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Saccoccia a good role model

December 30, 2012

To the editor: With all the conversation going on about the current high-profile case in Steubenville, there have been many accusations made....

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Dec-31-12 12:59 AM

such a good role model he threatens a NYT reporter..

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Dec-31-12 3:37 PM

I am not inclined to argue that he is a good role model etc... I am inclined to believe that perhaps on this occasion he has ignored evidence and allegations concerning many members of school teams. In this circumstance alone it appears he has failed to adhere to the tolerance and sports policy the school has adopted - stating individuals engaged in illegal activities etc will be suspended from participating - stating he had no evidence to suggest any students needed disciplinary action. Seems he either chose not to look, looked the other way, or is intentionally disregarding policy... Further more- it has been stated by students of the school that athletes are entitled to privileges regular students are not - ie athletes take tests in separate rooms than the class and in some instances alleged other students completing assignments for athletes for pay... This information alone forces me to believe perhaps a 2nd look should be taken at the program as a whole. Parent of 2.

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Dec-31-12 3:49 PM

Awol, a 2nd look is indeed needed. Which will no doubt show the allegations to be unfounded.

Mofo - While you read two lines that may have been misquoted and embellished for the purpose of sensationalism we actually see a life-long body of work that stands high above any accusations that you can make in 1 minute or less.

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Jan-01-13 1:32 AM

The hurt feelings of SHS alumni are of little to no significance. Mourning-tears could flood the Ohio River and it would still be tantamount to spit on a sidewalk.

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Jan-01-13 9:43 AM

I guess if your creed is winning over everything and enabling football players to get away with anything Saccoccia is your guy. He is probably worse than Joe Paterno.

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Jan-01-13 11:00 AM

I do not know the man. However, it has been said that you can know what a person is like by his words and deeds. A "good" role model would have forefeited the rest of the season out of respect for the victim. A good role model would have influenced his players, imprinting upon the idea that rape is wrong.

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Jan-01-13 11:32 AM

The coaches of Big Red prior to Reno would NOT have put up with anyone embarrassing the school. PERIOD!

The prior coach to Saccoccia was Bob Hedmond. Now there was class and a molder of young men through ethics & morality. Another coach, was Punct Cartledge who had the toughesy football schedule in Big Red history and coched with an iron fist and integrity. Coach Bryant as well was known to put academia first and mentored many troubled youth towards a good productive citizenship in life.

Then there's Reno. His tenured has developed many players into career crimninals and many now residing in Union & Mount Cavalry cemeteries way to early. Every year we see repeated scandals from Bog Red football players and alums bringing shame and reinforcing the stereotype of corruption in Steubenville city schools to the political arena.

No, Reno has brought shame and the world sees Steubenville as RapeRedRape!

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Jan-01-13 3:44 PM

James - Thank you for the broad generalities. Can you sight some of these shaming scandles that happen EVERY year? Can you give me a number of how many ex-players have passed too early and become career criminals? And (I like how you somehow link that to Reno). Are you saying that Reno has had NO positive impact like the past coaches you mention? I think the author was correct - you know nothing but what you have read in the last few weeks.

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Jan-01-13 3:49 PM

Charlie - There was EVIDENCE that Joe Paterno helped in a cover-up.

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Jan-01-13 3:53 PM

RPG - "A good role model would have influenced his players, imprinting upon the idea that rape is wrong"

Are you really saying that one person is accountable for the actions of 70 teens at any given point? There are plenty of players that weren't involved in any way and will never rape/take advantage of anyone. The poor actions (and in this case also in-actions) can not fall on another man's character.

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Jan-01-13 8:30 PM

Jump, I am saying that if half the football team got pictures and heard of the incident yet not one called the cops is disgusting. What do all of those folks have in common? Am I blaming the coach? Nope. However, I hope that a coach would be the type of person to influence his players in a positive manner. In this case I'm afraid that those young people are "morally bankrupt."

