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Diving for candy a tradition

July 19, 2014 My Sassy Saint was in the city Fourth of July parade, and — for once — it went smoothly. I tried to get Sass’ attention as she marched by, but she kept eyes front. more »»

Looking into the future

July 13, 2014 One of the more intriguing proposals in Steubenville’s comprehensive plan calls for the creation of a civic plaza. more »»

Harrison County Fair reflections

July 13, 2014 What a week for the 167th Harrison County Fair. more »»

Guest column/A misguided energy policy

July 13, 2014 As treasurer of state, I wake up in the morning thinking about the economic well-being of Ohio’s families and Ohio’s finances. more »»

Facing desperate times

July 12, 2014 Faux Redhead has failed me. Last week — the week before I went on vacation — I had to write two columns. more »»

Guest column/Some wisdom picked up while visiting the barbershop

July 12, 2014 Who will voice what many Americans are thinking today? Is fear of an oppressive central government reaching a tipping point? These questions were at least partially answered for me during a recen... more »»

Black and pink critter confrontations

July 6, 2014 Why did the skunk cross the road? Or better yet, why did Janice stop to wait for the skunk to cross the road? Well, first off I was surprised to see a skunk on my very early, early commute along... more »»

Charter issues on ballot

July 6, 2014 If you live in Steubenville, you are going to be faced with making many decisions when you go to the polls on Nov. 4. more »»

Vintage styles at fashion show

July 6, 2014 Nothing brings out the female audience like a fashion show of vintage clothing, and the allotted 40 women who could fit comfortably in the Puskarich Public Library activity room enjoyed seeing the... more »»

Guest column/Lessons learned from public records audit

July 6, 2014 There’s good news for Ohio citizens in the results of a statewide, county-by-county public records audit that was conducted by more than 60 Ohio media outlets in April under the auspices of the Ohio... more »»

Trying to avoid Flyers’ fans

July 5, 2014 I adore former Daily Times Community Editor Lynnellen Winkler, I really do. But right now? I want to wring her neck. more »»

Guest column/Health more than meets eye

July 5, 2014 “Who are you wearing?” The favorite opening query of many a red carpet reporter is taking on new meaning these days for anyone focused on health. more »»

Guest column/Shale oil production has an impact on oil imports

June 30, 2014 As Sunni radicals push toward Baghdad and threaten Iraq’s oil fields, crude prices are steadily climbing. Once again, turmoil in the Middle East is being felt in oil markets around the world. more »»

A fresh look at festivals

June 29, 2014 The city’s recently completed annual weeklong collection of festivals and events offered a good opportunity for area residents to share a wide variety of experiences, learn a little bit of our... more »»

You can’t always eat like a rabbit

June 29, 2014 I confessed to a co-worker the other day that despite efforts to eat healthy and make like a rabbit and munch on carrots and lettuce and what I call Rambo salads — really, really big salads — some... more »»

Guest column/Ohio should come out of fireworks dark ages

June 29, 2014 I once again write to suggest that the time has come to consider legislation in Ohio to allow for the sale and use of the full line of consumer firework. more »»

Event brings gals together for tea

June 29, 2014 It is wonderful when mothers and daughters or any other female relative or friend meets in the very formal ceremony of a tea. more »»

Guest column/Opponent raises questions about Johnson record

June 29, 2014 U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson, R-Marietta, has adopted many talents while representing Ohio’s 6th Congressional District in Washingto. more »»

It’s tough to let things go

June 28, 2014 I have trouble letting things go. Insults, slights, old grudges — I hold on to those things like they’re the keys to Fort Knox, but the most difficult thing to let go of is the kids. more »»

Thoughts about Holtz event

June 22, 2014 You might not know it when you talk with him, but Bobby Douglas is looking for help to ensure that the sport he has given so much to remains a part of the Olympics. more »»

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