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Government has much to learn before the TP is all gone

May 23, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
You really want to know where the country is going if we cannot eventually come to terms with one another in Washington, in Columbus, in Charleston and on Third Street?

Try to get a sheet of toilet paper in Venezuela, that’s where.

Venezuela, the latest attempt at a worker’s paradise, where even the poorest commoner can buy a nice roll of TP for himself, is experiencing a can’t-spare-a-square style shortage.

It’s a simple rule of supply and demand and the laws of marketplace economics, if I’m doing Professor Zoric from Franciscan justice here. As I recall from all those afternoons three decades ago during his lectures, products that are sold at enforced prices lower than the market demands will eventually not be supplied. If more money can be demanded and made elsewhere, the product will go there.

Thus it is that the good folks of Venezuela are getting a little edgy in the can. Because the Venezuelan socialist government has set pricing on TP to make it affordable among all classes. Sounds like a regular worker’s paradise, where every man has the chance to live like a king, right?

Wrong. It messes with that basic supply and demand thing to the point where the suppliers of TP are avoiding Venezuela. It’s what happened for all those decades the commies ruled the USSR.

Here’s the fun part: the head socialist guy in Venezuela, the president, is blaming the private sector for creating shortages. Imagine that. Companies that actually want to stay in business, pay workers and buy more raw material to make more toilet paper are not responding by making more toilet paper at reduced prices.

It’s a blame thing, and more scary for our nation, it’s a blame thing relating to a national economy.

Do we have a blame game in the U.S. regarding the national economy? Do we have folks who advocate that spending more to help everyone without any idea of where the value of a buck originates? Do we have people who think everyone should be able to afford everything, or at the very least, that the government should provide everything without a lick of reason other than pure compassion?

Enjoy your Charmin/Angel Soft/GenericTP, while you still have it.

Venezuela’s solution, by the way, was to approve a $79 million loan to allow for more TP imports and imports of other hygiene products that were running short. Just throw money at the problem.

And remember, these shortages are occurring in a nation with a wealth of petrodollars.


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