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Kiaski family will always love Lucy

October 27, 2013 I’m not sure how we came to name her Lucy. I think it’s because she was funny, and because, like the old TV show “I Love Lucy” we definitely loved her. more »»

Scarlett Johansson and us

October 27, 2013 If you haven’t had a chance to pick up the November issue of Esquire yet, you owe it to yourself to do so. more »»

Some highlights of autumn season

October 27, 2013 ‘Tis the season. more »»

Scrapbooking can be enjoyable

October 26, 2013 So, my younger brother, Davy Crockett, and his new bride, Glenda the Good Witch, will be making their annual pilgrimage to see us in about two weeks. more »»

Pirates build sense of optimism

October 20, 2013 The season may have ended much sooner than most of us would have liked, but this year’s playoff run by the Pittsburgh Pirates helped to instill a new sense of optimism across the Tri-State Area. more »»

Waging wars but with little victories

October 20, 2013 It’s been a week of waging war on many fronts, mainly against insects of one kind or another on some recent October days that I would classify as bonus weather days for this time of year — days lace... more »»

A great trip to the Big Apple

October 20, 2013 It couldn’t have been more ideal weather for the Clark Gable Foundation bus trip to the heart of New York City for three days last week, with Nan Mattern, executive director, and Jackie Rocchi,... more »»

Turkey, ham and other oddities

October 19, 2013 Monday, I arrived at the Little Professor’s Boy Scouts meeting on time, and he had his uniform shirt (tucked-in!), book and dues. There should have been a celebration. more »»

Events highlight our area

October 13, 2013 While there certainly was some bad news to come out of our community during the past week, there were several positive events that help to showcase the good things about where we live. more »»

What-to-wear sessions challenge us all

October 13, 2013 A couple is going out somewhere for the evening, let’s say to a special event, or to a banquet or some destination that isn’t an every-day place they would normally go. more »»

Going with and without Lamont

October 13, 2013 My days seem to be filled with quick stops at home to fix something to eat, walk the dog and coax Lamont to come with me somewhere to do a story or go to a benefit I feel is important. more »»

Looking to change habits

October 12, 2013 Grandmama is on a new diet. Recent doctor visits have revealed her cholesterol is high and her sugar is, if not borderline-diabetic, borderline-borderline-diabetic. (Whatever that means. more »»

Guest column/Is the central government coming for you next?

October 12, 2013 To paraphrase the late German pastor Martin Niemoller, who will be left to speak up when the central government comes for you? Our own central government is inexorably coming for us, dividing us... more »»

Spielman a powerful speaker

October 6, 2013 Looking back at the last week or so: ¯ If you didn’t attend Monday’s annual dinner meeting of the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce, you missed an opportunity to hear a powerful speech delivered... more »»

Playing catch-up is a losing battle

October 6, 2013 The e-mail from a friend was apologetic in its tone, an electronic explanation that a response to an inquiry was late in coming because she’d recently returned from a trip and was trying to play... more »»

Guest column/We must do something to stop senseless carnage

October 6, 2013 Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy, we are a nation of hypocrites. more »»

Church a part of Smithfield history

October 6, 2013 I am always amazed when I see a 150th church anniversary on our religion page, but was invited last Sunday to an anniversary that was even older — 177 years to be exac. more »»

Singing the bake sale blues

October 5, 2013 I’m a full-out disaster in the kitchen. more »»

Guest column/You can do good, feel healthy

October 5, 2013 How far would you go to be a good neighbor? A regular Joe was driving home to be with his family after a hard day. He came upon a beat-up, broken-down car along the side of the road. more »»

Grass seed and thrift shopping delights

September 29, 2013 We were standing in the checkout line, Better Half beside me holding this big bag of grass seed, when it struck me funny. more »»

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