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Some things we did in the summer

September 20, 2015 There’s a song called “The Things We Did Last Summer,” but I am going to make this a “Things We Did All Summer” column to cover the many pictures that got left out of previous columns because of... more »»

Encyclopedia can still inspire

September 20, 2015 I still look at my set of 1964 Compton’s Encyclopedias with awe. My parents sacrificed to be sure we had a brand new set of encyclopedias for schoolwork. more »»

Learning from kitchen disasters

September 19, 2015 My Sassy Saint has several senior girls and boys to whom she has become attached, because they’ve been helping out with band since she started in the sixth grade. Four years is forever when you’re 15. more »»

Helping the student in your home with success

September 19, 2015 Our youngest son started his senior year in high school this past month. more »»

Guest column/University leaders are anticipating a wild fall on campus

September 14, 2015 With the surprising emergence of a boisterous Donald Trump and the growing concerns about truthfulness surrounding Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, a dozen leaders from significant state... more »»

We’re looking for stars

September 13, 2015 Our annual search is on for the region’s Community Star. more »»

Going on ‘stupid rolls’ occasionally

September 13, 2015 I go on “stupid rolls” from time to time. more »»

Guest column/Resolving public records disputes without a lawsuit

September 13, 2015 Ohio’s Public Records Act was enacted in 1963 to promote open, transparent government through orderly access to public records. more »»

Reflections on Great Trail Festival

September 13, 2015 Lamont and I have been visitors to the Great Trail Festival for more than 20 years, missing a few now and then but pretty much faithful to at least one of those end of August or start of September... more »»

Family can hinder personal relationship with God

September 12, 2015 People in the service professions, such as ministry, medicine, law, school teachers and police work, seem to have the greatest stress in their personal family life. more »»

Life is short — have some fun

September 12, 2015 So, when I was given my first baby, I was scared spitless. She didn’t come with an owner’s manual. I was just expected to know what to do. more »»

Quiet of Kentucky town filled with angry voices now

September 12, 2015 MOREHEAD, Ky. — Kim Tabor sometimes wears a bright orange T-shirt bearing a slogan she’s found herself repeating for weeks: “Hello my name is not Kim Davis. more »»

Series leads to discussion

September 6, 2015 If you didn’t have the chance to read Dave Gossett’s three-part series about prostitution in Steubenville, you must make time to do so. more »»

Resting on this Labor Day weekend

September 6, 2015 On this Labor Day weekend, I’m resting, still catching my breath from having had a houseful of company the previous weekend that included a repeat visit from my oldest sister, Linda, and her husband... more »»

Guest column/Is doctor-prescribed suicide really a choice?

September 6, 2015 Ann was a vocal advocate of doctor-prescribed suicide, called “aid in dying” by its proponents. She and her husband co-founded the Hemlock Society — the organization now known as Compassion & Choices. more »»

Great to see fall event happening

September 6, 2015 It was great to see the two blocks of Main Street closed off and teaming with people for the Smithfield Fireman’s Festival on Aug. 2. more »»

Maybe two cats are enough

September 5, 2015 I am trying to convince the Long Suffering Husband to let me have another kitten. It’s not working out well. more »»

Guest column/Make sure you make your judicial vote count

September 1, 2015 As the voting patterns were analyzed after the Nov. 6, 2012, general election, one thing became clear: a lot of Cuyahoga County voters who cast a ballot for president didn’t vote for judge. more »»

How a day of dusting can make you cry

August 30, 2015 I don’t usually cry when I’m dusting. But then I’m not one for much crying period, given I don’t like the whole bleary eyes and runny nose scene. more »»

Gentile staying connected

August 30, 2015 Lou Gentile is leading a hectic life these days. The state senator, who calls Steubenville home, has been using his summer break to visit all parts of his 30th District. more »»

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