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A happy Boss's Day, except for that one schmoo

October 16, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
Instead of weighing in about lunacy and government today (why shoot fish in a barrel?), I realized today is Boss’s Day. Yup, a greeting card and florist’s holiday if ever there was one.

So, because I’m cheap and every boss I’ve had since 1976 has underpaid me (no shock is it? All of us, including our bosses, think our bosses underpay us.), I think here is a good spot to say a bit about my bosses.

All of you have taught me something. About 90 percent of you have been enjoyable at least 60 percent of the time. I figure the other 10 percent includes mostly one total schmoo who needs to hear me say I AM STILL HERE 20 YEARS LATER, YOU SCHMOO, WHICH MEANS THAT IN YOUR NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION, ABOUT 90 OTHER PEOPLE IN MY LIFE HAVE COMPLETELY MISJUDGED MY ABILITIES AND TALENTS. YOU ARE A SCHMOO. And even you taught me some useful stuff. Doesn't forgive the Schmoo Stuff.

(Wow. That felt good. Hopefully the good bosses know who they are. The schmoo has too much ego to figure it out, even if he ever stoops beneath his dignity to stumble into my hole in the Internet.)

And the 40 percent of time that I don’t enjoy all those bosses kind of is that corporate cost-cutting, do-more-with-one-hand-tied-behind-your-back-under-a-bare-lightbulb stuff. Has happened everywhere I’ve ever been and with every boss I’ve ever had, here and elsewhere. It’s life.

Overall, though, from the great newspaper people to the great radio people, to the gym and yep, even back to high-school and college fast food, I’ve had some great bosses.

I think there were only about two dope smokers in that bunch and one of them made me a really cool deep-cuts album rock cassette, so, OK for him, and no idea where he may be. I still have the cassette.

Among the ones I like were some genuinely tough SOBs, who made taking the easy way out of a story impossible, who made not double-checking impossible, who made me and all who worked with me a better news person, whether we admitted it then or not. For all those times I wasn’t admitting it then, sorry. I know now.

Some had a different approach, more laid-back but definitely in charge. And many of them trusted me with increasing levels of responsibility. Huh.

The Boss (at Work), and his boss and some of their predecessors, have gone to bat for me more times than I probably know or care to know. I’ll say here that I recognize that and thank them. A paycheck is a very good thing. As for the pair in charge today, the air conditioner actually works. The monitor is working well enough. And this new chair is awesome, best I’ve sat in over 28 (minus 19 months) years here.

I tried my hand at boss-hood a couple of times. I generally stunk at it, generally hate it and figure it’s well past time to admit I’m one of those who never, ever, wants to be in charge of anything beyond myself, and maybe shouldn’t be. Apologies to anyone cursed with having worked “for” me ever. I realize I never deserved the output of Hallmark or FTD.

Considering that this is by and large a creative criticism kind of business, to be able to say I’d love to have a beer (or diet soda, giving our advancing time on earth and its toll on our bodies) with most of my bosses means I’ve probably had a pretty good working life.

Assuming the government doesn’t mess up a good thing here’s hoping to about 11 to 15 really good years to come. More if the government messes it up. (I can’t avoid that fish-in-a-barrel thing after all.)


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