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Last installment of the Atrix Trilogy (I hope)

September 23, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
While the electronic cultists were out waiting in line to get a chance to maybe get an iPhone by mid-October, I was on the phone with the insurance people who cover my phone through my monthly AT&T bill, obtaining the third of my Motorola Atrix HD trilogy this year.

2013 has kind of cell-phone sucked.

Even my wife will admit that my phones generally last the two years of the agreement and need replacing or I simply grow tired of them and want more tech after two years and do the upgrade.

This year, after owning cellular phones since the early 1990s, I totalled my first cell phone, my beloved white Atrix HD. Back in January, my iPhone 3GS had failed, thanks to trying to plug it into the old cord my wife has hanging out of the center console of beautiful Mr. Sulu, her Honda. Did I mention it was dark? I tried to push the iPhone cable in upside down, crushing the delicate little multi-pin connector at the base of the phone. So long, once long-awaited iPhone. I used my ancient HTCPure for a few days. The iPhone became a bright, shiny, unmolested iPhone 3GS that works great as an iPod.

Enter The Atrix. My buddy Dan with the phone store was talking to me about what phones I might want, when he set his Atrix on the desk. “I’m using this and I love it.”

It’s an Android phone. And I broke out of the “Must. Use. Apple” glazed-over look, played with it for all of seven seconds and realized that I don’t need a full-on status symbol phone. I need a device that texts, takes a fair picture, lets me Tweet and Facebook easily, has a bunch of apps that let me listen to everything from KDKA to the BBC, read a couple books, hold the church missalette and generally allows me to add cool stuff at will. Oh, and make phone calls sometimes.The Motorola Android phones do all of that, people, at wwaaaaaaaayyyyy less the price of the newest, shiniest iPhones.

Life with my white Atrix with the black Kevlar back went well.It is slim and relatively light and spends a lot of time in my pants pockets. Not even my car keys scratch this phone. And it didn’t have a scratch on it until I got Tony Soprano with it in June. I’ve never done that before and it’s too costly to ever do it again. I used my wife’s upgrade (she still with an iPhone 3GS that she loves) to get another Atrix HD, choosing to go that route rather than pay the deductible to have the phone replaced. Dan set me up with a loaner, so thoughtful is he, until it was time for The Atrix Reloaded.

And on the ill-fated summer day-trips vacation that saw The Boss break her ankle and do fearsome damage to her shoulder, I managed to drop shiny Atrix HD No. 2 into the trunk of Mr. Sulu (you sense a pattern here), catching his beautiful Gorilla Glass face right on the metal trunk latch. Crack. Dan set me up with a screen cover and the equivalent of a gigantic rubber trenchcoat for Atrix HD No. 2. It was well-protected and functional with its cracked face, but it was like having Heidi Klum in a London Fog full-length trenchcoat. Well, actually worse, because, somehow Ms. Klum might still look pretty darned good in that coat.

The phone that I find kind of beautifully designed just looked like a North Korean tire-tread sandal with a cracked screen. I finally gave up and spent the $120 deductible. That call was made Friday and by Saturday afternoon, the FedEx guy, without bothering to knock or get a signature as he was suppposed to, according to AT&T’s insurance folks, left my shiny new black-and-titanium trim Atrix HD on the porch. Ah. The Atrix Revoltions, final installment of the trilogy.

I spent the night after getting back from the elegant Weirton Chamber of Commerce Wine and Dine event at Williams getting my Titanium pallie ready to use. He is perfect. Shiny. And I plan on keeping him that way for at least another 16 months. When I may just go all MotoX on him.


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