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Media attention ridiculous

January 6, 2013

To the editor: Thank you, news media, for allowing this atrocity to balloon so out of control — it’s ridiculou....

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Jan-09-13 5:35 AM

Linda -- you have no CLUE how outside the mainstream you are from the rest of the universe. I'm sorry your little town can't handle dealing with the assault on a girl, but that's the whole reason you people needed to be dealt with. You are apologists for rape, you defend the "good boys" who did this and you have ZERO awareness of what actually happened.

The thing that makes Steubenville look like a coward's paradise and a socially diseased place are the people of Steubenville who can't seem to utter anything in support of the girl but love to bash everyone else.

You people make the Deliverance boys look like a PTA.

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Jan-08-13 8:57 AM

It not that they are atheletes. Our socety has created groups of people that can do whatever, with no consequences simply because they are some sort of star. The problem is we have a bunch of adults who created these little sociopaths. I bet if you look at the individuals involved parents and coaches have been over looking their bad behavior for years. There has probably been a whole series of bad decisions prior to the incident. Now when a something bad happens rather than making them accept responsibility people want to cover it up and people are shocked.

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Jan-07-13 11:52 AM

The school's athletic web site elevates these kids as super stars. They are CHILDREN playing a GAME. This is not real life. Yes athletics are important at part of development. WE entitle these CHILDREN with power they cannot handle. In addition many of our professional athletes are not mature enough to handle their own responsibilities.

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Jan-06-13 9:39 PM

FYI: Guardian (UK) article; ***********

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Jan-06-13 6:48 PM

Oh, WAAAHHH! They are besmirching our wonderful ATHLETES!!! Didn't they - aren't they - still howling about this at Penn State? Like, everyone keep real quiet and maybe it will all go away....Athletes are scum, but none so much as football players. They all have big fat heads from endless adulation, but football players are ten times worse.

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Jan-06-13 4:55 PM

SoundSteve--You haven't probably heard about the lawsuit against Alexandria Goddard- a blogger and her commenters being sued by a local familiy for defamation. The case was dropped once ACLU came in to represent the commenters. That was another silencing act that really stirred the pot also and got social media really sharing the story. Google that and come back, I would love to hear your comments on that.

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Jan-06-13 3:11 PM

I get the sense the more I learn of this story that in order to protect 'big red' that a lot of people were looking to sweep this under the table. The media is just warming up; This story has gone viral around the world. This has all the makings of a Hollywood film; Town conspiracy to silence brutal crime perpetrated by star football team. Codes of silence. Local police/justice system closing ranks. If justice had been served from day one then there would not be this outcry. The juicy story for the media: how far will a town go to protect criminal acts by star players on their beloved team? This horse is out the barn and halfway to China so don't shoot the messengers (the media).

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Jan-06-13 3:01 PM

Actually the School's administration and even the coaches not only knew about this stuff but facilitated this.


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Jan-06-13 1:32 PM

...empathy for the brave young girl.

*rug (not wrong)

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Jan-06-13 1:28 PM

The only thing that is "ridiculous" about this commentary is that Linda Sommers is no different than many of the people trying to protect the football players. Yes, the boys were "athletes." Perhaps Linda should move to China where the news is edited in order to make their country look better.

This story has national attention, not because the boys were "athletes." Over a million people have seen the 12 minute video of Michael Nodianos laughing about the brutal gang rape. Is she not aware that prosecuting attorney Jane Hanlin tried to get the girl and her family to drop the charges? She probably won't like it when I mention Hanlin's son is an "athlete" too.

At this point, Linda Sommers is no different than many of the people trying to sweep this crime under the wrong. Why? Because the boys were "athletes." Shame on her as she sounds like another person condoning this heinous crime. Linda Sommer appears to have no empathy for the brav

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Jan-06-13 10:39 AM

Herald Star's posting engine is not permitting the full link to be posted; The source is The Toronto Star. (thestar****)

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Jan-06-13 10:35 AM

So clearly this media attention is not 'ridiculous' and it in fact speaks to something that is resonating far outside your town. Perhaps a little less reactionary criticism of the media and a little more introspection into why the ripples of this story are acheiving international notoriety would be in order. FYI: Toronto Star Article link: ***********thestar****/news/world/article/1311076--ohio-authorities-launch-website-to-present-facts-after-high-school-athlete-rape-charges

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Jan-06-13 10:28 AM

Commenting this morning from Toronto - Ontario (not Ohio); Your town rape case has made the media spotlight here and was a topic of extended Sunday morning conversation with conference attendees from all over the US and Canada. Here is the gist of the story as seen from outside your area: American high school sports (primarily football, baseball and basketball) achieve cult-like status in many small towns and most other aspects of a balanced life, music, art, culture, are shoved aside in order that people rally behind a few young athletes who carry the dreams of their elders in that someday they might 'make it in the big leagues'. These young athletes are afforded far greater status than other youth and in many cases are allowed to get away with bully behaviors inside and outside school. This case is a lightning rod for people's disgust at given entitled young people 'get out of jail free' cards and high school athletes impunity. Did your police do their job? We shall see.

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Jan-06-13 9:44 AM

MrCore, I agree with you on this one.

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Jan-06-13 9:43 AM

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