warning meter was off the chart and I LISTENED to it. And I made it through high school with my virtue and a good reputation. The girls who were the *****, are STILL thought of as the *****, 20+ years later!

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Jan-04-13 4:46 PM

Not all counties produce jock idiots. Since this girl was comatose by the time she arrived at the so called party it's not her fault she was going to a party to have herself raped. She didn't put herself in harms way. See how people blame the victim. She was drugged and taken there. I believe what the girls parents said and was told when they went to file charges. The fact she was taken from Weirton, to Steubenville then to Wintersville puts this case in the hands of the sheriff dept and FBI. Not the local Steubenville Police Department. In fact all law enforcement from each district is advised to get evidence. Stories, that were hacked and gotten from outsiders proved to be what got this case off the ground. In stead of blaming the victim you should take a long hard look at your leaders. What daughter is next? I personally would not let a daughter of mine date a jock from Steubenville.

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Jan-04-13 4:34 PM

Political heads are going to roll over this case. Ohio State should take Michael Nodianos scholarship away from him. As an Ohio State grad I think I will write them a letter.

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Jan-04-13 4:33 PM

RonaldV--Although I agree that they should be tried as adults, if it is true that the prosecutor advised them not to press charges, it was the COUNTY prosecutor, not the city. And if the rumors and online allegations are true, yes, any coaches involved in anything wrong with this case should be fired--maybe proscuted themselves. But, at least so far, there has been no proof presented that they were in any way participants in the parties or the cover-up. Simply rumors and allegations.

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Jan-04-13 4:33 PM

The crimes committed by these punks are despicable and they deserve to be locked away for a good long time. BUT, the victim and her parents also HAVE to realize that their little girl was putting herself into situations that were shall we say, "on the edge". YES, I realize these jerks put drugs in her booze. YES, I realize she was passed out, YES I realize she was underage. But what parents let their 15 yr old girl party like this? Don't they KNOW that drinking, drugs and sex are the "normal party activities" these days? (Heck they were 20+ yrs ago, too.) So WHY put yourself in a situation here you might be taken advantage of by creeps like this? Why think it is "OK" to be used like a dirty dishtowel and then tossed away, only to try to get back with the "in" crowd a month later? These shallow, loose, whorish girls mean NOTHING to these boys. N O T H I N G. And 10+ years after high school, none of these boys will matter, either.

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Jan-04-13 4:27 PM

PEANUT15---not quite sure what you would expect the City Manager--who happens to be the best one that anyone can remember---to say?

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Jan-04-13 4:26 PM

Why are these guys being tried as juveniles? Why are just the black guys being tried and not the white guys? Why did Michael Nodianos have a 22 scoped rifle beside him on the floor. Was the people involved trying to intimidate the ones who were there? These aren't kids. They are demented indivisuals and it was clearly stated this was going to be a banger party. Of course, this girls didn't know that. She was clearly drugged. She could have died, then what? A slap on the hand. Remember this the next time you vote. Do you want these officials running your small town? Reno should be fired. In fact the whole coaching staff should be. They are no different then what went on at Penn State. Good role models you have in Steubenville. It took an outside source to bring this to the public's attention. When the parents of this child went to file charges they were advised not to. Are the leaders in Steubenville brainless as to what is going on in your town?

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Jan-04-13 3:13 PM

I am curious. With the entire city of Steubenville being vilified, not only nationally, but internationally, why isn't Steubenville's city manager giving any statement? I'm not not saying necessarily about the investigation itself, but as a voice for the many people not involved in this controversy. Steubenville's reputation is being destroyed. That can't be good for business. Her silence is deafening right now. Also, what about the Law Director? He's supposed to be the legal expert representing the city. Can't he defend the decisions made by the Steubenville Police Department in this case? Both of these individuals receive good pay and benefits to represent our city. So, are they now just going to "batten down the hatches" while others (rightly or wrongly) are thrown to the wolves? Just asking.

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