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Jail them all

December 15, 2013 - Mike Mathison
16-year-old Ethan Crouch killed four people when he drove drunk.

He will not see jail time.

Instead, due to one of the dumbest decisions in judicial history, Crouch will spend 10 years probation because Judge Jean Boyd decided he needed rehabilitation. So, the teenager apparently is headed to some long-term facility for treatment.

Funny me. I thought that if you killed someone based on your decisions, jail time would be in your future.

It seems, though, that is not the case of you have "affluenza."

No, not influenza.


While the prosecutors in the Texas town wanted the maximum of 20 years in prison, the defense offered up that the teen had affluenza which, according to one shrink, excuse me, psychologist, is that this teen didn't know the difference between right and wrong because he was never taught so by his wealthy parents. They, apparently, had no idea how to set limits for the boy.

Obviously, "please never kill anyone" never came out of their mouths.

So, since he killed four and the parents do not know what boundaries are, send THEM ALL to jail where the 4x8 surroundings will teach them what boundaries are.

According to a story on, "According to CNN affiliate WFAA, a psychologist called by the defense described Couch as a product of "affluenza."

He reportedly testified that the teen's family felt wealth bought privilege, and that Couch's life could be turned around with one to two years of treatment and no contact with his parents.

Couch was sentenced by a juvenile court judge Tuesday. If he violates the terms of his probation, he could face up to 10 years of incarceration, according to a statement from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office."

The teenager had a blood alcohol limit of .24, three times the legal limit, three hours after the crash in June, according to the DA office.

From, "Earlier on the night of the accident, June 15, Couch and some friends had stolen beer from a local Walmart."

So, the kid stole, got drunk, drove drunk and killed four.

Again, according to the story, "Two people riding in the bed of the teen's pickup were tossed in the crash and severely injured. One is no longer able to move or talk because of a brain injury, while the other suffered internal injuries and broken bones."

So, once again, folks, you have adults being messing up the lives of kids.

Parents allegedly couldn't set boundaries and a judge thought treatment and 10 years probation for killing four, injuring two and altering the lives of many, to be sufficient.

Our problems are not with kids.

Our problem$ $tart with adult$.


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