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The Right can't win by seeking to kill Lefty TV

August 6, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
When it comes to the Clintons, I pretty much made a living out of writing editorials through the 1990s blasting them for their conduct.

I still have a mental wound from the day that the editorial board retired to the conference room and debated just how much of the content of the very graphic report about Bill’s White House trysts with “that woman, Monica Lewinsky” we would print. I could not have fathomed back when I was a kid watching Walter Cronkite and dreaming of journalistic greatness that I’d be stuck in the Herald-Star conference room in my late 30s, debating the public’s right to know based on the use of various terms relating to oral sex and the presidency. Hell, I probably only had a vague idea of what oral sex was, compared with today’s kids, who sext about it before they’re in fifth grade.

So, I am amused by the attempt by the GOP to stop NBC from airing a Hillary Clinton miniseries and CNN from airing a Hillary documentary. The Clinton News Network show is planned for 2014 and Nothing But Clinton wants to air the Hillary show in 2016, right in time for presidential election season. The GOP set a deadline against which it says the networks will be denied Republican debate coverage (all hail FOX) if compliance with its demand isn’t forthcoming.

Ahh. We cannot regulate the Internet, nor the spying needs of the U.S. (today’s words are vinegar, bomb, Iraqis, suitcase, knife and fork, shampoo, just to keep the NSA interested), but when it comes to controlling the output of the media, we’ll go after a miniseries and a news show on a cable channel that has a certain left-leaning bent.

I know the inevitable angry reactions that will come, demanding to know my voting record, which shoe I put on first and the last time I inhaled, but I really do like family values, fiscal conservatism and common sense. I don’t see what killing Hillary the Movie and Hillary the "News" Show have to do with restoring those principles to the top of the conservative chart. More than likely, it's another publicity backfire for a party that could only produce Mitt Romney (!) as its candidate in 2012 and seems bent on tossing Chris Christie out with the bathwater because he dared say Obama sometimes does his job.

The GOP wants to know why it’s in trouble? How about getting rid of the nut assortment and re-reading a lot of Reagan-era fiscal policy. Or maybe even Eisenhower-era fiscal policy.

Still amazes me that a Republican saw the need to spend millions (eventually billions) on the massive public works project that is the Interstate and Defense Highway System, which 60 years later neither side wants to work to maintain unless there’s political one-upsmanship to be gained from the effort.


And healthcare is a question mark. And spending is out of control. And we’re not going to make our bucks back as a nation unless GM somehow miracles itself up to $95 a share soon. And we have the government taking days off because nobody wants to make real cuts to personnel or real spending changes. And the word “trillions” may not be big enough to cover the national debt one day. And this fall will consist of both sides shutting down the government again as no budget is forthcoming, and the debt ceiling debate arises anew.

Yeah. The lefties making a couple TV shows and the righties wanting to censor them is the biggest problem this nation faces.


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