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Noting the passing of special people

March 8, 2015 I don’t know of a month when so many people I have felt a great fondness for have died. There was Eunice Christian of Smithfield, Lilly Bressler of Steubenville and Kevin Torok of Bradle. more »»

Guest column/Council faces tough choices about utilities

March 8, 2015 I was employed at the City Utility Office in the rank-and-file position of customer relations for 30 1/4 years. I retired from the city in August after a short family leave of about six week. more »»

Just a little colorful language

March 7, 2015 I curse. A little bit? Mostly during hockey games? Well ... More than a little? Primarily during hockey games? OK. A lot. All the time. I’m a terrible person with an even worse vocabulary. more »»

Spring’s on the way — really

March 1, 2015 Admit it — the wintry weather that descended on our area shortly after the start of the new year and just doesn’t seem to want to loosen its grip is finally starting to get the best of you. more »»

Countertop sports odd ‘centerpieces’

March 1, 2015 We seem to have odd things end up as “centerpieces” on the kitchen island. I am both part of the problem and a frustrated part of the solution. more »»

Guest column/Newfound respect for miners and their work

March 1, 2015 As your representative to Congress, I have the honor of visiting many great businesses across Eastern and Southeastern Ohio, both large and small, and it’s important that I listen to job creators wh... more »»

Recalling snow stories of years past

March 1, 2015 Today is the first day of March, the day that determines if we will have weather like a lamb for most of the month or like a lion. more »»

Column ideas are flowing

February 28, 2015 I walked in the house and immediately wanted to turn around and walk back out again. My Sassy Saint rushed back and forth, ferrying wet towels to the washer. more »»

Guest column/Working for or against health?

February 28, 2015 We can never know about the days to come But we think about them anyway… Carly Simon’s hit, “Anticipation” opens with a truism that has proved to be at times comforting; at times, calamitous. more »»

There’s progress around us

February 22, 2015 Our annual Pride and Progress month comes to an close on Wednesday, when the final installment of this year’s Progress Edition is delivered with your newspaper. more »»

Good news: The brain is working OK

February 22, 2015 I glanced over at Better Half and asked him flat out, “Do you think your brain might not be working right?” He laughed a sincere laugh that I haven’t really heard in a while, not since winter settle... more »»

Guest column/Stop — you’re smothering me with series of obstacles

February 22, 2015 The year of 1619 brought slavery to the United States. African-Americans did not have access to a free production of life, as whites did. more »»

‘Once of the biggest miracles’ around

February 22, 2015 “Don’t quit” sounds like a slogan from a coach during half time of a losing game, while “always use seatbelts” and “use precautions in the car or it can turn out bad” sound like a driving instructor... more »»

Emergency surgery on the gnome

February 21, 2015 The kittens are conspiring against me. At least, Fuzz Bucket is. more »»

Trust an important commodity

February 15, 2015 It really should have come to the surprise of no one that Brian Williams decided it was in his best interest to take a leave of absence from his position of managing editor and anchor of the “NBC... more »»

A week that brought happy moments

February 15, 2015 There were a lot of things about this past week that brought me happy moments. I felt happy, for instance, when I saw the ground void of snow and appreciated the fact that I don’t live in Boston. more »»

Guest column/Lower oil and gas prices are affecting shale exploration

February 15, 2015 Part of the lore of the oil and natural gas industry is how new drilling techniques and fracking methods were used during the years to produce more oil and gas out of conventional vertical wells. more »»

Always ready for fundraiser brunches

February 15, 2015 We need something to look forward to after church on Sunday, and the Smithfield Fire Department pancake-sausage brunch was just the thing to get people together and enjoy some good food. more »»

Guest column/Kasich plan helps Ohio businesses

February 15, 2015 Why did I wait so long to be my own boss? That’s a question, often tinged with a hint of regret that I hear from small-business owners when they share their success stories with other aspiring... more »»

Following the honest ones

February 14, 2015 The kids and kittens didn’t do anything unusually cute this week. more »»

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