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Old iPad made kinda new again..sort of...

July 2, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
Readers of the old high-fiber (printed) column may remember my absolute joy at the purchase of an iPad (1) back in 2011. I was so excited at having a piece of cutting edge technology, the purchase of which was approved by The Boss at home.

I used it as a total notebook replacement in my reporter duties, recording meetings and interviews, taking and storing notes on the cloud, and generally dancing through life.

Then I quit the newspaper in Sepbember 2011, nine months after getting Mr. iPad (1), and he became a recreational device. A book reader. A movie viewer. A Facebook’er. Sometimes, he served as a game player.

And he got abandoned by Apple when the push to iOS 6 occurred. And along the way, I got an Android phone. I decided that, though I loved my iPhone 3GS, I just couldn’t see shelling out hundreds of bucks for an iPhone 5, which seemed to be the same phone with a better camera, an extra row of icons and Siri (forget the much better display because my eyes aren’t all that great anymore). And the gym where I was working was in an Android world.

So, by the time I got back here in April from my personal 19-month vacation from life, the iPad was not quite ready to go back to work. He crashes regularly. He seems to lack enough RAM to run on the Internet without crashing a lot. About all I was able to use him consistently to do, without attendant four-letter word usage and the threat of Tony Soprano’ing the entire device, was e-mail, watching video and Tweeting.

And last night, The Drummer, who is soon to become the Degreed Computer Guy (and he knows if he ever asks me “Is it turned on,” I will demand payment in full for everything the last 22 years held for him), said, “Hey, Dad, why don’t you do a full reset on the iPad? Don’t buy an Android tablet. If you’re going to do that, get an iPad mini.”

He is right, of course on the purchase count. I consider my Motorola Atrix a stop along the way back to iPhone living. And I still want to love my crash-happy iPad.

So I spent much of the evening Monday doing the reset. It came out of it OK, complete with no extra apps, that raindrop home screen and the look and feel of a just out of the box iPad, circa 2010-11.

I spent the next couple of hours reloading apps I actually need and use. And then I looked at Facebook. And it didn’t crash. One for the son. Education apparently does pay!

And I managed to get it set up for getting my Gmail with extra security enabled, and even re-established my iCloud account, which I had stupidly dumped when I got the Motorola phone.

And so, I am electronically connected with what i hope becomes the iPad Classic. Because if it works, I’m not shelling out a dime for a tablet for a couple more years, abandonment by the folks in Palo Alto be damned!

Helps that The Drummer gave me a well-loved MacBook laptop. I never, ever, plan to get rid of it. Ever. It’s like driving a Mercedes. Between it and the iPad and a hoped-for return to iPhone in about 18 months, and the iPod Touch from my brother and two iPod shuffles, I feel like Mr. Luxury.

How is it that Apple under Steve Jobs mastered the art of elegance so well?)


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