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An Android good deal handled by a pair of good kids

December 17, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
So I did, indeed, pull the trigger on the old iPad 1 last week.

Much like I did with the iPhone replacement a year ago, I decided the cost of another iDevice too high, the functionality available through Android systems too similar and the bargains too good to pass. I have been, since Wednesday, the owner of a HiSense Sero 7 Pro. I have a HiSense TV in the bedroom given to me as a gift a few years ago by The Drummer, and it’s really good, second only to the big Vizio in the living room (given by The Boss on a Father's Day a few years ago). I figured I’d give the little 7-inch HiSense tablet a whirl.

A fuller story of the new tablet will come later after I’ve lived with it awhile. Today, what I’m really interested in doing is praising a couple of kids who waited on me at the electronics department in Wal-Mart in Steubenville. Wal-Mart started the policy on iPad trade-ins in October and, though its price isn’t what one could get online or maybe at other retailers, it worked for me, when combined with gift cards and convenience and knowing they had what I wanted in stock.

And everyone I know, the Home Office in Wichita and Michael the Online Editor included, have opinions about where to go and how to trade-in. I did buy the replacement warranty, just in case, and that would have been the same anywhere (even without the guys in the green shirts at the Apple Genius Bar chanting and ohhhmmminnng everywhere in front of an incense burner before a picture of Steve Jobs). My attitude toward my e-stuff nowadays is this. A Cadillac is really, really nice. It’s got all kinds of bang-zoom stuff in it. And I cannot afford it. Maybe it’s time to admit the same with my gizmos. Apples are Cadillacs. And I’m just a Chevy budget looking for a place to spend. Nothing wrong with a really nice Impala (at least the 2014 model). Or Android device.

I showed up late in the afternoon with my iPad, and asked about the trade-in policy. The folks working behind the counter all kind of looked at one another, and asked each other if any of them had done a trade in yet. Uh-oh.

After a minute or so, and realizing that their department manager was gone for the afternoon, these two kids jumped in and started the procedure, taking charge of the situation, assessing my iPad, going through their computer system to generate all the proper paperwork, explaining to me the exact moment I was signing over possession of my once-beloved device. They even found that the device was worth a couple bucks more than the on-line assessment had claimed.

And once they went through all of that, I was courteously allowed to look in the cabinet with the clerks, picking through which tablet might meet my needs best. The HiSense Sero 7 Pro met the bill, filled the need and was not going to cost an arm and a leg.

Within a few minutes more, I was on my way, happily walking through the store with my new tablet, a new micro-suede case/stand, and a warranty.

Wal-Marts get a bum rap every chance we can in pop culture, either for the stereotypes of shoppers or the stereotypes of employees or the economic hatred of the big-box that supposedly destroyed all small business, yaddayaddayadda — yet most of us know our local Wal-Mart pretty well, eh?

These kids did OK by me.


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