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GOP doesn’t care about the people

January 6, 2013

To the editor: The efforts to avoid the fall of the fiscal cliff have turned into a circus, with the same clowns leading the parade into the big top....

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Jan-24-13 1:08 PM

@MrCore before there can be a consensus on who is failed to compromise we have to come up with where is the center. While I can see your view at the moment, both sides are guilty of the pandering

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Jan-13-13 3:52 PM

As far as the statement about "Obamacare" the invection was my own. Yes I agree the healthcare covers more then the new healthcare bill. One of my sources was usgovernmentspending****/piechart_2013_US_fed

It IS not an org, it IS a com, yet seems that the information is at least mostly accurate by citations at the bottom of the page.

We can go back and forth on this issue all we want, but the theory still stands that it is NOT just a GOP thing. Both sides are guilty of heeling to party lines instead of working toward a united government that can return back to governing and not acting like a pack of 10 year olds fighting over a tonka truck.

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Jan-12-13 6:37 PM

Mr. Core, do understand that we are in a 10 yr.+ war because Bill Clinton failed to drop the hammer on bin dirtball years before the current war began? We are in financial trouble because of SPENDING, mostly on bad programs like welfare, and studying shrimp on treadmills, and paying farmers to not grow crops. You think the GOP don't care about people, neither do the dems. Obama has about as much in common with you as a monkey has in common with an eel. The government is taking more of my money this year. So, I'll buy less unnecessary stuff. Lower my burden and I buy more. You've got to stop thinking it works in reverse.

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Jan-11-13 10:09 PM

transportation 3%, general govt spending,1%, other spending (how is this explained?), 3% and Interest 7%. This is for 2013. Government pay raises and pensions are breaking our back. Government healthcare is not helping it heal. Military spending is high but I can understand the arguments for it when looking at the chaos across the globe. This is NOT a republican problem, this is NOT a democratic problem, this is an AMERICAN problem that needs repaired before we end up suckin hind teet in credit worthiness and end up in deep depression.

IF WE dont have it---- we shouldnt spend it-----pare it down, clean out the trash, and get on with governing. Stop the dang infighting and get to something worthy of news.

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Jan-11-13 10:03 PM

I agree with the statement about military spending. Not so much on having a spending issue. There s an argument regarding taxes that I kinda agree with. Raising personal taxes is fine to a point, closing loopholes is a MUST, that should have been done 50 years ago. Raising capital gains taxes would help, BUT, there is spending problem. I will get to that in a second. There should have never been a cap on taxable incomes for social security. There also should not have been the ability to raid the SS funds with the I.O.U. slip put in with no intent of repaying it. (both sides guilty)

As for a spending problem, it is ALWAYS a problem when we do not "spend within our means". This would include pay "raises" for govt workers across the board signed by EXECUTIVE order 13635 effective march 27 2013. This is just one tidbit of it. govt spending is as follows, Defense, 24%, Healthcare(obamacare) 24%, Pensions for govt workers, 23%, welfare 11%, edumication 4%, protection 2

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Jan-10-13 3:35 PM

In March, the Congressional Budget Office projected that under the president’s proposed budget for 2013, spending would equal 23.4 percent of GDP while revenues would be 17.2 percent. The deficit, CBO said, would equal 6.1 percent of the economy that year and average 3.2 percent over the 10-year period ending in 2022

This was not detailing republican statements. This is from a dem heavy CBO. Spending outstriping revenues. This tells me NO politician cares enough about the "people" to do what is right morally or with any true "care" about America. If we as individuals budgeted as our govt does, it would be called "Irresponsibility" DEM or REP doesn't matter no one truly cares for the peoples plight in USA.

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Jan-10-13 3:14 PM

To keep this clear, The statement GOP doesn't care is misleading, and the blogger that posted that first blog or letter to the editor was/is biased. People are going to believe what they have been taught to believe. Neither political party has "good for the people" stamped in their name. One side is for smaller govt, the other is for "govt take care of me". Someone said govt only 20% of Unemployment. yeah? and? If you add 40% of jobs in govt, and then reduce by 20% is that still not MORE then at the start? Anyone that says the Govt does not need slimmed is either uninformed or listening to political pander on BOTH sides. This article should not have read, GOP doesn't care, it should have read, POLITICIANS don't care about the people.

