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Microwave fires, other disasters

July 18, 2015 Grampy Grumpy is strict about leaving on time when we go on vacation. Leaving late, even by a few minutes is considered “burning daylight.” Grampy is very much against burning daylight. more »»

Nov. 8, 2016, getting closer

July 12, 2015 We’re still nearly 16 months away from the presidential election, but you really can’t tell that if you have been paying attention to the news of late — candidates from both parties are encountering... more »»

Some nostalgic reminders for a cool hen

July 12, 2015 I read this somewhere the other day. “People born in the ‘50s have lived in seven decades, two centuries and two millenniums. more »»

Weather blues don’t stop music blues

July 12, 2015 It certainly wasn’t blue skies when Hess Corp. and many other Harrison County sponsors put on the “Blues for a Cure” concert on the outdoor stage at Sally Buffalo Park in late June. more »»

The long and winding road

July 11, 2015 On a semi-regular basis, I take my mother, Grandmama, to see her sisters, collectively known as the Old Aunts. They’ve always been the Old Aunts, even when they were in their 30s. more »»

Saying goodbye to the last of my uncles

July 5, 2015 I kept checking my watch last Wednesday morning, knowing that at 9 a.m. I would be physically miles and states away from a funeral service about to begin. But my heart and thoughts were there. more »»

Tasty way to spend an evening

July 5, 2015 We read and hear on an almost daily basis that one of the big problems facing towns large and small is that Americans have lost their sense of community. more »»

Some applause for youth, events

July 5, 2015 I am amazed and delighted at the way the youth of our area take an interest in doing things to help others. more »»

It’s all Greek to her

July 4, 2015 Every year, I miss the Weirton Greek Festival. I don’t do this on purpose, mind you. more »»

A ‘babysitting’ request hard to refuse

June 28, 2015 It was a babysitting request I couldn’t refuse. After all, they were two “grandchildren” — actually a “grand-dog” named Leo and a “grand-cat” with Ellie as her given name. more »»

Remembering our values

June 28, 2015 It’s a sure bet that Jerome Bettis has not been asked to come in off the bench too many times in his life. His successes on the football field are well known by fans across the Tri-State Are. more »»

Adena Lions Club celebrates 70 years

June 28, 2015 I know that a 50-year celebration of anything is golden, but I am not sure what something lasting 70 years would earn. more »»

Guest column/It’s time for Ohio to loosen grip on consumer fireworks

June 28, 2015 The time is overdue for Ohio to follow the lead taken by New York in legalizing the sale or use of certain consumer fireworks. more »»

Trying to make homemade treats

June 27, 2015 I thought it would be a sweet gesture for the children to make the Father’s Day gifts for the Long Suffering Husband and Grampy Grumpy this year: homemade and made with love. more »»

Memories from a promoter

June 21, 2015 If you are of a certain age and have grown up in the Tri-State Area, the words “Produced by DiCesare-Engler Productions” more than likely hold a special place in your memories. more »»

S-l-o-w down and enjoy your summer

June 21, 2015 Happy Father’s Day. And happy first official day of summer, which I welcome wholeheartedly, but at the same time, I say a little “please-slow-down-summer” prayer. more »»

Guest column/Empowering taxpayers to hold politicians accountable

June 21, 2015 As treasurer of Ohio, I believe taxpayers have a right to know how their tax dollars are spent. more »»

Spending time with ‘General George’

June 21, 2015 Can you imagine a young George Custer — “Audie” as he called himself at a very young age for lack of a better language at the time — marching about New Rumley in a little military uniform made by hi... more »»

Some adventures in plumbing

June 20, 2015 Y’all remember last week, when I told you I hoped that I wouldn’t be writing about the Long Suffering Husband’s adventures in plumbing this week? Yeah, well, that went about as well as expected. more »»

Just a couple of things ...

June 14, 2015 A couple of things you might have missed: • Results of a study released on June 3 should not surprise any resident of the Tri-State Area — Pittsburgh was rated as the second best city for baseball... more »»

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