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Four things that have startled me

July 24, 2016 And the burning question is — what do Tony Bennett, a skunk, a steak knife and a car parked where it doesn’t belong all have in common? I’ll tell you. more »»

Football’s not too far away

July 24, 2016 When you consider the heat and humidity that the Tri-State Area has faced during the last several days, fall is probably one of the last things on your mind. more »»

Vacations can be relaxing

July 23, 2016 Did anyone miss me while I was gone? Don’t answer that. Don’t tell me whether you enjoyed the syndicated columnist better when I was gone, eithe. more »»

Guest column/Ohio’s coal industry crushed by federal agency

July 23, 2016 For decades, Ohio has proudly mined the coal that fuels America. Coal still generates more than a third of U.S. more »»

Living by faith takes work

July 23, 2016 A life of faith doesn’t just happen on Sunday or when you are believing for something special. A faith life is lived daily. You start believing for something small and increase it as you go. more »»

Guest column/This was not the first time Comey let Clinton off the hook

July 18, 2016 When James Comey announced his decision not to recommend the prosecution of Hillary Clinton for the misuse of classified information, it was not his first investigation of Clinton that ended without... more »»

Now, here’s the pitch

July 17, 2016 Unlike many people, I have never actually sat down and put together a bucket list, that collection of things that I feel I just have to do at some time to make my life complet. more »»

What bothers me bothers no one else

July 17, 2016 What bothers me doesn’t necessarily rattle other people and vice versa. more »»

Harrison County Fair reflections

July 17, 2016 There have been so many hard-working Harrison County 4-H and Future Farmers of America members who put out their best efforts and were rewarded with scholarships or livestock championships that it i... more »»

Guest column/Remembering cookies, cleaning and holiness

July 17, 2016 On All Souls Day of last year, I went to a funeral for a man named Willie Delatore. Willie’s obituary said that he was a cook and maintenance man at our parish, and that’s tru. more »»

Woman entering convent used GoFundMe to repay student loans

July 17, 2016 CLIFTON, N.J. (AP) — An aspiring nun who was told she couldn’t enter a convent until her student loan debt was paid off has used an online appeal to get the money. more »»

There’s plenty to do at the library

July 17, 2016 “So, what exactly do you do now at the library?” I knew the person was trying to be nice, and the insertion of the word “now” in the phrase indicated that the individual was aware that I worked at... more »»

Giuliani a powerful speaker

July 10, 2016 If you were to sit down and put together a list of the men and women who are best able to describe the horrors of Sept. 11, 2001, the bet here is that you would rank Rudy Giuliani at or near the to. more »»

On sleeping with the horses ... sort of

July 10, 2016 I finally put two Christmas presents to use in recent weeks. One of them was riding on an English saddle given to me by “Santa Claus” i.e., my daughter Sara. more »»

A picture review of the work week

July 10, 2016 It was an historic, happy and wet Fourth of July weekend. more »»

What’s all the hoopla with Hoopla?

July 10, 2016 Its name is Hoopla. more »»

Bread is truly magical

July 9, 2016 I don’t know how the children and I fell into the habit of calling tsoureki “magic bread,” but I think that anyone would admit it is at least a little bit magical after tasting it. more »»

Guestv column/Let’s Start Talking! to help keep kids away from drugs

July 9, 2016 Summer break is upon us, and for tweens and teens this means no homework, plenty of free time and less supervisio. more »»

Thoughts on a holiday weekend

July 3, 2016 Some thoughts during this holiday weekend: ¯ If you haven’t purchased a ticket yet for Friday’s Steubenville-Weirton Community Night at PNC Park, you are running out of time. more »»

Farewell to the ‘nerds of the insect world’

July 3, 2016 I stood outside the other day and heard the strangest sound — silence! The siege of the 17-year cicadas, I do believe, has officially ended. more »»

It’s time for the Harrison County fair

July 3, 2016 If July is here, could the Harrison County fair be far away? Actually the junior fair segment starts Monday with all livestock weighed in starting at 8 a.m. more »»


Healing Mother Earth 8th Annual Native A August 5, 2016

Healing Mother Earth 8th Annual Native American Powwow The United Eastern Lenape Nation is proud to present their 8th annual Healing Mother Earth Native American Powwow August 5-7, 2016! We have dancing, drums, native crafts, vendors, storytelling and so much more! Fischer’s Pine Lake 3796... more »

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What the world needs now is Dr. King and RFK

July 11, 2016 Sometimes, right in the middle of Mass, God puts thoughts in my head that I have to get to write down as soon as I get home or I'll burst. The thought was one number. 1968. April 4, 1968, The Rev. more »

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