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Jan-10-13 2:07 PM

Obama is a disgrace and honestly I'm not happy with either Republicans or Democrats. What happened to doing the right thing for the country because it's the right thing to do. What is the difference between the way the bloods and crips operate versus the way Republicans and Democrats operate? They're both illogical groups of people holding onto nonsensical notions. ReBLOODlicans and DemoCRIPS is a great book by Jesse Ventura I suggest all of you read. It shouldn't matter to which party you belong to, what is best for this country is what should ALWAYS be done. When our lawmakers pledge allegiance to a political party before America we're the ones that are in trouble. During the last election I voted for Mitt Romney but in reality the only candidate that was really worthy of taking office was Gary Johnson. I didn't vote for him because I knew he wasn't going to win and any vote for him would essentially put Obama one more vote above Mitt Romney.

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Jan-10-13 12:59 AM

I make you an offer, get your state and senate and congressional and the president ... ger their wages back to what is comparable to a monkey with a calculator .Stop all the 15 secretaries in eaIf the govt. cannot come to terms on important legislation.... vacations are illegal , office that sit around texting each other instead of working, Until the govt. can tackle the bills as they need to be then NO VACATIONS until completed. NO GOLF TRIPS....nothing except get they job done. We don't have a tax problem, we have a spending problem. And honestly a man in office that doesnt seem to care about much but his legacy...

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Jan-10-13 12:49 AM

Ok I will put this in teenspeak. cutting the tax breaks WIll add a stream into the coffers. A small stream. Reducing the spending and a larger river mysteriously arises.

Obama talks about tax cuts and rises in the same sentence. worlds are cheep, actions speak louder then words. Obama has done nothing to try to curb his spending, in fact his "new" offices and TSAR watchmen overseeing every aspect oh cash flow. YET we continue to raise the debt ceiling KNOWING we dont have the money to pay for those lans.

Is this a lll Obama's fault,? NO Bush had a reason though, Obama cleamed Gitmo dismantled, all troops out of afganistan and Iraq, a workforce UNDER 8% and he said he preferred 5%. ... whie our gdp went from 15% to 24% held by gov t.

But I understans. Our*****dont stink, so if we smell something it must be the neighbor. Blame repubs all you want.. your demigods are so but backwards that you believe social distribution to those less financially secured...

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Jan-09-13 8:40 PM

Mrcore,i agree that the ongoing wars are a major factor in the deficit problem.

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Jan-09-13 10:27 AM

Why doesn't anyone address the real issue which is our spending problem. Obama flat out lied when he said that he would not raise taxes on the middle class. My paycheck and others as well tell a different story. It is the divisive nature of articles such as this that make me wonder what has our country become. We cannot have open and honest debates without there being attacks on ones character, class, economic status, etc. What was once called the United States is now the Divided States.

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Jan-09-13 9:25 AM

Next comment: 1.17 trillion dollars. That is the total amount of US Cash dollars in circulation as of Dec. 2012. So, the government could collect ever scrap of cash, and barely pay one months interest on the outstanding debt. So there certainly is a problem and it didn't start with Bush or Clinton or Obama or Reagen. It started when Americans started trusting government to do the right thing and "We the People" took our eyes off the ball. It is our responsibility come together to pressure the clowns into getting this stuff fixed. It is their job to keep us divided and weak and fool us into believing that kicking the can down road is acceptable.

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Jan-09-13 9:12 AM

This blaming Bush for everything routine is getting old. Tell me friend, after 9/11, what would Americans have said if Bush stood up and said, Americans, al quaida killed three thousand of us but we are not going to go after them because we are worried about spending too much money. What would Americans have thought about that? All of the spending for those wars was approved by Dems and Repubs and it was money well spent! So get over that stupid argument, please!

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Jan-09-13 12:05 AM

Coincidentally, the $450,000 number the president decided to "concede to" is telling when President's Salary Effective January 1, 2001, the annual salary of the President of the United States was increased to $400,000 per year, including a $50,000 expense allowance.

Soo, raise the taxes on those that make more then me but,...NOT ME.. yeah lets discuss that magical number deeper

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Jan-08-13 11:53 PM

it is interesting you blame all of the spending on bush wars...Each of Mr. Obama’s annual deficits has been larger than any since the 1940s. Deficits aggregate into debt, and as I have previously written it is reasonable to think of President Obama and George W. Bush as each being responsible for roughly one-third of the debt — with all presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton responsible for the remaining third. (In the absence of George W. Bush, it would of course be much harder, perhaps impossible, to argue that President Obama has not been a radical departure from previous presidents on debt.) ((from a forbes.c0m article)).. this country HAS to stop this me against you theory in govt. Either that or fail utterly. As with private debt.. someone will come to collect what is owed somewhere down the line, I dont care if you tax everyone at 30% including lower class, that is still just a smidge in the bucket of our debt. stop the erratic spending, BOTH SIDES

