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It’s time to dissolve Mingo Junction

January 6, 2013

To the editor: The financial plight facing Mingo Junction is profound and potentially insurmountable — which poses the threat of bankruptcy....

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Jun-22-13 10:10 AM


Obama ran in 2008 stating that he would reverse the policies of the Bush administration and would create more jobs. I remember Clinton saying the same thing when he ran. When Bush and Obuma got into office, they turned their backs on steel and forgot their promises. Bankers invest in this country, politicians take in this country.

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Jan-20-13 9:11 PM

Good luck with Fire/EMS with a volunteer force. If you check there aren't enough volunteers in this county. I guess waiting for a Sheriff Deputy is an option but they could be on a bad call in Irondale or Bergholz. Shouldn't take them longer than an hour or so to get there. In case you haven't noticed the Sheriff's budget isn't what it should be either.

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Jan-08-13 9:05 PM

Good letter, Mayor; it is unsustainable without a new source of revenue. Some are in denial and some of them have difficulty making decisions, unless it is in one of their many secret meetings. If they decide to even discuss doing the sensible thing, the public will be the last to know.

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Jan-06-13 10:10 PM

The export of jobs started in the 1980s mingoman. It didn't just start 4 years ago. The roots of the recession that began in 2008 lie solely with the investment bankers, who scammed the secondary mortgage markets.

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Jan-06-13 6:52 PM

Obama's policies have assured that there will never be a revitalization of the steel industry in this country. He will give hundreds of millions to "green companies" but would never give a dime to help the steel industry. Steel built this country.

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Jan-06-13 1:53 PM

I agree with the comments of both the person who wrote this letter, and with mingoman on the necessary solution for Mingo. I do, however, disagree with mingoman on one major point. This former W-P Mingo plant closed before Obama's watch. I'm not quite sure how mingoman can try and blame the closing of that plant on the current president and administration, when he wasn't even in office at the time of its closure. I guess this shows how blinded some people can become from partisan politics and watching too much Fox "News" and listening to to many right wing talking heads. It sets people up to make untrue statements, distort facts and it's just not healthy for our country in general.

While I don't necessarily agree with everything Obama has said and done, I also know what the facts are and blaming him for something that happened before he even took office is just wrong in many ways.

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Jan-06-13 11:49 AM

Love your comments. Thanks for slapping us in the face with reality. It is time for Mingo to dissolve as sad as it may be. More and more communities in the country will implement similar actions. On a national level, our president has let us down and his attack on factories and businesses will only continue for the next 4 years. The children that graduate from high school in Mingo, Steubenville and surrounding communities will only move away to seek a job or attend college. We don't make anything in this country any longer, the steel industry is dead. Thank you Mr. President for the destruction of our small towns. That will be your legacy...

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