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Guest column/A look at the issues surrounding water increases

December 29, 2013 As most residents of Steubenville are aware, the city is considering an increase in water rates. more »»

Guest column/Looking forward to a new year and a new you

December 29, 2013 “New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday.” A fresh start! We all appreciate that. Some even crave it. more »»

Getting in the holiday spirit

December 28, 2013 December is so busy that I spend the bulk of it wishing the holidays were over so I can rest. That, and complaining. Bah humbug. more »»

Guest column/Central government is attacking senior citizens

December 28, 2013 As 5 million Americans reach age 65 each year and join millions of others in the final season of their lives, most expect to enjoy their long-promised and eagerly anticipated golden years. more »»

Community spirit shines

December 22, 2013 Dec. 7 was a busy day in our region on a couple of different levels. For starters, there were several Christmas parades that day, including Steubenville’s Sights and Sounds of Christmas Parade. more »»

A Merry Christmas newsroom party

December 22, 2013 Santa and Mrs. Claus visited the newsroom on Wednesday for our annual Christmas festivities. more »»

Of Ruritans, sweaters, water woes

December 22, 2013 Poinsettias, Christmas carols and messages from two Ohio district Ruritan dignitaries were on the agenda for the Jefferson Ruritan Club when a Christmas dinner was held at the Hill Top Presbyterian... more »»

An ornament to remember

December 21, 2013 When my brother, Davey Crockett, moved to Kentucky, our mother was concerned about the state of his Christmas tree — to wit, she believed him incapable of decorating a tree or even purchasing... more »»

‘I love you’ checkpoints along the way

December 15, 2013 “Are you sure you love me?” Better Half asked, semi-engrossed in his “Cinder-fella” duties at the kitchen sink. more »»

There’s nothing like a parade

December 15, 2013 I love a parade. more »»

Christmas tree always beautiful

December 14, 2013 The kids dragged the Christmas tree out of the crawl space and were assembling it, being allowed to do so for the first time this year. more »»

Crawley touched many lives

December 8, 2013 I was among the many members of the community who were saddened when we heard of the death of Rex Crawley. The 1982 graduate of Steubenville High School died Nov. 23. more »»

Discipline tough to muster in December

December 8, 2013 Discipline is tough to muster in December, especially when it comes to the holidays and all the food it generates. It’s in excess this month, don’t ya’ know. No doubt about tha. more »»

Guest column/Our central government’s reaching critical mass

December 8, 2013 After years of enrichment, our central government is very close to achieving critical power mass and triggering the equivalent of an irreversible nuclear reaction that will permanently lower the... more »»

Good deeds, projects applauded

December 8, 2013 Doing good deeds and required projects doesn’t need to be rewarded. It is a reward in itself to know something beneficial was done. But it is also good to be recognized at times. more »»

Yams make holiday complete

December 7, 2013 The holiday season is like the first big drop in a rollercoaster — the slow, inexorable build-up and sense of anticipation, followed by that moment when you’re balanced at the tippy-top and you... more »»

Guest column/Work of miners recognized

December 6, 2013 Today, we celebrate the fourth-annual National Miner’s Day. In 2009, Congress proclaimed that each De. more »»

Thanks and share a story with me

December 1, 2013 Welcome to December 2013, which means the end of another year is in sight. And with that comes that inevitable time of reflection about what kind of a year it’s been. more »»

Spelling bees and parades

December 1, 2013 Trying to get caught up: ¯ Now that the holiday season is in full swing, pupils in schools throughout our area will be turning their attention to an annual rite of this part of the school year — the... more »»

Animals’ antics generated smiles

December 1, 2013 Writing a column just before Thanksgiving, when the driving trip and the family feast has not yet begun, is a hard time in my writing life. more »»

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