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Try to enjoy the moment

January 18, 2015 Undisputed champions. more »»

Exciting commentary on wintry evenings

January 18, 2015 Better Half and I engage in some pretty exciting commentary on these wintry weather evenings. “Brrrrrr — it’s cold in here. more »»

What to write about during the lull?

January 18, 2015 It had to come sooner or later. My days of attending Christmas parades, recognition dinners, honorary breakfasts and holiday celebration luncheons are over for a time. more »»

Consider unintended consequences

January 17, 2015 It’s January. Things are slower than molasses running uphill in a snow storm, not just at the office, but at the house, too. more »»

Fandom has its ups, downs

January 11, 2015 One of the great things about being a sports fan is the wide range of emotions you get the chance to experience each week, each season and during a lifetime. more »»

Happy to return to a comfort zone reality

January 11, 2015 I was actually OK with Jan. 5 rolling around, a Monday that brought me back to a comfort zone reality — the newsroom workplace. more »»

Guest column/Supporting agriculture in Ohio will remain a priority

January 11, 2015 The past four years have certainly been a time of change and progress for Ohio’s agriculture industr. more »»

A surprise honor for a local veteran

January 11, 2015 A common thread is woven between the group of former military men who meet each month to enjoy a cup of coffee and lots of companionship and understanding. more »»

Tasty construction project

January 10, 2015 The Heathenish really wanted to build a gingerbread house. He had missed a good bit of our holiday baking, because of sports and Scouts. I didn’t want him to miss out, so I bought a kit. more »»

Why can’t I hear Meryl Streep’s number?

January 4, 2015 I told Meryl Streep I couldn’t hear her. more »»

One final look back at 2014

January 4, 2015 No one is quite sure where the concept of selecting the top 10 things from a particular year started. There are theories, howeve. more »»

Some tough decisions on great desserts

January 4, 2015 The tireless senior citizens who work out with the Silversneakers group at the YWCA, instructed by Flora Ver Straten-Merrin, came together in a Christmas celebration luncheon in December. more »»

Watching has become much better than playing

January 3, 2015 The children received lots of things I didn’t understand for Christmas — video and board games (why did they modernize Clue?); those books that look like really long comic books and read backwards (... more »»

Readers have their say

December 28, 2014 Take a look at the guest column that appears at the bottom of this page and the letters to the editor on Page 5B of today’s newspaper. more »»

Wishing you a very happy New Year

December 28, 2014 I’d say that Chrismas is come and gone, but for me, it’s continuing. Round No. more »»

Guest column/Attorney general’s office offers online training

December 28, 2014 Ohio’s Sunshine Laws enable citizens to know how their government works. They also help keep government at all levels transparent and accountable. more »»

Some Lions Christmas party memories

December 28, 2014 The Mingo Lions Club celebrates the Christmas season in a fun way with their Match-the-Christmas-carols game to obtain a present and a white elephant fundraising sale where members were asked to... more »»

Sharing spirit of Christmas

December 27, 2014 I wasn’t feeling Christmas. I was feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and misanthropic. I’m always misanthropic, but I was more misanthropic than usual. more »»

Guest column/Transformation of a Bah-humbug

December 24, 2014 Where does one find comfort amid the hardships of day-to-day living? Perhaps there is something in Tiny Tim’s innocent observation, “God bless us, every one,” that iconic message of hope and... more »»

Hot Wheels vs. Matchboxes

December 21, 2014 Any conversation that includes the question “How can Hot Wheels be in but Matchboxes be left out?” is certainly one worth pursuing, especially if it’s asked in conjunction with a discussion about th... more »»

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