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Humor fails but draws health care ire

November 4, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
A chance for a double commentary is always a nice thing in my world.

First — My recurring theme of “Isn’t the Internet grand?”

I made the mistake of posting just before going to bed Saturday night for that wonderful extra hour of shuteye what I thought might be a fun reference. I had heard the Obamacare website was being taken down for service. And so, drawing on the John Candy security guard from the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie, I tweeted, in this exact form “We're sorry, Obamacare is closed for maintenance. big Biden out front shoulda told you.

I thought a reference to John Candy and Marty Moose and Obamacare as Wally World might bring a little levity.

What I got treated to about six or eight hours later was three people from three different stages of my life getting into an Obamacare argument on my Facebook page under what I had hoped was an obvious joke post. One guy from high school, one guy who used to work here and one guy from college, all going at it.

After trying to calm it down with a “Lighten up Francis” post, a reference to yet another comedy, “Stripes,” the “where’s the media” and “Obamacare will work” screed continued.

Finally, advising my pallies, whom I think never met one another, that this member of “the media” had taken the day off and that it amazes me that when I post the links to this blog four-to-six days a week they don’t comment, it stopped.

Grand. Three guys whose only link to one another was me going at it over an Obamacare joke from me. On a Sunday afternoon. Love the Internet.

Which brings me to:

Second — I think the Obamacare website fiasco is absolutely well designed.

Not as a website, obviously, but to keep attention from the fact that there are real concerns about just how the whole system will work about four years out, when claims have mounted, more full-time workers are part-time and thrust into the system and costs are still escalating and couples are paying double for their insurance because spouses won’t be on one policy anymore, assuming both have employers that survive. (Breathe, Pablo. Breathe.)

But for now, instead of focusing on the direction of the health care system, we’re watching self-righteous politicians of all stripes blast the cost and function of the website.

Perfect. Ignore the scary stuff behind the curtain while the light show is taking place on stage.


Now, if you three gentlemen care to stop back to my little corner of the web to rip into my thoughts, please, go ahead. I’m on duty today.


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