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Jan-08-13 7:05 PM

Dangit! Still itchin to say this so I guess I will and get it off my chest. How is is that when...... We have a Rep President, Rep controlled Congress, and a Rep controlled House, we blame the Republicans, YET...... When we have a Dem President, a Dem controlled Congress, and a Rep heavy House, YOU DEMS STILL blame the Repubs. What is it that you need before you start looking in YOUR OWN backyard instead of blaming the neighbors for your sewer smell? 2008-2010 You Dems had all three... and STILL blamed the repubs. check your stink before blaming others for BS. I believe reckless spending on account of YOUR demigod Obama has alot to do with your complaints about fiscal cliffs. Doesn't look to me like he tried to "meet in the center" either so until HE does, I blame BOTH.. We (America) are broke. our credit rating has been dropped from AAA to AA.. Next is A. which means not the best credit risk.. Stop the damm spending when it isnt there to spend. ONLY a Democrat cant see this

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Jan-08-13 6:51 PM

I believe that the separatist ideas of BOTH sides are indicative of the corruption of our esteemed govt. As far as I know, Congress and the presidency are both democrat heavy, and I have not seen any plan of theirs coming down the pipes to fix this drama. I am waiting for the politician that says, " If we have no money, we can't spend that money." or " I am interested in slimming down the bloated govt spending, or maybe even One that realizes that waiting for the last minute to accomplish anything does not accomplish anything... How dare anyone say GOP or DEM-- Looks to me like R/D in front of a name means nothing. they all say the same crap...

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Jan-08-13 9:21 AM

If you really look at it the leaders of the GOP and the Democrats they could care less about any of us. Their goal is to get elected and consolidating their power period.. While we are divided into our little controlable groups these so called elite are laughing and having a drink. Who are they laughing at;us. It's all about consolidating power and control. The success tax and entitlements in the US are nothing more than a method for both parties to buy votes with our money. Both parties have been complicit in taking our liberty, from the tax code to the patriot act, to the NDAA. The price we pay is our freedom.

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Jan-07-13 5:26 PM

What the fiscal cliff fiasco accomplished was a tax increase on the working poor and further divide the population! That's it! I challenge anyone to prove that the vote taken two weeks ago will improve anything. Show me the proof!

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Jan-07-13 5:22 PM

Are you certain about that? Either way. I trust the editor to read the article and summarize properly to create a headline that represents the context of the letter. Regardless, it's still very irresponsible to make the inference that Republicans do not care about people. It's very narrow minded. Now, if Republicans were only interested in protecting the rich, then it would be fair to say that Democrats raised tax rates on average everyday workers by 2.6%. Many people who can not afford to have that much money taken from their paychecks are going to suffer. Your cashiers, delivery drivers, service workers are going to suffer. They will be giving up a tank of gas, a couple of pizzas, a new pair of jeans each and every month. The wealthy who also received a tax increase, will miss out on nothing! So crying for higher taxes on the wealthy does nothing. It doesn't pay down the national debt, it doesn't create jobs, it doesn't fix roads.

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Jan-07-13 8:19 AM

"GOP doesn't care about the people".

You need to amend your letter! You forgot to mention that all Republicans are RACISTS!

Have you read "Smear Strategy a Failure" article by C. Rogerson in the 11/20/2012 edition of The Intelligencer.

You two fellas sure have a lot of hate in your hearts.

You are entitled to your opinion, but no good can come from making statements like you have. I sometimes identify with the Republican ideology, and sometimes with the Democrat view. Maybe you should take off the blinders and have a look at the big picture. If you can't do that, then you are only cheating yourself. Both sides have something to offer. It's very immature to say that Republicans don't care about people, I would bet that 100% of them do care about people. It's also very narrow minded for someone to say that Democrats drink Obama's Kool-Aid. But heck, you and people like you want to keep driving that wedge, that's your choice. Keep in mind that you are the proble

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Jan-06-13 9:00 PM

Why don't Stan and his ilk never say anything about the corrupt, communist, hypocritical, pathological lying, parasites in the Democrat Party??? It's obvious that he, like MrCore, gets everything he knows from the Obama media and is completely ignorant of the truth.

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Jan-06-13 6:49 PM


It was sarcasm for Stan the Man. I wanted to point out just how rediculous his letter was.

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Jan-06-13 4:05 PM

Mingoman your post is so filled with hate. You need to calm down you will blow a gasket, but I am betting your post was just meant to troll the comments. You are just trying to start something and promote your hate and discontent.

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