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Frustrated? Just think of Moore, OK

May 22, 2013 - Paul Giannamore
The morning news meeting was a couple minutes late today because of me. I was only upset because I made it to work a couple minutes late, but I saved the usual round of anger at everything that caused me to be late.

An explanation: I headed out to the garage with keys in hand, opened the garage, walked up to Enrico the Cruiser only to find I was holding the keys to The Drummer’s Outlander. Grrr.

Walk back to the house, all the while fiddling with an iPod. Use the house keys to go in, while fiddling with an iPod. Go to the key tray, get the Cruiser keys. Head back out to the garage, all the while fiddling with an iPod.

Reach into pants pocket and Whoa! Nellie! No garage keys. Look in the back door lock. Didn’t leave them in there. Suddenly, the iPod is tucked away in my pocket. I locked the keys in the house. Dial up my wife on the Motorola. Ring, ring, ring, voice message. OK. Dial again. Ring, ring ring, voice message. One more time. Ringringring voice message. Text her the word “Help!” Nothing.

Sigh. Use alternate method of garage entry, drive to work.

And it was in the car that I realized two things.

One: This, on the grand scale of Really Bad Things is laughable. I still have a house and a garage with a lock on a door and they’re both still standing there. My key tray is still where it always has been. Nothing came along this week and sucked my house into the sky and deposited my stuff all over the county. In other words, instead of getting really angry, I said a prayer for the people of Moore, Okla., and recognized that there but for the grace of God go any of us. Life is fleeting, as is the sense that all of our stuff really is ours.

Two: The younger, angrier me of a few years ago would have been too upset by the conspiratory world conspiring against me again to have recognized Thing One above. I’m glad age, or wisdom or the grace of God has pretty much broken away the “life conspires against me” attitude of negativity that once ruled me. Nothing really is beyond my control regarding how the day is going. They’re all good unless I choose otherwise.

Losing your keys because you fiddle with an iPod and having a family member not answer your predawn phone call for help is not a tornado. Not at all.


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