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Obama's non-salute a sign of disrespect

May 24, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
Normally, I do not give a hoot about the Tweets and posts and other stuff about Obama being anti-American. I consider those to be superficial, like picking on Bush for choking on a pretzel. Obama finally failed to make a gesture that put him solidly beyond the superficial.

But Obama genuinely showed an attitude of disrespect on Thursday. He did not acknowledge or salute the Marine standing watch at the steps to Marine One. Walked right by him, went up the steps and into the chopper. There inside, either someone pointed out his faux pas or it dawned on him, and he came back out to the Marine. He still did not salute. He shook his hand in one of the most awkward gestures of any president ever. The Marine surely didn't know whether to salute, shake hands or wind his watch.

I do not care what is on the president's mind, and with multiple scandals and the obvious upcoming failures of ObamaCare coming to light day by day, he probably has a lot on his mind. He is the Commander in Chief. He should, after 4 1/2 years have it down pat. It isn't just protocol. It's a sign of love of country, of the dignity that should be afforded both his office and the Marine Corps. It's thank you, hello. It's not just pomp and circumstance. It's not a matter of being a "human being making a mistake," either. This is the president. It is part of his natural motions, one would think, after 4 1/2 years.

Let alone it is Memorial Day weekend.

Actions do speak volumes, and there is no question about this one. Just plain disrespectful.


Article Comments

May-27-13 10:22 PM

King Obama claims he is a " New Democrat ". Anyone with gray matter between their ears know the Democratic Party was hijacked by the extreme liberal left which despises the military and traditional America.

Obama has a long documented history of refusing to salute or honor the American flag, Pledge of Allegiance, funerals , ect.

While Obama's contemporaries ( myself included ) learned the Pledge of Allegiance in grade school, Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah AKA Barack Obama was learning Muslim rites of passage.

Secretary of State Kerry mocks the military at commencements and even testified to Congress of Viet Nam veterans as murders, rapist, and criminals.

Obama's former staff member Van Jones is a proud card carrying member of the American Communist Party. The list go on & on. See the anti American pattern ?

Research it for yourselves. This ISN'T your father's Democratic Party. The radical liberals have taken over !


May-27-13 7:00 PM

GOP find a candidate that can beat Obama. Dip stick or not he was unbeatable.

Slam the h3ll out of him; the GOP is as responsible for his win as their candidates loss.

Better get on the stick or we might have a really bad dip stick next time.

Whiners crack me up.


May-26-13 7:51 PM

Who voted to invade Iraq claiming that they had the same intelligence about the WMDs that Bush had? Who had a the majority in Congress with the ability to bring all the troops back home if Bush lied? Hmmm. Put away that race card. It is too torn and tattered. The only thing the race card will get you is a good laugh.


May-26-13 4:49 PM

I would say sending our troops into a war over a lie about WMDs is a sign of disrespect. I remember when Republicans were outraged because President Clinton did salute the troops. You lost the election get over it. Last week the outrage was Obama made a marine hold an umbrella. That day pictures were relesed of the same thing with Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Clinton. Oh I guess it,s because he is black I guess.


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