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Jan-02-13 9:39 PM

Knew Reno as a student and coach. He was good enough to me personally, but was at a Big Red v Watterson game with my son, where we were close enough to hear his pre-2nd half speech. Gathering the players near a fence - where young children were playing, just outside the West end zone - Coach Soccoccia embarked on a "pep talk" that was laced with so much profanity (mostly "F bombs"), that my son would never again like Big Red football. This episode led me to talk with many ex players and students, many of whom described a man who conducted himself more on the level of street punk, than respectful, responsible adult. That said, this Toronto Sec Knight thing is a farce. They have threatened students, censored their FB event page of any opposing opinion, spread rumors and lies about the city and the rape case, given out personal information ("dox") of those who dare oppose them, hacked a web site that has nothing to do with this, and harassed alumni with hund

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Jan-02-13 9:44 PM

**hundreds of menacing phone calls. This group used a slanted NY Times article (by a reporter whom Reno threatened) to involve an free-lance occupy reporter from Pittsurgh, and rile up those around the city who have always been resentful of our schools and teams. They use a poor victim to promote their thinly masked hate and intimidation. They are NOT anonymous and WILL be exposed!

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Jan-03-13 12:22 AM

Decay, News 9 erased comments because the Toronto Sec Knights were posting personal info of anyone who dared disagree with them. They have reduced anonymous to a mere intolerant, criminal element of society at this point. They censor their own events page on FB and are the epitome of the hypocrite.

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Jan-03-13 7:41 AM

One concclusion: Open this case; solve all the mysteries; let justice prevail; and move on.......

Come clean.....everybody; pay the Piper. It's time.

I am not a local, but evrytime I hear the story retold in my community, it gets uglier.

You you all need a "pep rally" for truth and justice. Get go to the stadium, some logs, light a fire,bring out the band and as you dance around the flames: get this case moving.

After that maybe going to church would help a lot.

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Jan-04-13 11:13 PM

You people are living in a world few people recognize. A teenage girl is raped, the coach of the players who have done it ignore it, and you can't do anything in your town but applaud the coach.

I'm a football fan and athlete and I am ashamed to even associate myself with the cowards at Steubenville High School.

All you do is complain about what "outside" people have done. But you have done NOTHING, so thank God there are people outside your twisted little town to actually help seek justice.

You are cowards. The coach is a coward for doing nothing. Fire all of them and if you don't like that crawl back into your cave.

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Jan-04-13 11:15 PM

jacktripper -- you define the word caveman. You are a king sized, creep with nothing to offer but pathetic excuses for the losers and cowards in your town. I'll bet you'll be in church on Sunday, though. Listening to the sermon and thinking you are a Christian. You are not. You are a coward.

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Jan-06-13 12:31 PM

Wanted to Know...Yes everyone in Steubenville is a "coward." Says the man named "wantedtoknow."

As you continue to make claims all over this site with NO knowledge of anything about this case other than rumors you have read about, please note that your opinion is of little importance. You say that the coach and players involved ignored it, yet 2 people were arrested 8 days after the compliant. On another artcle you claimed to have knowldge of who was making death threats, in fact you blatently stated who they were. You say "all you do is complain..." yet you can't point to one person on here who has done that. So we see that you are of little imporantce b/c all you do is mouth spout ignorant comments. You have proved how little you know every time you type. So while you ask that we crawl back into our cave and question people's faith that they never even mentioned, I ask that you let grownups have a conversation b/c you are a mere child that has no clue

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Jan-07-13 10:48 AM

Saccoccia and the assistant coaches involved on the night of the assault should be fired.

Here is an example of how a school, with a championship team, should react when students commit assault and their teammates AND COACHES don't assist a victim or choose to turn a blind eye:

"Hamline University men's basketball coach Nelson Whitmore has been indefinitely suspended and 14 players face discipline in connection with an player-on-woman assault that allegedly took place in a Spokane, Washington hotel room on New Year's Eve."

One player punched a woman fracturing her face in 3 places and 14 players either saw her attack or saw her unconscious or refused to help. I am sure these University students learned their lesson and will be stronger adults in the future. We can't say the same for our boys in Steubenville.

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