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An executing, gun-toting, All-American rant!

May 1, 2014 - Paul Giannamore
Time for a simple, open-brained rant, no research done, none needed. It's just a rant:

I'm having a difficult time resolving that I should be upset that a guy who buried a girl alive suffered a little before his heart attack killed him in the process of an execution, after years of legal appeals, defense, state taxpayer-paid housing and meals and DNA study.

I'm also having a hard time believing that America is so wussificated that we won't manufacture our own good execution drugs and instead depend on European pharmaceutical companies for the good ones, knowing that they find Americans too barbaric to be buyers of the drugs.

And I believe that if an American firm did manufacture them on our soil, they'd be protested, firebombed, excoriated in the press, drug through the mud and that some backwater jackweed would find a way to start selling the stuff to schoolkids as the latest Friday night, post-football game party whoo-hoo.

So, the company would close, sending us back to Europeans who think using execution drugs are barbaric anyway.

In a nation where the statisticians say guns may one day soon outnumber human beings, I’m having a hard time believing that we're apparently OK with shooting people on the streets in drug deals or in related drive-bys, in homes during family arguments, in places of employment, in schools or during the screening of a Batman movie, but we somehow have a fit of conscience over using firing squads to execute the executable … who have been in prison for years of legal appeals, defense and state-taxpayer-paid housing and meals and DNA study.

Either we’re a nation of tough-guys driving our pickup trucks with our shotguns and our concealed-carry permit pistols or we’re wussies dependent on Europeans for execution drugs. Can’t be both, but somehow we are.

Of course, we could get really European, as we apparently want to do with our economy, air pollution controls, job numbers, welfare systems and the like, and make the death penalty go away altogether.

But what fun would this argument be then?

Whew. I feel better now.


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May-02-14 9:00 PM

Sorry,I have a hard time feeling sorry for a cold blooded murderer.


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