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Harrison Central gets its kicks, now, and for years to come

October 30, 2013 Eric Sheets played soccer, briefly, as a Bethany College student. At the intramural level. He’s coached softball. At a “little kid” leve. more »»

Two really good football teams got after it Saturday

October 28, 2013 How often does hype meet reality? Rarely. Super Bowls are usually mediocre because for every game that comes down to the final moments, you have a 45-10 whooping. more »»

After 91-0 win, unsportsmanlike conduct ... on the dad

October 24, 2013 91-0. Bullying. Really? There is a whiff of unsportsmanlike conduct here and it’s not on the coach whose team won. It’s not on the coach whose team los. more »»

A playoff experience to remember

October 3, 2013 I couldn’t have been older than 6 or 7 when my father took me by the hand and apologized. We left Three Rivers Stadium after a Pirates loss to the San Diego Padres. more »»

Streak is over

September 23, 2013 I’ve heard it. And, really, those of you who have uttered the words bashing the Weir High football coaching staff should just go sit in a corner somewhere. You are wrong. Pathetically wrong. more »»

Week 4 is here

September 19, 2013 Week 4 of the fastest 10 weeks of the year is upon us. Ten of the 11 teams in our coverage area are between the lines Friday or Saturda. more »»

Under the lights

September 16, 2013 The person who had the toughest Friday night had to be former Edison head football coach Mike McKenzie. more »»

Turn up, turn out

September 9, 2013 Time to help a neighbor. Mallory Blanton is ready to begin her fifth year as the Toronto girls basketball program. The early years weren’t easy. more »»

Life around sports worlds

September 2, 2013 San Diego State Aztecs head football coach Rocky Long was asked about how devastating a 40-19 loss to Eastern Illinois was for a team that now has to take on Ohio State in Columbus. more »»

Let’s play ball

August 5, 2013 Regina Blanchard had a vision to help the kids. And, that vision can be seen Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center in Steubenville. more »»

Role models are a part of life

July 22, 2013 Role models are an important part of our society. As a father, I do my best to be a great role model for my daughter and son. I will fail at doing so at quite often, but that doesn’t mean I stop. more »»

Quotes are the way we see life sometimes

July 15, 2013 Sports tend to stir our emotions in a lot of ways. We can remember where we were at times when we heard a specific quote from a specific person after a specific game. more »»

Lead the league in effort

July 9, 2013 I flopped down and watched a small part of Jon Gruden talking with Manti Te’o on ESPN Monda. more »»

Stevens is easy to like as a person, coach

July 8, 2013 I talk a lot in this column about being humble and how that trait goes a long way with whatever we do. I talk about it a lot because I think it is that important. We, as a society, need more of it. more »»

‘We mutually pledge to each other ...’

July 4, 2013 Six words in the Declaration of Independence should be the motto for every sports team: We mutually pledge to each other. more »»

What are you doing now?

June 24, 2013 Every coach says the team gets better during the summer. Teams get better during the summer because individuals get better during the summer. more »»

Life around the world of sports on all levels

June 17, 2013 There will be a community extravaganza from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. more »»

Fathers, we must make a difference in lives

June 15, 2013 Happy Father’s Day. I don’t talk a lot about my father. He was an alcoholic and we didn’t say a word to each other in the final year of his life. more »»

Thank you for your service; freedom is not free

May 27, 2013 Thank you to all who have served, are serving and will serve — allowing this great country to be what it is. more »»

Some things I will never understand, this is one

May 20, 2013 The fact that there was talk of Mike Collopy not being back as the Edison baseball coach next year is unacceptable. more »»

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