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Guest column/President’s carbon plan bad for Ohio, bad for America

August 9, 2015 Last week, the Obama Administration and its radical EPA decided to fundamentally change our energy grid, putting all Americans at risk. more »»

Vacation fun in North Myrtle Beach

August 9, 2015 Time goes by fast when you’re having fun. I have heard this many times and experienced it just as many times. more »»

Guest column/Walk reveals how far some sections of city have fallen

August 9, 2015 On July 19, I had the privilege to walk with the Steubenville Big Red Band in its annual march-a-thon. As we started out on our 4. more »»

Cats don’t appreciate baths

August 8, 2015 Something to consider if you ever get a white cat: The dirt shows. Now, I’m not sure how often I’m supposed to scrub these animals, but I lean on the side of not too often. more »»

A week of embarrassing moments

August 2, 2015 I love that one song by the Doobie Brothers — “Listen to the Music.” It’s one of those feel-good songs that always makes me happy. more »»

Numbers make us think

August 2, 2015 When you work in a newsroom, you find that people like to send information to you. more »»

Smithfield Alumni banquet memories

August 2, 2015 The Class of 1965 celebrated its 50-year reunion at the Smithfield Alumni Banquet and Dance, and all looked just as chipper as they were back in their school years. more »»

Pleasures of cutting grass

August 1, 2015 The Long Suffering Husband and our Little Professor took themselves off to Boy Scout camp, which is all well and good. more »»

It’s almost football season

July 26, 2015 Depending on which definition you choose to use, we’re either more than halfway through meteorological summer, which runs from June 1 through Aug. more »»

Thanks for stopping by before recycling

July 26, 2015 Every once in a while, a columnist needs to write a column about writing a column. more »»

A day to honor World War II veterans

July 26, 2015 The picnic in honor of World War II veterans and to honor the 70th anniversary of VE and VJ days was a great success according to any of the Jefferson County Veterans who threw the shindig. more »»

A real vacation survivor

July 25, 2015 So, I’m back from vacation. Back from seven straight days living in the same space as 13 other members of my immediate family. No one died. That’s a plus? It was close a few times. more »»

Guest column/The influence of our expectations can be very profound

July 25, 2015 “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like and do what you’d rather no. more »»

Summer will return when my sister does

July 19, 2015 When my oldest sister Linda came home for a visit earlier this year, she said she wanted to come when it wouldn’t be during the heat of summer. more »»

Some items generate questions

July 19, 2015 Seldom does a week go by when we don’t publish a story that prompts readers to call and ask questions about news judgment. Two such stories appeared in the past week or so. more »»

Memories from Harrison County Fair

July 19, 2015 The Harrison County Fair is a speck on the horizon now, but I was left with memories of muddy boots and a very splashed up car. more »»

Microwave fires, other disasters

July 18, 2015 Grampy Grumpy is strict about leaving on time when we go on vacation. Leaving late, even by a few minutes is considered “burning daylight.” Grampy is very much against burning daylight. more »»

Nov. 8, 2016, getting closer

July 12, 2015 We’re still nearly 16 months away from the presidential election, but you really can’t tell that if you have been paying attention to the news of late — candidates from both parties are encountering... more »»

Some nostalgic reminders for a cool hen

July 12, 2015 I read this somewhere the other day. “People born in the ‘50s have lived in seven decades, two centuries and two millenniums. more »»

Weather blues don’t stop music blues

July 12, 2015 It certainly wasn’t blue skies when Hess Corp. and many other Harrison County sponsors put on the “Blues for a Cure” concert on the outdoor stage at Sally Buffalo Park in late June. more »»

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