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Guest column/Reducing painkillers right prescription for W.Va.

March 20, 2016 The drug problem in West Virginia is complex with many moving parts and seemingly few concrete solutions. more »»

Finally mapping the eggs

March 19, 2016 It’s a break through, y’all: Grampy Grumpy has finally conceded that he needs a map for the annual family Easter egg hunt. more »»

Questions heading into Tuesday

March 13, 2016 We might not always realize it, but numbers make up a big part of just about everything we do in life. That’s something to keep in mind as Tuesday approaches and Ohioans head to the poll. more »»

We’re pulling a Stella and a Ruth Ann

March 13, 2016 Never let it be said we aren’t influenced by our parents. I was reminded of this anew when I watched what Better Half did to a tube of toothpaste the other morning. more »»

Guest column/A reflection on the lives of two true patriots

March 13, 2016 Frank Bengier was an American hero; like many true heroes, he disavowed the fact. In 1949, he joined the Marine Corps. He served with the 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Battalion, Able Company in Korea. more »»

Iron Chef contest focuses on pizza

March 13, 2016 Who would have known that so many delicious dishes could be made from pizza? When I learned I would be judging the Iron Chef Contest with pizza as the main ingredient, I was excited about what I... more »»

Guest column/Open, ongoing discussion about terrorism needed in America

March 13, 2016 Fear of terrorism on American soil is now part of our daily lives. Surveys show how deeply we feel the threat. more »»

A day that was for the birds

March 12, 2016 The Long Suffering Husband texted me: “Bird got in the house today. more »»

Many years of perspective

March 6, 2016 If there’s any doubt in your mind that 31 years can pass relatively quickly, you need only look at the series of stories that Community Editor Janice Kiaski has prepared for today’s editio. more »»

Why winter projects were left undone

March 6, 2016 I typically think of winter as a time to do indoor projects I’m not inclined to do in the summer because I’m outdoors. That way winter goes by quickly, and I feel really good about myself. more »»

Guest column/Issues 1, 2 earn a ‘yes’ vote

March 6, 2016 I am asking all eligible city voters to vote “yes” on March 15 for Issue 1 and Issue 2, to support the renewal levies. more »»

We all can stand words of inspiration

March 6, 2016 Needing to dissolve a cough drop in my mouth now and then for a cough that refuses to go away, much like that little green mucus guy on television, I unwrapped one and found inspirational messages o... more »»

Revenge has to be at work

March 5, 2016 I’m ready to throw in the towel on this week, and it is only Thursday morning as I write this. It has just been one hit after another, and I’m on the ropes and reeling. more »»

Guest column/Stay alert for scammers

March 4, 2016 Again, I write as I have in the past several years cautioning people to not fall victim to the money scams throughout our country and the world. more »»

Guest column/Learn about judicial candidates

March 1, 2016 Two weeks from today, Ohioans will vote in the 2016 primary election to determine the judicial candidates who will appear on the general election ballot. JudicialVotesCoun. more »»

Having faith in our future

February 28, 2016 Like many young men and women who have grown up in our region during the past 30 or 40 years, John Mascio had no intention of coming home after he graduated from law schoo. more »»

‘Museum’ curator vs. ‘Me-Me-Me Queen’

February 28, 2016 Never mind all these political debates on television during this presidential election year. We have husband-and-wife-issue debates in our living room all the time. more »»

Guest column/Let the next president choose the new Supreme Court justice

February 28, 2016 America lost a stalwart advocate for our rule of law system with the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and we now face a tremendous challenge to maintain balance on the court. more »»

Getting ready for a lion or a lamb

February 28, 2016 March will be here on Tuesday. more »»

Being prepared for a post-apocalyptic world

February 27, 2016 I have spent what is probably too much time thinking about post-apocalyptic living. Until recently, I was convinced I would be wonderful at it. more »»

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