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Playing politics with bombs never works

September 9, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
Does Obama, who portrayed himself all these years as the president of peace, the anti-Dubya, the guy who doesn’t think we should be at war forever without end, want this Syria action for something beyond the cause? Or, maybe, for his cause?

See, turn the whole thing over to Congress. The American people are against this thing. Congress is unsure, but the “secret” sessions are beginning ahead of this week’s votes.

And what will go on in those sessions? We really won’t know. It could be that the Obama administration makes its case. Or it could be that wheeling and dealing on the budget, on Obamacare, on the debt ceiling, on all the Obama gives stuff to everyone even when we can’t afford it decisions will be offered up. You guys go ahead and vote against the war, but I get all the other things I want. See? Peace in our time and you’re the heroes, gentlemen.

Shameful to think that, but it’s in the back of my mind.

It won’t be a just cause if we drop bombs. Examples that come to mind of what is just include World War II, the Grenada action, the Cold War and Gulf War I were. World War II was simple enough. Get rid of world-dominating dictators, but only after the U.S. was directly attacked.

Oversimplifying more than a bit, Korea was a police action that ended in a stalemate that goes on today, but at least we were part of an international coalition. Vietnam? The “domino principle” of fighting Communism. We were driven out of the nation, but in a way, we won by actually winning the Cold War, which, by the way, didn’t have a front, or bullets fired. It was about ideology, and guns don’t beat ideology. They do end up getting a lot of Americans killed. More on that later.

Grenada was to rescue Americans who were held hostage. Gulf War I was about preserving a sovereign state’s border. Eastern Europe in the 1990s? We acted of alone at first but it helped an international coalition.

Gulf War II has been about dropping bombs on an ideology.

World War II was against sovereign nations. So were most other conflicts in the history of this nation. When we try to defeat ideologies with B-52s or cruise missiles, or soldiers on foot, we lose. We fail to consider that individual thought is not a state function, as much as our nation tries to make it so nowadays.

When an ideology attacked us in New York and Washington and an airliner that fell in a Pennsylvania field in 2001, our response was to attack a nation (on bad intelligence, which even then failed to support a direct link to the terror of Sept. 11).

And ideology surfaces in madmen foreign and domestic in Boston, in school gunmen, in shoe bombers and underwear bombers and Olympic bombers and who knows who else is lurking, waiting. Just look at the ideologies blowing each other up in Iraq now that we’re gone. Was anything won?

It is demeaning, dangerous and a waste of our great service personnel to keep sending them where no victory can be determined.

The solution is not in bombs, obviously, or war without end will continue well beyond even Obama’s stated Afghanistan pullout next year.

Eventually one of these rogue groups will hit Israel, and then the lid comes off everything.

It makes righty-lefty idiot politics quite dangerous.

Sure hope that’s not what goes on behind closed doors.


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