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Malaysia conspiracies look more likely, but not AHA! yet

March 15, 2014 - Paul Giannamore
I won’t be eating crow on the Malaysian airliner at all.

Though the other day I wrote that the conspiracy theorists needed to cool their jets (pun intended here), the developments on Saturday certainly point toward the foil-hat folks having a bit more to consider.

Yup, looks like the investigators now have clearly given us what the American investigators might have had for us on Tuesday: The way the plane’s transponder and Aircraft Communications and Addressing Reporting system were turned off (the former tells air traffic controllers what and where the plane is, the latter is a communications system between the plane and usually its airline that delivers short text messages) indicate somebody intentionally was shutting stuff off.

Further, the ACARS pinging indicated the plane was intact somewhere for at least seven hours after it disappeared from the radar scope in Malaysia.

The Malaysians have done a pretty lousy job of communications here, perhaps intentionally, perhaps because of a language barrier, perhaps because they were withholding stuff intentionally as part of the attempt to flush out a plot, perhaps because they were hiding government complicity.

But, again, before donning my foil hat and joining the speculation, I will point out that WE DON’T KNOW ANY OF THAT.


On Thursday when I wrote, it wasn’t clear if the plane had suffered some kind of crazy malfunction heretofore unthinkable (it still could be, but that looks way more remote now).

And now, on Saturday night as I write, WE DON’T KNOW WHY WE WEREN’T TOLD ALL OF THIS INFO earlier. We don’t have reason to speculate on pilots, hijackers or the plane coming back painted as a giant wedding cake with the words “Eat Me” on the side, a-la the Lincoln in “Animal House.”

The speculators on Saturday were saying it was unusual that the pilots said, “All right, good night” to the controllers. But pilots DO say that all the time. Or good afternoon. Usually its when they’re switching to another radio frequency, and another controller will be monitoring the flight. The speculators aren’t being really clear if that was the point the flight had reached. So, my Fickle Finger of Fate isn’t ready to assume the “AH HA!!!” position yet. Though Malaysia's prime minister says there was deliberate action taking place, the next question that brings up is, no one on board with a cell phone tried to make a call? Even the Bumbling Idiots who Wrecked America didn't prevent cell phone calls after taking the Sept. 11 planes.

And again, if this was terrorism, where's the claim of responsibility, the chest-beating? It's a message without meaning.

One step at a time, even in a story such as this. Patience, even in the impatient world.


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